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I just got my brand for PES2020 and its been as journey 42 years in the making! Confused? Read on………

Season 16 League Overview - Wage Window

PEN can be absolute chaos at times. Especially when the latest version is released. For some managers, a new game can literally mean a new XI. Gentlemen agree their deals, with 200 + deals being agreed before the first window even opens. That's just the beginning. Davotek is always lurking around the corner, ready to throw a spanner in the works at...

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PS4 Manual League Prem Season 6
PS4 Division 2 Season 16
PS4 Division 2 Season 16
PS4 Division 1 West Season 16

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Season 16 League Overview - The Beginnin…

The big shake-up. We all see it, and we all feel it. AWOLs, player increases, player decreases. Some fair, some unfair. This happens with each new PES, and it is complete madness. October is where it all happens, the trials. Then the window. We have managers scrambling to try out their tea...

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PEN Tour: The Open 2019

The oldest competition in golf has arrived in Northern Ireland this week after a 68-year absence. Royal Portrush 2019 hosts the 148thOpen Championship, over 200,000 spectators are expected over the 4 days to watch PEN’s greatest golfers show off their skills and see who lifts the Claret Ju...

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Xbox League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Division 1
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 CuteBrownBear 52 WWWWW
2 TrampFriend 48 LDWWW
3 Popemon 48 WWWWW
4 Smithers J0nes 46 WWWLL
5 BadBrownBear 34 LWWLD
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 TO Falcon 65 WLDLW
2 ThaLoveShak 48 DWWLL
3 Elmajani 48 WWWDW
4 BlondeDan 47 LWDLL
5 DtotheJ 44 WDWDW

PS4 League Tables

  1. Prem
  2. Ch'ship
  3. D1 East
  4. D1 West
  5. D2
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Sunzibad 45 WLWWW
2 Crn_14 41 DLWLD
3 Kaupp 39 LLLWW
4 Wheresmark 36 LWDWD
5 Rdotman 34 DWWDW
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Slicklu 53 WWWWW
2 Jookoi 49 WWLWD
3 Kaiser 48 DWLLW
4 Madhu Sanith 48 WWLWD
5 Gregmeister 47 LDWWL
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 EMaNstkfantastiK 46 WWWWL
2 flashmore 42 DWWDW
3 Benstatman 31 LWWLD
4 Bridgey 29 LDWWW
5 Fubar 27 WWWWD
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 FungusKing 39 WWWWD
2 Jedagi1961 37 WLWWW
3 Alexselva 35 WLWWW
4 Hulk 31 WWDWW
5 swinny 30 DWWDL
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Thecomposer 56 WWLWL
2 Gale_Kast 53 WWWLD
3 Govie 50 DWDLD
4 Nizaam 50 WDDDW
5 Drock96 43 WLWLW

Manual League

  1. PS4-MPrem
  2. PS4-MDiv1
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Oldeuboi 57 WWDWW
2 Rdotman 48 DLWLW
3 Wheresmark 46 DWWLW
4 Big Boss 39 WLLDW
5 Fubar 33 WWWDL
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Phillyrich 47 DWWDL
2 Goat261 42 WDDWW
3 Kaupp 39 WWWLW
4 Brizzle 38 WWDLW
5 Janguv 35 WLLDD
  • Espanyol: Diamond Of Death

    Espanyol: Diamond Of Death

    Manager Darren Addison in recent months constructed a formidable foursome in midfield in what the locals have dubbed 'El Diamante de la muerte' The Diamond of Death, with the four players only costing a combined 110m PENce its looking like Read More
  • Sunzi Bad: “Now this club... is my Club”

    Sunzi Bad: “Now this club... is my Club”

    “Coutinho? Sunzi Bad laughed. “It was never in doubt” boasted PEN’s newest high profile manager, as he presented SC Internacional’s lastest acquisition, Phillipe Coutinho, with the number 10 shirt to fans in New York, where the diminutive schemer had been in action Read More
  • Kevin De Bruyne Is Back

    Kevin De Bruyne Is Back

    It’s been a long time since Kevin was part of JmG’s squad. In fact, it was back in 2014, during season 5 where he first appeared. Although a key player for the team, he lasted only a few months at Read More
  • PEN Imitating Real Life

    PEN Imitating Real Life

    It happens once in a while here on PEN and thats when the manager is in charge of the club they support in real life, and they react to real life transfers by spamming pm's and offers for the player Read More
  • Torino Fall - Chelsea Begin To Rise?

    Torino Fall - Chelsea Begin To Rise?

    Torino manager Cloughy has had a whirlwind 8 months on ProEvoNetwork topped off by the last minute smash and grab of the Division 2 Season 8 title. Buoyed by this success Torino looked upon Season 9 as the time to Read More
  • Too Big To Go Down?

    Too Big To Go Down?

    Last week the Palestino manager, BadBrownBear met with the club’s Trillionaire owner Gol Deeloks seeking assurances about the level of support he will be given in the transfer market to guarantee Premier League survival. Read More
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