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  1. Yesterday
  2. Lukewarm1337

    Fixture 7 tunners1 v lukewarm

    Wrong FSL in OP, here's the proper FSL
  3. NikoNikolson

    worth a watch

    this was really a dream team and everything clicked back then unlike now.. Only season i got promoted aswell. shame the reset took that team though i was at a point where i had no more interest in transfers so glad it happened.
  4. Lukewarm1337

    Fixture 7 tunners1 v lukewarm

    Yea good game mate, f**king late goals
  5. DavoteK

    Battlefield 5.

    Twitter losing its mind over some birds in it?
  6. wheresmark

    Fixture 8: Big Boss vs Wheresmark

    WP mate. You defend really well every match, I struggle to do anything. Good luck in the rest.
  7. Result: 2-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Big Boss Franchise: Villarreal Players Info Scorers: Freuler , Boga Assists: Dolberg MoTM (if applicable): Boga ========== Away Team Manager: @wheresmark Franchise: Guangzhou Player Info Scorers: Vietto Assists: Hogan ========== Match Report: Tight and tactical match, Freuler got the opener in the first half with a Frillypink finish, Boga with a good one aswell made it two in the 2nd half after Hojberg had hit the post. Vietto got one back close to the end, but we held on for the win. Cheers Mark, good game.
  8. Nipper_lawrence

    Fixture 7: Tjodd v Nipper_Lawrence

    Yeah this game had a draw written all over it..... Both of us missed a couple of clear cut chances..... And scored from no chances.... There was some lag.... Especially at the end. Good team and a good game mate. Wish you all the luck for the reminder of the season (just not against me) Stats and result agreed
  9. Result: 2-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Tjodd Franchise: Deportivo Players Info Scorers: D. Pröpper, M. Sau Assists: O. Toivonen, Carlos Castro Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Nipper_lawrence Franchise: Red Bull Brasil Player Info Scorers: Alan Patrick, A. Zeneli Assists: M. Ruben Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Alan Patrick ========== Match Report: There was delay, but we decided to play anyway. Three of the goals could probably be avoided if there was none. Either way, it was a pretty fair result. Both teams created chances. Well played and good luck with the season mate!
  10. dortaboy

    Fixture 1: Lisoti v Dortaboy

    it's fine stats confirmed good luck in the rest
  11. Lisoti

    Fixture 1: Lisoti v Dortaboy

    WAAAIT!!! reject please.. score must be 1 - 2 !!
  12. Result: 1 - 2 Home Team Manager: Lisoti Franchise: Zob Ahan FC Players Info Scorers: Meza Assists: Acuna Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @dortaboy Franchise: AC Milan Player Info Scorers: Sulejmani , Charles Assists: Charles, Suso Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Charles ========== Match Report: gg for you mate for me no comment
  13. Jakey Fantastic

    Learning a new language

    Apologies, but this killed me
  14. tezombie

    May Community Dates - make a note

    Great second community night, imo Frillypink to have a 'natural' PEN team tournament with no bells or whistles. Well done @Coachteddy and @AlexCage Next community event on Sunday guys
  15. Nipper_lawrence

    Learning a new language

    The best and fastest way of learning in my experience is on the spot..... What i mean by that is that you have to speak it when sorounded by Polish people.... Use your hands and feet if you u have to. So next time you in laws are here speak only Polish, and especially when you are in Poland... Go alone in the supermarkets and similar.
  16. ninjabean87

    Xbox One X - Problems

    So, been back onto MS and they are replacing my console. After the whole farce of the replacement controller I wasn't too keen on dealing with them again but they are sending me a console within 3-5 working days but I have to put a payment down of £374 which they will refund but at least I can do all the console transfer stuff before sending my console back.
  17. Result: 1-3 ========== Home Team Manager: thesecondcityT Franchise: ec Bahia Players Info Scorers: anor Assists: destro Clean Sheet: n/a MoTM (if applicable): n/a ========== Away Team Manager: tunners1 Franchise: Guingamp Player Info Scorers: cop Laing iheanacho Assists: iheanacho dos santos cop Clean Sheet:n/a MoTM (if applicable): iheanacho ========== Match Report: Good game bud the difference my chances went in yours didn’t @Thesecondcityt
  18. BlondeDan

    Funny little read

    Was a good read, guys deleted it now after the PC brigade and media crawled all over it... Poor fella even moreso
  19. ninjabean87

    State of decay 2

    I don't think the Gamepass shares
  20. I0 Red 0I

    Fixture 10: Red v Coniglio

    Result: 6 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: @I0 Red 0I Franchise: Montpellier Players Info Scorers: Zampedri x4, Rannochia x2 Assists: Gudmundsson x2, Zaha x2, Birsa Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Zampedri ========== Away Team Manager: @Coniglio Franchise: FC Metz Player Info Scorers: Andre Silva Assists: Cleverly Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Very close game in the first half but the Montepllier boys turned it on in the 70th to take home all 3 points GG mate
  21. Coniglio

    Learning a new language

    Well if you are set on that, good luck. I understand, you can always learn some basic to feel part of them and then try to learn your main new language. Its always useful to learn something more widely used, but it doesnt take any credit to learning something like Polish if thats what you need or want. All are difficult in their own ways, and often people will that or this about their or a language they speak (the difficulty of it :P). All you need to is learn many words, have a good vocabulary and then star to use them. At some point youll able to speak like Tarzan, people will understand you and help you to say the sentences properly. Learn words, watch local series or series that you like but dubbed. Thats my way For example I watched the whole The Office again, but in German. Since I had watched it, I knew more less what they were saying. Good luck
  22. Sami3lungs

    Joke Thread

    Did I tell you I once dated a blind girl She broke it off because she wanted to see other people.
  23. BenStatman

    worth a watch

    I remember coming up against this team in my first season back on here. Destroyed from all angles
  24. Sami3lungs

    Joke Thread

    My next door neighbour knocked on my door this morning wearing nothing but a see through negligee, blowing gently in the breeze, and asked to borrow a cup of sugar and then asked to come in for a cup of coffee..... I said, "f**k off Dave, I've got to go to work now"......!!!
  25. Result: 1-0 ========== Home Team Manager: tunners1 Franchise: Guingamp Players Info Scorers: iheanacho Assists: dos santos Clean Sheet: johnsson MoTM (if applicable): iheanacho ========== Away Team Manager: lukewarm Franchise: racing club Player Info Scorers: n/a Assists: n/a Clean Sheet: n/a MoTM (if applicable): n/a ========== Match Report: Very close game with a 90th min winner we’ll played bud @Lukewarm1337
  26. Mowgles

    Battlefield 5.

    f**kING YES
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