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    There will be PENce prizes (To be determined) for this competition; Get involved.
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    Go together! You take the ball 7 metres away from Riq, launch it full power at him (chest height) and yell at him for not shooting!!
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    When Alexselva says "Let this run a couple of hours"
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    Soon as some One says 55m bid via PM. It's basically BS lol.
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    A quick story. Going to Rome. Train to airport leaves at 4am. I start packing at 1am. At 2am I realize that I have no idea where my passport is. Eventually find it. Also find out that it has expired 2 weeks ago. Stress the f**k out. Google things, and find out that it's possible to get a temporary passport in the airport. Costs 98 euros. Don't care, wouldn't want to take the risk that someone asks for a passport and I don't have it. Chill out. Sleep for an whole hour. Get to the train blablabla. Get to the office where I can get the passport at 6.40am, flight departures at 7.50am. No hurry. Get it in 10 minutes. Gonna cut to the end. Beer, jager and a shiny new pink passport. Life is good again.
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    I used to be quite famous. That's me on the left, changing gear.
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    UPDATED 07/06/2018 *CONFIRMED* Challenge 1 : Will run Monday 11th - Sunday 17th inclusive. Standard Online Divisions. Play 4 games, post results via screenshot in designated thread (will be put up on Monday 11th). Chosen teams(s) will be confirmed on Sunday there are no early starters. Full details released Sunday Challenge 2 : To be confirmed Trials fusion is free on PS4, and its a fiver I think on XBOX. There is a demo you can download. We will check into the limitations of the XBOX version, if we can run a few courses and record results the we will use this game and run a challenge between Monday 18th - Sunday 24th. *CONFIRMED* Challenge 3 : teamplay with a WC twist and some 'different' rules Date confirmed as Friday 29th June (no WC games) and the theme will be based around qualified teams, somehow.
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    No need to repeat yourself mate..
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    Anyone done this before at their local clubs stadium? We’re playing at the Stadium Of Light tomorrow morning and absolutely buzzing. Cost us around £90pp all in to play and buy strips and we can invite family and friends along too to spectate which adds to the experience of it all. We get to use the dressing rooms etc. have proper match officials and a presentation after the game for the winning team and MOTM. Genuinely can’t wait for it. We’re doing a little bit for the Bradley Lowery charity as well by asking those who come and spectate to donate a couple of quid each, hopefully we’ll be able to raise about £300-£500 which is good too.
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    Tune in at 8pm tonight - http://mixlr.com/proevonetwork/ There will be prizes such a free players and cash. Check out the info below
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    Sorry boys game is off tonight. They whatsapped this morning looking to play tonight, now havent got enough Seanachais @Brizzle @BenStatman @tezombie @djquantum @Big Boss @Qvart @RiQ1987 @Jookoi @Sunzibad @Oldeuboi @wheresmark @DJTruckstop76 @baranello @rambovanhardnut @spragga @ParrishJ @frooking @j0rd4n500 @Flannybhoy67 @RenPalmeiras @Cullen @BAZ @Zakremoor @Bridgey @Mowgles @FiftyShadesMCFC @AlexCage @Janguv @miken333 @JamboGee92 @MattyPThaG
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    The English national team visited a Russian orphanage ahead of the World Cup. "It was heartbreaking to see them, they have no hope", said Sasha, 6.
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    What about the dude taking a picture of the dude taking a picture?
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    Obviously knew they couldn't compete with the likes of the mighty Aberdeen in PES 19, so bailed early.
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    Liverpool fans when Salah got injured: "- Oh no, this is the worst that could happen" Loris Karious-Lettucehands: "- Hold my beer!"
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    inspiring the chefs at work. here you are @Mowgles
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    pretty self explanatory really..
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    This isn’t an official PEN thing, so don’t feel obliged. Mrs is doing a bit of fund raising for a charity that we’re supportive of for various reasons. Got anything spare, chuck it in. Cheers lads https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/JohnFrancisLlanelli?utm_medium=email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=20180613_114271
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    If you take the lag from your wifi into account that means 7pm kick offs
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    Wow. All this over someone promoting their player? Not sure if you’ve heard of it, but here at Pro Evo Network we have this wonderful feature called PENdb where you can look and assess the player for sale. If you no likey, no replyey. f**king simple.
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