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Onwards and Upwards: PES2019 upgrades?

As the PES2019 promotion campaign gathers momentum, one of the most anticipated aspects of the new game are player ratings - more so on PEN where player ratings contribute to the value of a player on the market; with this in mind, I have taken a look at some of my potential upgrades in detail

Let's get straight in to it!


First up is the keeper that managed to displace the highly regarded Sergio Rico from between the sticks at Sevilla, no less! David Soria has enjoyed a break-out season culminating in a move to Getafe. Handed his opportunity by the now departed Eduardo Berizzo, Soria featured 20 times for Sevilla, including 15 appearances in La Liga and a Champions League team of the week performance against Bayern Munich at the quarter-finals stage. Although Soria managed to force his way back into the side after Vincenzo Montella reinstated Sergio Rico as Sevilla's number 1 following Berizzo's dismissal, Soria has opted for Getafe possibly in search of stability as Sevilla, in addition to acquiring Tomas Vaclik for FC Basel, has gone through three managers in the first 6-months of 2018 alone. 

I would be very surprised if Soria remained 75-OVR but expectations are tempered by his recent move to Getafe therefore a rating of 76-OVR is considered realistic if a little conservative.



The other right-back in the squad probably presents a stronger case for an upgrade if performances are anything to go by but Bereszynski would appear to fit the bill for a "nailed-on" upgrade. Plying his trade for Sampdoria where he turned in an impressive 33 appearances, Bartosz Bereszynski  also travelled to Russia with the Polish World Cup squad. His performances in Serie A have not gone unnoticed with Inter Milan and Napoli, in particular, credited with an interest - the latter thought to be lining Bereszynski up to replace the much coveted Elseid Hysaj. At 74-OVR, and on the back of a successful season, the man valued at a cool £10.8M on Transfermarket is surely inline for an upgrade.

Tempering optimism once again, I'd like to suggest 77-OVR in PES2019 but feel 76-OVR would be justifiably realistic.


LB.png 74 J. AMAVI

On the opposite flank is Villa reject Jordan Amavi, the man that was being mentioned as an outside chance for France's World Cup squad, the victorious World Cup squad that triumphed in Russia. Whilst Amavi did not make the cut, his performances did compel Marseille to exercise the £9M purchase option and reap the rewards of a fit Amavi playing regularly. Amavi contributed 6 assists in 27 games playing at over 7.2 on; additionally, FIFA recognised Amavi's form with a winter upgrade from 74-OVR to 77-OVR. Fitting.

Whilst I think 77-OVR is wholly realistic in PES2019, I am leaning toward a 76-OVR rating with a distribution combining his PES2016 and PES2017 sets making for a slightly quicker Amavi with improved delivery from the flank.



Amavi - predicted to go up to 76



Tasked with replacing Clement Lenglet - the man who departed Sevilla for Barcelona in a deal worth £32M - Sergi Gomez arrives from Celta Vigo on the back of a solid season where he was undisputedly first-team amassing 35 appearances at the heart of the defence.   

Gomez should be inline for an upgrade IMO. In an almost reverse of why David Soria's upgrade was understated; Gomez heading to Sevilla, one of Spain's biggest teams, should guarantee an upgrade and similar fashion to Bereszynski, the fact that he is only 74-OVR presently, on the back of a reasonably consistent season, leads me to believe that he is unlikely to remain at that OVR.

I would suggest 78-OVR but the Sevilla move may have come too late in the window to translate across to the new game - on his season alone, I would hope for a rating around the 76-OVR mark.



Less confident about this one given that Martinez Quarta spent much of the 2017/18 season banned for a doping scandal along with Camilo Mayada. However, prior to this Martinez Quarta had started to build a reputation as a promising ball-playing centre-half.

His return to the pitch in 2018 has seen him pick up where he left off but - and it is a big but - he has only managed 9 appearances. In his favour are a couple of factors; River's defensive pairing this season is not getting any younger with both Maidana and Pinola closer to 35 than they are to 30 leading to possible age-related downgrades and therefore a team-balancing upgrade for Martinez Quarta. Additionally, Konami has acquired the rights to the Argentine SuperLiga of which Martinez Quarta is reputedly one of the best young players. Lastly, there is interest from Europe with Villarreal said to be tracking the youngster. 

All told, I'm leaning towards an upgrade from 74-OVR to 75, but no change is probable with an outside chance of a downgrade.


CMF.png 74 A. GRASSI

Grassi's progress had seemingly stagnated - a couple of good years at Atlanta led to a big money move to Napoli only to find himself being loaned out season in, season out. His latest loan adventure saw him become a key performer for SPAL helping them stave off relegation, enhancing his reputation in the process.

Grassi's stock has risen considerably with many Serie A sides credited with an interest; during the course of the summer Bologna, Parma, Genoa, Fiorentina, Udinese and AC Milan have all been linked with the midfielder. Furthermore, SPAL actually exercised the purchase option at 8M Euros only for Napoli to immediately activate the buy-back clause at 8.5M Euros having seen the potential for selling him to another side for closer to 15M Euros. New Napoli manager, Carlo Ancelotti is not averse to keeping hold of Grassi either.

All things considered, Grassi may well receive an upgrade and I think, balanced against his performances being for SPAL, a rating of 75-OVR would be reasonable.



To the one I'm most excited about - Filip Krovinovic aka Krovi-Modric.

Signed by Benfica from Rio Ave , the young playmaker had made a massive impact before torn cruciate ligaments cruelly curtailed his season, derailing Benfica's in the process.

To look at the stats the Croatian barely registered 15 appearances, with the odd goal and assist, but the loss of Krovinovic was being disputed as more influential than that of Jonas' absence, the Benfica striker who has amassed 99 goals in 110 appearances including 34 in 30 this season. Why was the Croatian this crucial (we're talking about a guy that had started taking Pizzi's place in the line-up)? In short; he was making Benfica play.

Benfica were struggling early in the season - it was until the change to 4-3-3 (from 4-4-2) - largely to accommodate Krovinovic who had impressed when given the chance - did their season pick up. There are a multitude of statistic to highlight his importance; ball retention, passes, passes in the opponents third, to name the least, were amongst the highest performers, if not the highest in the division.

An early screen suggests Krovinovic has been upgraded to 77-OVR, not bad for 13 appearances but I feel a full season might have seen a higher rating such is the regard he is held in at La Luz.



Krovinovic - 75 to 77?


star.png AMF.png 79 M. LANZINI

Through process of deduction, I would be extremely surprised if West Ham's mercurial Manu Lanzini is not upgraded after 2 seasons at the same rating.

Lanzini was one of West Ham's best players in an underwhelming season that eventually picked up towards the end. 6 goals and 9 assists including standout performances vs Chelsea, Stoke, Huddersfield and Everton saw the Argentine called up to Jorge Sampaoli's World Cup squad where his pre-tournament form had been impressive. However a heartbreaking cruciate rupture, whilst training with Argentina, on the eve of the tournament put an end to his dreams of featuring in Russia and, having been linked to Barcelona as well as Liverpool (as a replacement for Coutinho), a potential summer transfer as Lanzini is likely to be out for much of the upcoming season.

As regards an upgrade, early screens of the Argentina squad suggest Lanzini should (deservedly, IMO) fit in between Maxi Meza (80-OVR) and Gio Lo Celso (82) - I, myself, rate him higher than Lo Celso in real life, but Konami may not see it that way (Lo Celso has been playing well for PSG in fairness), in fact they may not touch him at all as they hadn't done so in PES2017 or PES2018. Based on the early screens, I would have him at 82, higher than the likes of Max Meyer (81), and Maxi Meza (80) but a touch lower than Suso (83) - I predict 81-OVR similar to that of his default rating in FIFA, where he has also earned an 84-OVR and 86-OVR card for a couple of his performances this season.



The new Bernardo Silva - that's what they're calling Bruno Xadas!

I think his current rating is representative of his status in the game, but am hopeful of a slight touch, possibly 75-OVR. If there was an upgrade I was unconvinced about, this would be it; it's not that Xadas lacks quality - 25 Liga NOS performances with a couple of goals and assists to his credit along with a string of fine performances of the Portugal U21 side in their Euro's qualification campaign - shows that; it's just that at 20 years of age playing for Braga there is a limit to expectations.

The links to Monaco are encouraging as is Konami's acquisition of the Liga NOS licence however, I think 75 is as optimistic as I can expect.



If there was ever a deserved upgrade, Ivan Cavaleiro would be worthy of it. Polled as one of the best players in the Championship, he isn't even one of Wolves' best players on PES.

I think he is criminally under-rated at 74-OVR. The Wolves wide-man has turned out nearly 50 times for the Midlands club contributing 9 goals and 12 assists. Stats aside, he is strong, fast, tricky, versatile and industrious in defence and attack.  I feel he should already be a 76-OVR looking toward upgrading to a 77-OVR but would settle for an upgrade to at least 75-OVR in PES2019. Cavaleiro has been important to Wolves' promotion to the Premier League; it might take another year before his talents get the recognition they deserve but he at least has the stage to showcase them now. I look forward to seeing him in the Premier League as I think he is a better player in real life than the game gives him credit for therefore anything shy of a deserved 75-OVR would be an injustice; it's the minimum I would expect.



Cavaleiro - worth of an upgrade, surely?


Last but not least...


star.png CF.png 77 L. MARTINEZ

Having burst on to the scene for Racing Club, the hype surrounding Lautaro Martinez has continued to rise. 18 goals in 27 games and an overall strike-rate of just over a goal every other game at the tender age of 20 has already garnered a full International Cap for Argentina (given their wealth of striking options) and a move to Inter Milan worth 23M Euros, rejecting both Madrid clubs in doing so.

In PES Lautaro is already a very respectable 77-OVR which is impressive for his age. There is no doubt that he has the numbers on the pitch but having watched him a lot over the last season, he is still very raw. I think he is represented quite well in game but feel Konami will succumb to the hype surrounding Lautaro, bearing in mind that he has transferred to one of their "partner clubs", and upgrade him prematurely as a result - not necessarily a bad thing for me but he could achieve an inflated rating akin to Gabriel Barbosa (81), who like Lautaro, was unproven in Europe but arrived under similar, if not more, hype.

Not that it matters but Lautaro received a few special cards in FIFA, including a 79-OVR form card, a 79-OVR 'One to watch' card and an 89-OVR 'Team of the Season' card; all indicate the hype levels surround the kid. I'm plumping for 79-OVR.


There you have it some of the upgrades I could argue a case for:







Colombia systematically dismantled Poland in the Group H round 2 match of the 2018 World Cup keeping their hopes of qualifying for the next round alive. It was a game that saw Jose Pekerman at his brilliant best and a game that has got me thinking...

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Pro Evo Network: The Whorehouse

​​​​Today we assemble a first 11 composed of players which have been whored out on the PEN transfermarket. It doesnt mean these players are s**t, sometimes you just get offers you cant refuse or you want to strengthen your team elsewhere.



The goalkeeper who plays for Arsenal - well he doesnt play - but he is contracted there. Ospina recently joined the PEN Database when Slicklu picked him up from at Auction for 31.4M PENce - probably a move to try and keep his team in the PS4 Prem. Slicklu later decided that he needed to strengthen his team elsewhere so the whoring begun. It was Rambovanhardnut who decided to pick up this quality goalkeeper in a massive deal involving Diego Laxalt and some PENce. We can only speculate, but Rambo probably acquired Ospina for the same reason Slicklu did: an attempt to concede less and avoid relegation. Rambo soon realised that his goal conceding problems were deeper than the addition of a good goalkeeper so he decided to whore him out again. Newcomer Zakremoor was looking to improve his new team, starting with his goalkeeper. He acquired Ospina from Rambo in a swap with Heerenveen goalkeeper Erwin Mulder adding 13M PENce on top. So that is 3 new owners in a very short period, and guess who is available now on the market? It is safe to say that Ospina deserves his spot as the number 1 goalkeeper for the Whorehouse 11.



In the left-back position is Cristian Molinaro. This 33 year-old Italian from Torino has been spunked over by 4 different managers since starting with SAMCRO925. Old but gold is how Molinaro is referred to, a solid left-back in the PEN Database, a quality player statistically but for some odd reason managers have felt the need to whore him out. It was Rambovanhardnut who decided to buy Molinaro from SAMCRO925; probably because SAMCRO925 hates full-backs with a passion. A month later, Blueyboy bought him from Rambovanhardnut, again, most likely because Rambovanhardnut decided to change his formation, again. After a couple months with Blueyboy Molinaro was signed by DJTruckstop's Bristol City, where he continues to ply his trade.



Manager BigBoss has been trying to use this Italian center-back from Sassuolo in a trade since day one. This hasn't worked yet as BigBoss still owns him. At only 29 years old it can't be his age, he isn't slow, and he has good defensive stats - so why does BigBoss want to get rid of him? And why doesn't anyone want him? It will remain a mystery for now. Terranova remains loyal to BigBoss' cause, despite his manager whoring him out.



If you do a quick search for 'Torsiglieri' in the Transfer Market you will get many hits as NikoNikolson tries to shift this centre-back; more hits than Rambo's Youtube channel has had, rumour has it. We have not even counted Niko's famous PM approaches - "Hey mate xyz available? I got Torsiglieri + cash, cheers Niko". The 190cm Argentinian centre-back longs for a move without success. BenStatman used to own him, perhaps Fertetoprioni needs another Argie?



Now this is a player who is wanted by all but has only ever been owned by one. There are various forms of whoring, so why does the low owner Fosu-Mensah make the 11? Teasing... Manager Phoenixkhako likes to tease other managers with his asset. The young right-back from Manchester United has been used to sell other players. Phoenixkhako has proven himself to be a crafty manager; he garners alot of interest in his transfer threads by name-dropping TFM but lets be honest, he will never sell him. We expect to see Phoenixkhako use the TFM card again - but not for the purpose of moving him on. Timothy Fosu-Mensah, coming to a market near you - but NOT for you!



This DMF has been on the Market many times; first CoachTeddy tried to move him on and he eventually succeeded by selling him to Laid Back Yeti. Huddlestone perennially thought of as a big English prospect never really made it. Still Huddlestone is a very good player in the PEN Database, combining physicality and finesse through his technical stats. Swinny, who had been looking for a DMF for ages, eventually took the plunge only to later profess that he needed a true Anchor Man due to Huddlestone's nack for advancing up the pitch and contributing to attack. Huddlestone is back on the market.... and for now without a suitor. Swinny has since decided to keep him.




5(!) managers have owned him already, one of the best in the PEN Database. Why? Doesn't he do what he is supposed to? Are the managers greedy pookeynoodles who just want to cash in (likely)? Or is he that good that everyone wants him? This English prospect has seen many clubs, with much PENce paid for him but it was manager Goggz whose 543 transfer threads for JWP finally achived a succesful deal. 4 managers later, he is with AMOSS... but for how long?



"21 years old, plays every week, U21 Dutch international - really it's a bargain". Every transfer thread in which Wheresmark was active contained '21-year old, weekly playing, U21 Dutch international bargain, Danny Bakker'. The 21 year old has been repeatedly whored out by his manager and was even put up for Public Auction; the shame Danny Bakker must have felt when the auction concluded without a bid, poor lad. Let's hope manager Leonidas treats this talented young player with more respect.



On the left-wing we have Ola John, a quality player who goes up in rating at RMF and LMF. Why is he in this team? He has had 4 managers already, which might be surprising to hear. But what really put John forward for a nomination in this team is the whoring around of manager SAMCRO925. The manager was desperate to get back what he paid for him, even in a dry Market he wanted his 25M PENce back. Afterall, Ola is quality, so why not? After 3 months and 687 Transfer threads it was Predators who picked him up, yes for 25M.



The English striker has worked with 5 managers in under less than a season. It is probably the reason why he walks funny. Strong, powerful and mobile Wickham is another great striker in the PEN Database. GOAT > Laid Back Yeti > Donkeyhugger > Sami3lungs > Blueyboy (still active), have all had a piece of him. It was probably GOAT's highlight reel, used to market Wickham ( *cough*which he makes playing a CPU game on Amateur *cough*), which made him so popular.



The champ, with possibly more managers to his name than goals scored this season is Rachid Ghezzal. At a whopping 6 managers the Algerian is clearly rather desirable. One of the best wingers in PEN, his flourishing reputation has been enhanced by a real-life move to Ligue 1's exciting young Monaco - but everyone continues to sell him??? He has been owned by Baranello (Poland), Nizaam (South-Africa), Swinny (Irish), Rambovanhardnut (Lanzarote), RiQ197 (Holland) and Goggz (Scotland). A real nomad having seen almost every country on PEN; you wouldnt expect him to settle down in Scotland, I mean who would want that? Alas no sooner have I finished writing this, a certain winger of Algerian descent reappears on the market fresh from his move to Monaco.


The Whores of PEN First 11, not bad eh??


Thanks for reading!