Ratio League - September 2017

Ratio League - October 2017 With a new PES comes the new Ratio League tournament. As expected with a new game, people want to test their teams but not commit to the ratio leagues, however we still managed over 150 games in just over two weeks with almost 10 games per day.  ...

Goal Of the Month - August

As season 11 has come to an end, there’s only one more GOTM award to give away. Hold up, I need to correct myself here. I have a small surprise for you hehe.. there are two GOTM awards this month!

PEN Community Tournaments - PES2018

ProEvoNetwork Community Tournaments - take part any time, any day! ProEvoNetwork is a bustling community for PES addicts, with hundreds’ of managers playing games against each other all of the time, spanning both XBOX and PlayStation. The core of ProEvoNetwork is in the leagues, including real teams and real transfers, all revolving around real ...

Latest Results

PS4 Premiership Season 11
PS4 Division 1 West Season 11
PS4 Division 1 West Season 11

Latest News

PES 2018 - Where to buy

With just 5 Days until the European Release of PES 2018, the team here at proevonetwork.com have got you covered with the all the information you need to get that glorious football game into your Xbox or PS4 as early as possible, and as cheaply as possible. But first allow me to reintroduc...

09-09-2017 Hits:172 PEN News Scottish Champ - avatar Scottish Champ

ProEvoNetwork Season 11 Awards

Season 11 has been a funny one really, and somewhat a learning curve for all PEN managers. Not only was everyone facing a new squad from the reset, but a the same time PES2018 was due out at the end of the season, so all managers had to be mindful of this.  It is always Frillypink ...

07-09-2017 Hits:158 PEN News Tezmac - avatar Tezmac

The Predictor - PES2018 Upgrades

It is that time of the year again, as the season on PES2017 draws to a close the managers of PEN have their sights set on the next yearly installment in PES2018. The switch to a new version is always filled with equal parts of excitment and fear, managers hoping to not lose any of their pl...

31-08-2017 Hits:171 PEN News The Predictor - avatar The Predictor

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