Do Your Research - PEN Transfer Market

People find their way to PEN for multiple reasons, wanting to escape the sweat that is myclub, bored of playing the AI in Master League, as substitute for real world success… but ultimately you find that most people stay for, and spend most of their time in, the transfer market. What makes the market more addictive than your mum is that it opera...

Battle of the D1 East Bums

People who follow the PS4 D1 East thread will have noticed that there is an exciting title race going on between 4 managers, atleast that is what 3 managers will led you to believe according to Parrish. Watching eachothers games closely, sticking likes on draws and defeats, something you normally only see in the PS4 Premiership. So it was time to ...

Onwards and Upwards: PES2019 upgrades?

As the PES2019 promotion campaign gathers momentum, one of the most anticipated aspects of the new game are player ratings - more so on PEN where player ratings contribute to the value of a player on the market; with this in mind, I have taken a look at some of my potential upgrades in detail Let's get straight in to it!  75 DAVID ...

Life and Times of The Devalue Man

Today's Poetry Club proudly presents:   Life and Times of The Devalue Man   Waste of a brain unused Blink of an eye,dull and confused Tangled words, dont's and does Uneasy fit to be in them shoes   Hope this threads for closure Fun read with my Granola Hoped he grow some shoulders  But he just...

Born to Bounce?

With season 13 underway, a host of new managers in the leagues and some very surprising results throughout the divisions, there was one burning question occupying the minds of the Bristol City fans; Can this lurching Pansexual of a football club shake off its 'Yo-yo club tag'?

That Community Guy!

Some of us swim in it, some of us just come by and some of us are gasping for it.. I’m talking about our holy currency which plays a HUGE role in the transfermarket, ….PENce!  For the less fortunate ones, who are hanging on 16 players and 500k it sometimes looks hopeless as tax awaits them in the end of the dark tunnel ( and yes, I’m ge...

Season 13 Predictions

Two weeks ago a gauntlet was laid down. Get yourself to 13 games. Most achieved this, some got close whist some could not touch the targeted amount. On Sunday at 10pm this have us a rare opportunity to see where people should be. With a bit of time and Excel Wizardry here are the predicted league positions based on points per game average...

2018 World Cup - PEN Edition

Imagine a world where PEN was real. Imagine it is the 8th July. England & Croatian fans are gingerly waking up from their quarter final win last night. The French and Belgium's are preparing themselves for one hell of a match. So, who would win if we took the best players in ProEvonetwork's roster and pitted them against each other? Will i...

Latest Results

PS4 Division 1 East Season 13
PS4 Division 1 East Season 13
PS4 Division 1 East Season 13
PS4 Division 1 East Season 13
PS4 Division 1 East Season 13

Latest News

D1E - Early Predictions

Alexselva Last Season finish: D1E 8th Just missed out on the play offs last time round, I fully expect Alex to improve on that this time round and make the play offs. Nestrovski looked dangerous at the end of last season and has started well this time out too. No doubt he will be ins...

31-05-2018 Hits:202 PS4 League News Bluebird - avatar Bluebird

Hero vs Villan - Lisoti's Confessions

By Lisoti I have been a member since 2016, experienced 4 seasons including the reserve league. During online games, I have had my ups-and-downs, but today I’m want to talk about my downs. When things don’t go like it supposed to go and force majeure seems to control the game, everyon...

27-05-2018 Hits:111 PEN News Tezombie - avatar Tezombie

Dear diary.... a PEN Manager's day

Monday 00:03 I have work tomorrow, but just finished an epic Community Event and still buzzing from the three coffees consumed in 2 hours, so still wide awake. Best go to bed, but before I do let’s send out a game invite for that last closure match. Monday 02:12 Yeah, so that ...

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League results

Rank Played Won Lost Drawn GD Points
9 32 11 13 8 -6 41

Current form


Latest matches

Date Team Location Result
21-03-2018 WheresmarkHome
25-03-2018 SunzibadHome
25-03-2018 ChuckaAway
02-04-2018 DortaboyAway
02-04-2018 NikoNikolsonHome

Xbox League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Division 1
  3. Division 2
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Afc Grimbo 15 29 50
2 StunningDave 13 13 42
3 TrampFriend 12 18 38
4 Ronbhoy7 11 14 35
5 Worrisome Owl 11 17 35
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Coniglio 11 15 40
2 BlondeDan 11 12 38
3 OliCollins 11 13 38
4 Steeevo 9 -5 31
5 ClaretChris 8 -11 30
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Jakey Fantastic 19 49 63
2 Tunners1 18 18 60
3 Trooper UK 16 26 51
4 DiodeX 12 -5 44
5 Lukewarm1337 8 -4 28

PS4 League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Div1 East
  3. Div1 West
  4. Division 2
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 RiQ1987 20 40 64
2 Wheresmark 18 30 61
3 Rdotman 17 32 58
4 Goat261 15 15 58
5 Big Boss 16 7 55
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Bluebird 20 40 65
2 JamboGee92 17 37 54
3 ParrishJ 16 24 53
4 Tezombie 15 14 51
5 MattyPthaG 12 9 45
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Don_hate86 25 51 78
2 Clarkof 24 63 74
3 Benstatman 17 33 59
4 Janguv 17 15 55
5 Lisoti 15 11 52
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Fubar 16 16 56
2 Mowgles 16 26 55
3 SouthernSofty 15 19 54
4 Nipper_Lawrence 16 24 52
5 Cullen 13 7 47

Manual & PC Leagues

  1. PS4-MPrem
  2. PS4-MDiv1
  3. PC League
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Rdotman 8 16 27
2 Oldeuboi 7 4 25
3 Big Boss 6 3 23
4 Goat261 6 3 23
5 RiQ1987 5 5 18
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Wheresmark 16 23 52
2 Zakremoor 9 8 35
3 CMYKhazi 9 4 31
4 Rambovanhardnut 9 10 30
5 DJQuantum 9 -2 29
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 StrJulian 4 11 13
2 Flash 4 11 12
3 James 1 -2 5
4 rkd 1 1 5
5 Rambovanhardnut 0 -3 2
  • Goal of the Month - March

    Goal of the Month - March

    Once again I find myself in Germany to interview serial GOTM winner Fubar. My gaffer and editor Goat261 has told me that he has set me up in part time residence for at least until the end of April, such Read More
  • To Slag or No To Slag

    To Slag or No To Slag

    When it comes to player preferences, PEN managers have their own tastes, some say like their women! Some like their teams young, some like them old. Some prefer slags and some are happy with something in-between. Now season 13 has Read More
  • Season 13 Wage Window 1 - Review

    Season 13 Wage Window 1 - Review

    The PEN market is relentless and always moving, since the start of Season 13 window opening there has been over 500 deals in less than 4 weeks, and with over 20 deals a day being agreed this means there is Read More
  • We did it!!

    We did it!!

    Spurs started the season with only one goal, and that was to gain promoted back to the premiership where they belong. It was not going to be an easy feat with the likes of AlexCage, Bluebird, Kitchengun, Lisoti, Alexselva, Positive Read More
  • Pro Evo Predictor Game – Goes the Distance

    Pro Evo Predictor Game – Goes the Distance

    We are here to play PES the PEN way but every once in a while a distraction takes us as a collective into something new! Read More
  • Third time lucky for Barca? 

    Third time lucky for Barca? 

    Third time lucky for Barca? The end of season 12 turned out to be so close yet so far for Barcelona as they lost out in the play-off final to Jookoi's Spookeynoodlethorpe United. It was a close game between the Read More
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