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I just got my brand for PES2020 and its been as journey 42 years in the making! Confused? Read on………

Season 16 League Overview - Wage Window

PEN can be absolute chaos at times. Especially when the latest version is released. For some managers, a new game can literally mean a new XI. Gentlemen agree their deals, with 200 + deals being agreed before the first window even opens. That's just the beginning. Davotek is always lurking around the corner, ready to throw a spanner in the works at...

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PS4 Championship Season 16
PS4 Premiership Season 16
PS4 Premiership Season 16
Xbox Premiership Season 16

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Season 16 League Overview - The Beginnin…

The big shake-up. We all see it, and we all feel it. AWOLs, player increases, player decreases. Some fair, some unfair. This happens with each new PES, and it is complete madness. October is where it all happens, the trials. Then the window. We have managers scrambling to try out their tea...

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PEN Tour: The Open 2019

The oldest competition in golf has arrived in Northern Ireland this week after a 68-year absence. Royal Portrush 2019 hosts the 148thOpen Championship, over 200,000 spectators are expected over the 4 days to watch PEN’s greatest golfers show off their skills and see who lifts the Claret Ju...

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Monito: The Argentinian Gem

Sooner or later, as manager, you will get a GEM in your squad who you will cherish and protect with your life before even thinking of selling him! Putting on the chains and throwing the player in the dungeon to never see daylight again. And when managers ask you if he’s for sale you kindly...

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Xbox League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Division 1
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 TrampFriend 22 LWWWL
2 CuteBrownBear 20 DLDDW
3 Smithers J0nes 17 WWLWD
4 Nuuthatch 17 DLDWL
5 BadBrownBear 17 LWWWW
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 TO Falcon 28 WWLWW
2 Leonidas 540bc 16 WWDWD
3 BlondeDan 15 DDDWW
4 ThaLoveShak 14 LLLWW
5 Elmajani 14 LLWLL

PS4 League Tables

  1. Prem
  2. Ch'ship
  3. D1 East
  4. D1 West
  5. D2
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Sunzibad 17 LLWWW
2 Wheresmark 16 WWDWL
3 Crn_14 16 LDLWW
4 Kaupp 16 WWWDL
5 Worrisome Owl 15 WWWLW
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Gregmeister 27 LWWWW
2 Madhu Sanith 23 WWWDW
3 Kaiser 21 WWWWW
4 Jookoi 20 DWLWD
5 Slicklu 18 WLLWD
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 flashmore 28 WWWWL
2 Tezmac 18 LLWWW
3 J0rd4n500 18 WLLWW
4 Bridgey 17 WWWLW
5 Mowgles 15 DWLWW
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 swinny 20 WWDWW
2 FungusKing 17 WWWLW
3 Jedagi1961 14 WLDWW
4 Nipper_Lawrence 13 DWWWW
5 Sami3lungs 12 DWDWW
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Govie 21 DWDWW
2 Thecomposer 19 LLWWD
3 Nizaam 17 WLWWL
4 MickyJustice 15 DLWLW
5 Dortabadboy 13 WLWDL

Manual League

  1. PS4-MPrem
  2. PS4-MDiv1
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Rdotman 16 WWWDW
2 Big Boss 15 DDWLD
3 Wheresmark 14 WDWWW
4 Oldeuboi 12 WWWW?
5 Jookoi 12 LWWDL
Rank Teams Points Current form
1 Kaiser 19 WWDWL
2 Phillyrich 19 WWWWL
3 Janguv 18 WWWWD
4 Zeemeister 15 DLLWD
5 CMYKhazi 14 LLDDW
  • Disappointing end to a dazzling season.

    Disappointing end to a dazzling season.

    A week ago Roma had the world at their feet, the envy of all PEN, a cup final to contest and a division 1 trophy all but won. A famous double would have put this young Roma side in the Read More
  • Osasuna on the climb

    Osasuna on the climb

    Club Osasuna celebrated promotion with new manager venom984 into the PENPremierLeague. The club took a massive gamble in hiring venom due to his managerial history & controversy during previous seasons with clubs such as, Valenciennes, Boca Juniors and Stoke City. Read More
  • GOTM Winner - February

    GOTM Winner - February

    This months Goal of the Month winner is a Greek warrior king from the Greek city of Sparta. His name is Leonidas. The current manager of Panathinaikos, sccored an absolute belter of a strike from 50 odd yards, with the Read More
  • PEN Dream Team Named

    PEN Dream Team Named

    The Internacional manager was asked by M.shiekh from milkskiekh.com “the number one place to buy your milkshake flavoured hummus and falafels” to put together a dream team comprising of the best players currently on PEN with restrictions like: one player Read More
  • Blaise Is Back

    Blaise Is Back

    When new Marseille manager Spragga was in charge at Inter Milan, Spragga spoke of one regret he had in all his time as a manager of the club and during his time on PEN. And that was the signing and then Read More
  • The Prodigal Son Returns

    The Prodigal Son Returns

    On a cold Thursday morning in March, a handsome, large lobed man entered the Stadio Olimpico in Italy's capital, scratching his well groomed beard and casting a look of satisfaction upon the Reception staff. At the desk he stopped, placed Read More
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