New Era at the Nou Camp?

European giants F.C. Barcelona find themselves at the wrong end of Division 1 East after their opening 4 games and pressure from fans is mounting. After narrowly missing out on promotion to the Premier League via the playoffs last season the fans were expecting a promotion challenge again this season, but so far they have been left frustrated with ...

Understanding the Market

People join PEN for lots of reasons but I think if we’re all honest the thing that keeps us here is the transfer market (and Baz’s eloquence).  When you’re give your first team and budget and handed the keys to the door of the PEN Transfer Market it can all seem a bit overwhelming – some close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears a...

Ten Reasons to PEN!

Pro Evo and PES mad miken333 strips it all back and asked what the heck are we doing here? There is so much to discover in life and yet we stare at screens! Is it madness or mirth, I think its the latter and here are 10 reasons why:

Derrick Luckassen: From bum to (non)STAR

One of the eyecatchers in the newly promoted AZ Alkmaar this season is Derrick Luckassen. A lot of opponents seem to wonder who this guy is, intercepting all their passes in midfield, while destroying their players. It is time for an introduction!

Ratio League - October 2017

The second month of Ratio matches for PES2018 saw a slightly subdued amount of games being played as managers prepared themselves for the new season by taking a break from matches - something that is always expected before a new season begins! Regardless, there were still 133 games played despite this.

It's Fab to be Back

Once apon a time, in PEN folklore there lived a monster of a striker, his name is forever ingrained in my PEN history and that is the one and only Luis Fabiano.

PES 2036

We can only dream of how PES 2036 would look like. We’re talking 20 years from now, it sounds far away but is it really?  It was only last year that PES turned 20. It can call finally call itself fully adolescent. But let this sink for a while, 20 years already passed people! The majority of this community started of from the beginning of PES...

We need a new Simba!

Right after Holland lost the World Cup final 2010 against Spain, a friend told me that this might the last chance we got to ever witness the Dutch team winning the title champions of the world. In 1988 they became the best of Europe but the be honest, I can’t really remember it. It’s crazy cause I was 7 years old so there should be some memory of i...

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PS4 Premiership Season 12

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PES 2018 - Where to buy

With just 5 Days until the European Release of PES 2018, the team here at have got you covered with the all the information you need to get that glorious football game into your Xbox or PS4 as early as possible, and as cheaply as possible. But first allow me to reintroduc...

09-09-2017 Hits:236 PEN News Scottish Champ - avatar Scottish Champ

ProEvoNetwork Season 11 Awards

Season 11 has been a funny one really, and somewhat a learning curve for all PEN managers. Not only was everyone facing a new squad from the reset, but a the same time PES2018 was due out at the end of the season, so all managers had to be mindful of this.  It is always Frillypink ...

07-09-2017 Hits:232 PEN News Tezmac - avatar Tezmac

The Predictor - PES2018 Upgrades

It is that time of the year again, as the season on PES2017 draws to a close the managers of PEN have their sights set on the next yearly installment in PES2018. The switch to a new version is always filled with equal parts of excitment and fear, managers hoping to not lose any of their pl...

31-08-2017 Hits:234 PEN News The Predictor - avatar The Predictor


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