Goal of the Month - August

We return for another month of spectacular goals. With August just gone, it was time to settle which goal submitted would be the months champion. And our Winner was..... DJQuantum with a precise shot which flew directly into the top right corner of the goal, thanks to Rogic putting his laces through it from outside the box. I put on my suit and int...

Goal of the Month - July

As the GOTM July polls closed, we unvailed a worthy winner in the form of a fantastic acrobatic goal. The manager is none other than Phillyrich. I have conducted an interview with Philly to see his intake on the goal and discuss his season performances. 


Welcome to the bi-annual PPTOTS awards sponsored by Davoteknologoly Ltd.  It's been an excellent season this season in the PS4 Prem, nearly all matches have been finished well in time with lot's of rivalries being made and continuing. The fiercely contested season will see Rdotman (Robbie) or Riq (Dobby) win the league.  ...

Setting the record straight - in more ways than one

A shark, a vulture, ruthless, loose with the truth, a polished turd turfer, a V.I.Poo punter punting and profiteering shamelessly... just some of the terms to have been used to describe the business conducted by Sunzibad during his time here at the Network, but as the club prepares to open its books to shareholders this week, we ask; is he re...

Do Your Research - PEN Transfer Market

People find their way to PEN for multiple reasons, wanting to escape the sweat that is myclub, bored of playing the AI in Master League, as substitute for real world success… but ultimately you find that most people stay for, and spend most of their time in, the transfer market. What makes the market more addictive than your mum is that it opera...

To Slag or No To Slag

When it comes to player preferences, PEN managers have their own tastes, some say like their women! Some like their teams young, some like them old. Some prefer slags and some are happy with something in-between. Now season 13 has begun, lets look a little into some of these preferences, and bring out the best XI's

PES for Dummies (AKA FIFA players)

With the influx of FIFA converts/conscripts (delete as applicable) to PEN recently I thought I’d take a bit of time to earn myself some PENc- … I mean do my bit for the community and write an article explaining the PES mechanics and knowledge that long time players take for granted. First I’ll look at player stats and explain how each stat compa...

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Division 2 Bum in Division 1

Miken shares his thoughts on the Div 1 (W) Pensters:

25-08-2018 Hits:53 PS4 League News Tezombie - avatar Tezombie

Battle of the D1 East Bums

People who follow the PS4 D1 East thread will have noticed that there is an exciting title race going on between 4 managers, atleast that is what 3 managers will led you to believe according to Parrish. Watching eachothers games closely, sticking likes on draws and defeats, something you ...

30-07-2018 Hits:99 PS4 League News Tezombie - avatar Tezombie

Onwards and Upwards: PES2019 upgrades?

As the PES2019 promotion campaign gathers momentum, one of the most anticipated aspects of the new game are player ratings - more so on PEN where player ratings contribute to the value of a player on the market; with this in mind, I have taken a look at some of my potential upgrades in det...

28-07-2018 Hits:147 PEN News Sunzibad - avatar Sunzibad

Xbox League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Division 1
  3. Division 2
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Worrisome Owl 19 32 59
2 Afc Grimbo 15 29 50
3 StunningDave 14 14 45
4 TrampFriend 14 18 44
5 Ronbhoy7 13 16 41
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 BlondeDan 12 14 41
2 Coniglio 11 15 40
3 OliCollins 11 9 38
4 donkeyhugger 10 7 37
5 Steeevo 9 -7 34
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Jakey Fantastic 20 50 66
2 Tunners1 18 17 60
3 Trooper UK 18 29 57
4 DiodeX 12 -5 44
5 Nuuthatch 7 -26 30

PS4 League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Div1 East
  3. Div1 West
  4. Division 2
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 RiQ1987 23 46 75
2 Rdotman 22 49 75
3 Wheresmark 20 36 67
4 Goat261 17 19 64
5 Big Boss 16 4 55
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 JamboGee92 23 48 72
2 ParrishJ 21 36 71
3 Bluebird 21 42 68
4 MattyPthaG 15 13 54
5 Tezombie 15 11 53
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Clarkof 24 59 75
2 Don_hate86 23 45 73
3 Janguv 18 16 58
4 Benstatman 16 32 56
5 Lisoti 14 9 49
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Nipper_Lawrence 19 32 64
2 Fubar 17 17 60
3 Mowgles 16 26 56
4 SouthernSofty 15 19 54
5 Macadonna 14 14 53

Manual & PC Leagues

  1. PS4-MPrem
  2. PS4-MDiv1
  3. PC League
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Rdotman 10 18 35
2 Oldeuboi 8 5 29
3 Goat261 6 3 25
4 Big Boss 6 3 24
5 RiQ1987 5 3 21
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Wheresmark 16 19 52
2 Zakremoor 11 13 43
3 Rambovanhardnut 12 15 40
4 Zeemeister 8 11 37
5 DJQuantum 10 -1 33
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 StrJulian 4 11 13
2 Flash 4 11 12
3 James 1 -2 5
4 rkd 1 1 5
5 Rambovanhardnut 0 -3 2
  • Goal of the Month - May

    Goal of the Month - May

    With a feast of entries to view, the poll for Mays PEN Goal of the Month was open. Consisting of 10 excellent goals the voters were spoilt for choice , with goals varying from Long rangers, to Acrobatic finishes, team goals Read More
  • The Chronicles of an ex FLM'ers transition to PES/PEN

    The Chronicles of an ex FLM'ers transition to PES/PEN

    After the dramatic closure of the long-standing FLM I was left in a bit of a quandary.  As The Clash asked, Do I stay or Do I go? I went for trying to stick with FIFA but it didn't work Read More
  • Last Minute Madness!!

    Last Minute Madness!!

    by Lisoti So the 3rd round of the World Cup groups are being played as we speak. And just like any European/World Cup match,  the race isn’t over till the referee calls it. Believe me when I say that things can get Read More
  • Hero vs Villan - Lisoti's Confessions

    Hero vs Villan - Lisoti's Confessions

    By Lisoti I have been a member since 2016, experienced 4 seasons including the reserve league. During online games, I have had my ups-and-downs, but today I’m want to talk about my downs. When things don’t go like it supposed Read More
  • D1E - Early Predictions

    D1E - Early Predictions

    Alexselva Last Season finish: D1E 8th Just missed out on the play offs last time round, I fully expect Alex to improve on that this time round and make the play offs. Nestrovski looked dangerous at the end of last Read More
  • Hunting in packs - meet the Wolves

    Hunting in packs - meet the Wolves

    When Helder Costa signed for Monaco this Season he was once again reunited with compatriot Ivan Cavaleiro; the pair have simultaneously represented Benfica and Portugal (at various levels) in addition to Deportivo La Coruna, Wolverhampton Wanderers and Monaco. As they join forces Read More
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