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  2. I never call a taxi directly to my house and always ask to be dropped by a nearby street. You never know who you are dealing with, the least they know, the better.
  3. Even worse when they ask you where exactly you live. FFS man you have one job to do and you can’t even do that. Does this mean I don’t have to pay you the full amount.
  4. YWhen you get in a taxi, name your destination and the driver ask you "what way do you want to go?" Erm, the fastest and cheapest way of course, ya dick
  5. Are they charging you for that £50.00
  6. f**king horrific. Hope theres a 3rd kit
  7. They’re off to buy more hamsters I think to power the servers
  8. The kits are probably the only thing Arsenal will get right this season, they’re all delightful
  9. This new gears is mega!
  10. Govie

    2019/20 New Kits

    Haha, this video is even better now, as my best mate has just told me that his brother is in it. He's the 20s style Huddersfield player with the moustache who's dabbing and doing the love heart celebration.
  11. I’m sure on full launch it will be spot on
  12. Ah yeah completely over my head
  13. Surely they could of anticipated one of their biggest franchises being quite popular for people to play especially over a weekend. They never learn these people
  14. The more servers they open up the lower the wait time will become. That’s the message. You're best off jumping on twitter and following @CoalitionGears for updates.
  15. Result: 0-0 ========== Home Team Manager: trooper uk Franchise: flumensie Players Info Scorers: na Assists: na Clean Sheet MoTM (if applicable): butland ========== Away Team Manager: @Coniglio Franchise: universidad chile Player Info Scorers: na Assists: na Clean Sheet: myhill MoTM (if applicable): na ========== Match Report: Very good tight game few chances for both .both keepers made some good saves " butland getting mom Best luck for season Mot Cheers
  16. Wow Pes it is then later
  17. So, wait 1hr36mins (estimated) and you can’t even close the game down Who in the right mind is gonna sit and wait over 90mins to hopefully get into a game?
  18. That was the Dijon mustard reference, must've failed
  19. Haha was only joking. He’s leaving Cardiff but going to Dijon in Ligue 1. Shame he’s been great for us.
  20. This guy is worried about Son doing a crab walk. What about the ball physics?! I know it's earlier build but thats pretty bad tbh
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