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    As some of you have seen from the recent introduction threads and some of you may have ventured over and seen, FLM is now closed. In the brief closing message, I've pointed out that anyone that wanted to remain part of that community to carry it over to here and integrate with you lot. I've been discussing it (FLM Closure) with close friends for the last 4 to 6 months, decision wasn't taken lightly, but with the way the place was going, its been hanging on for the last couple of months and anyone with a sensible non biased look would have done this a lot sooner. Losing 60% of your league members, completely overhauling your staff team twice in a year, a community that was a bit shy to get involved or help out, all contributing factors. But the main factor... was me. All of those other factors would have meant f**k all to me 4 or 5 years ago. I'd have been a bloody minded c*nt and rode through it and pushed the place back to where it needed to be. Done it before, p**s easy, but needs time and effort to do so. But, as I said to the admins in a Skype chat back in July/August, due to work being utterly mental at the time, a 2nd kid and both me and the missus working full time, if I was a league member or league admin, I'd have made my excuses and quit like everyone does when the going gets tough. Anyway, the ins and outs is probably something more suited for a podcast or Q&A, but the bottom line, is that anyone from FLM that is coming over, I'd like you guys to welcome them as one of your own as both sites came under the same umbrella and without FLM there wouldn't have been a PEN, but without the original PEN there wouldn't have been an FLM, so both sites are synonymous with each other. I think this will end up being a big benefit to PEN in the long run, more guys in the general sections and maybe a few extra league members to add to the mix as well. Welcome over lads
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    I normally post this in League Announcements, for League Members only, but I've posted this in a public forum, so that all the guys vying for places, know whats available for next season. Xbox League We will be maintaining a two tier structure, but we will most definitely be having larger divisions with the influx of lads from FLM. I've tried to make sure that we have enough in each division, as skill levels will vary, but may need to shuffle people about to suit. But, looking very healthy gents. Xbox Prem: 4 Down Xbox Div1: 2 Up automatically, 1 up via playoffs (3rd vs 6th, 4th vs 5th, winners playoff for automatic promotion) Xbox Vacancies I've allowed for a guaranteed 5 open spots in the league. But I can go further if the members looking to get in the league are deemed active/committed enough. I don't want to be appointing people to the league who will flake out half way through or be difficult to get games played against. We've had enough of that this season on both consoles, it won't be happening next season. PS4 League We will be maintaining the 3 tier structure with the mid tier split. Division sizes I hope to maintain around the 16 to 18 mark, with a bit of wiggle room to expand. Promotion and relegation goal posts have moved slightly because of dropouts/removals, so apologies to anyone thats been effected by it so close to the end of the season. My aim for next season is to ensure we limit the dropouts from mid way onwards so that relegation & promotion is a clear pathway. But, end of the day, if you're hovering around relegation, then you probably deserve to go down anyway. PS4 Vacancies As I've said, we've got a little bit of room to maneuver with regards to expansion/catering for newcomers. There's a couple of guaranteed spaces we will be using for the current applicants and a few potentials that we can use if necessary, but there may be some missing out and will need to keep plugging away until a spot opens up. Image below shows whats what, with Div1 being split down the middle. PS4 Division 1 As per this season, the divisions will be randomised within seeded brackets, so the quality of players in each division will be evenly spread and the divisions will be jumbled up a bit, which is one of the benefits for the Div1 split, keeping it fresh for everyone with different opponents each season.
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    You know my stance. Fifa Uninstalled. Fully PEN.
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    Would you say this is a good time to start a Pes>Fifa thread ?
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    About 10 inches deep here
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    w Well played yer little Dutch f**ker you
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    As most of you know I have come across from flm I have played Fifa since 96 and never ventured on to pes until now best way to say how I am finding it is to say the wife is not happy as I have spent all of last week on it she will get over it I hope lol I can’t belive how good the game plays I don’t even mind not having all the licenses the game has so much more depth then Fifa never thought I would say that and all the current pen guys I have played and chatted to are great very friendly great bants and some great help and tips on how to improve at the game best one liner so far has to be your s**te don’t think it was aimed at me lol to summerise great game great forum and great bunch of guys bring on next season
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    With the recent closure of FLM and the enforced move to PEN. I salute all the PES players. Obvious reservations about the game after enjoying Fifa last season and winning Division 2 All then reservations have now been put to one side. Really enjoying it now. It's a proper football game and has made me realise how arcadey Fifa really is. As i have said to many of the FLM guys play it and give it a chance and you will enjoy it. Credit where credit is due.
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    not my best work. unedited walkthough so people can get an idea of how to use the Forum. when i first arrived its a bit daunting so i did this so people can see where FSL's, the transfer market and that kind of stuff is.
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    Breaking news; Grumbo won a game on PES and is now a self professed expert at the game. More to follow...
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    b*****d left my car window open ?
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    We had an issue roughly two years ago on here where a rival site sprouted up and there was contentious issues between the two. Basically ripping off every idea we implement, trying to poach new or existing members and so on. So I drew a line in the sand and said that you couldn’t be a member here if you were an active member on there. That has been a steadfast rule since then and is enforced to this day. Now I know a few of you are after a place to play FIFA and some of you have wound up on one of our imitators, AG. So, to avoid any conflict down the line, I am employing the same stance here. If you are a member there, I don’t want you on here. You are more than welcome to go and take part in their basic setup and no doubt benefit from the ideas they rob from here over the next few years, or, you can stay here with 100+ league members, a lively community and a much better league setup including that glorious transfer market. I shouldn’t have to do this, but I know there will be issues down the line, as is always the case with sites that want to be as successful as us, so I’m nipping it in the bud now. If this means farewell, no problem at all with that. I know who’s on there and who isn’t, so a message stating either way over the next week would be grand. If no message, I’ll assume you’re on there and place you in the former members group. Any questions, fire away.
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    Server upgrade, could have waited until tonight, but wanted to get it out of the way and not be faffing about at butt f**k o'clock if s**t went pear shaped. But, we're back and I haven't spotted any issues yet. Again, apologies for not having any warning, I've been dragging this on for the last week or so. Anyway, all done now. Welcome back
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    There’s your one free shot lads. Im not having that saga kick off on here like it did on flm. He’s been decent over here, so don’t rattle his cage and I’m sure he’ll do the same in return.
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    Let's have a poker night I have a sneaking suspicion PEN might finally win this one
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    Been part of this for two seasons now. It's the OG and I've waited 6 months to enter, totally worth it. The amount of work you guys put in is incredible, honestly. Thanks for that Yet to find a real kunt on here, not some wannabe pookeynoodle who likes to use hard words while being completely soft like @BAZ
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    Crazy ass times for your boy. Medical problems with the spouse, working 12-14 hours then getting 2-3 hours of sleep for appointments, dealing with my own damn issues and trying to go some community work on top with an election on Tuesday. To the Xbox guys, sorry y'all. I pretty much disconnected myself from gaming during the bulls**t going on. To the admins, I apologize as well. Hit me up for the 70m that I owe y'all and I apologize for holding y'all up. To everyone else, f**k y'all. I didn't miss you trying to f**k me outta my best players That being said, I'm back depending on if y'all want me back. That was a lot of "y'alls" y'all
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    Gearing up to and probably over 100 league members again lads f**k we're good
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    Hi guys I am from flm got my self a copy of pes loving it so far I am an easy going kind of a guy that loves gaming so look forward to playing you guys on pes enjoying the new challenge .
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    Vs @BenStatman last night
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    I've tried to keep up with all the new signups we've had, and will get around to welcoming everyone, but good to have you on PEN. If you are a fan of PES, you're in the right place. Now, a bit of info about the league thats coming; Season 1 The first season will be purely using clubs within PES, that will be drawn at random, but all will be around equal rating and not too highly rated. This is just to get the PC League up and running, ready for the eventual plan: Integration in to the transfer market. Season 2 If all goes to plan, you will be allotted a team, a budget and be able to deal with the other 100+ managers on PS4 & Xbox to negotiate for players, partake in the auctions, manage your finances, pay wages and so on. The management aspect of the setup that is mentioned a lot in our videos and other discussions. It may sound a long way off but it will be here before you know it. We're using a similar path that we used for another setup we've implemented on the PS4 side of things, the Manual League, and that has paid off greatly. We hope you stick it out with us and help make the PC League a mainstay of Pro Evo Network. Existing League Members Anyone already in the PS4 or Xbox Leagues that wants to get involved on the PC side of things, you are most welcome to. You will use your existing team for whatever console league you are in and you will get assigned a team at random like all the other managers for the PC League. Season 2, if you continue in the PC League, you will use your league team as your PC League Team, while the PC Managers will be issued new teams. You can then compete in both the console and PC League. Any questions from anyone, don't be shy
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    hi lads, if you are on reddit, upvote this to keep this top and bring in new members!, add comments saying how good PEN is, and lets get some fresh blood in! cheers everyone! https://www.reddit.com/r/WEPES/comments/82odfc/bored_of_online_divisions_and_bum_club/
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    Yeah but have you hugged them while p**sed in Popworld in Swansea?
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    @BAZ, wrap that s**t in right now you f**king idiot
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    Ever wonder who the legendary was named after? Form an orderly queue for the meet and greet
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    Only 5 minority groups insulted in 57 seconds Rambo? Losing your touch mate.
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    Result: 2-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Sean Franchise: St Pauli Players Info Scorers: Taraabt and Falcao Clean Sheet: Bravo MoTM (if applicable): Falcao Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Away Team Manager: @wheresmark Franchise: Guangzhou Evergrande Player Info Scorers: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Match Report: Always great games over the years between myself and Mark, very rarely failed to entertain with evenly matched records against each other too I would say. My tackling here was reminiscient of Nainnagolan in Marks team pre reset, quite dirty at times haha. Very close game that could have went either way, but Im happy to take the points and ease my relegation worries. Taarabts strike to open the scoring was sweet and Radamel scored in the 92nd minute to seal the deal. Catch ya next season Mark, look forward to another 2 entertaining games hopefully. Unlucky with the title chase bud
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    Pubic hair aty ours, although thats now physically impossible after buying this off amazon a few years back, silly me never read the reviews, doh! haha. a must read set of revies, haha https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3GDDEL1SC1QQ5
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    Says the guy who has rage quit twice
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    Yes. Mowgles has arrived to dominate the bottom divisions. That's right @payne wales I'm coming for your cavity. Lube up. Oh yeah. Hi everyone. Been a few years since been on here. Obviously with FLM gone and the tears dried. I'm ready to start new chapter and new game Good to see some familiar faces still here. Damn you @DavoteK I loved my team. But yes no more Manchester United brand Ordering game today and will be online for friendlies this evening hopefully. Hope to get league spot if anything opens up. Any events running soon?
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    Following the success of the Lebanon challenge , this month you will also have a chance of earning some PENce outwith the normal set times and dates of community events to play at your own leisure. Next months challenge is; TrackMania Turbo Time Trials March 1st - March 14th Simply download the demo on PS4 or trial on XBox (4GB) and you will be granted unlimited access of tracks 1 - 5. All you need to do is finish each track (1 - 5) with a Bronze medal or better and your time will instantly be saved onto the ingame records , take a screenshot and post it onto the relevant thread to show that you have taken part. Furthermore to add some spice to this months challenge, finish in the top 20 at the end of the challenge (March 14th) within MY pen friends records on any of tracks 1 - 5 to get 500k , potentially giving you a cool £2.5M just for putting in that extra effort. Leaderboards are ingame but I will also be updating them on site with the best times daily. (Don't worry the game controls are very simple , accelerate , brake and turn, nobody should have a problem getting a Bronze medal on any of tracks 1 - 5) Leaderboards will be updated daily for both separate consoles and overall times. Only tracks 1 - 5 need to be played to be eligible for the challenge In addition to this challenge we also have 2 cups to look forward to: Tuesday 13th March : Classic 2 v 2 Cup Sunday 18th March : Home Nation Cup (Teamplay) (For example if your English , you will play team play with your fellow English community members v another nation of the community) If you have any problems with these dates please PM event coordinater Lisoti ASAP to discuss a more suitable time and date. Final Payouts to be confirmed during March. *I excuse myself from the bonus top 20 payouts on the track mania challenge. ***Top 20 on PS4 includes myself****
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    Thought my missus had joined PEN. Was about to dump the ho
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    I hope MOURINHO stays at UNITED for the rest of his career
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    Great tribute at the game today.
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    Oh Oldeuboi is still around, we came over at the perfect time to laugh when his team gets relegated Drowning his sorrows at the beer bar
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    Just me feeling all Roy Hodgson post Iceland?
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    Hello there. I heard about this site from the WEPES subreddit and it sounded too good to be true. My PSN name is frooking and I've been playing PES on and off for a wee while now. I'm a Dunfermline Athletic fan living in Aberdeen. HI'm looking forward to playing some friendlies over the weekend and getting active in the forums. Cheers
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    Welcome all! @stevieh @Red Rhinoceros @Marc-The-Knife @StunningDave @Simonlg @ShaunC92 @Grumbo Saw a fair few signed up recently, so here are all the Xbox League member gamertags for you to add: AFC Grimbo BadBrownBear balonga1 Beezmang BirdPersonC137 ConiglioSG CuteBrownBear DonkeyHugger ElfishParrot65 Grimley77 I0 RED 0I JEEEMY Leonidas 540BC MB 11 ninjabean87 OliCollins27 Payne wales Predator 556677 RisingOfGods 25 Squirrel NZ Trampfriend002 Tazarr1803 WilfulTrack WorrisomeOwl Zezu10 ScaryCaravan Scottish Champ
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    I just found this gem, totally forgot I got this from Burger King back when the game was out... Check this bad boy out I f**king hated that game
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    Liverpool Leagues in the Last Decade: 0 Leagues in the Last 2 Decades: 0 Premier League Titles: 0 Slips by Steven Gerrard: 1 Number of times You've sang we're gonna win the league: 9078569875785984 Number of times you had a cringey "make us dream" banner: unlimited
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    Hi guys, After years of persuasion from a friend, I finally bought PES again.(Since PES 2013 I went with Fifa). I got to say I mostly like what I see, (Afaik possesion should be safer, than it sometime is.) but the playerbases...well...most of it sucks. I have a fairly decent myClub team which is fun, but the enemies not so much. Coming from Fifa I thought, let's try Divions, but it's the same throug-pass-spaming and ALWAYS F***ing MADRID. So, when I read about you guys today on /r/WEPES, I thought this sound Frillypink. Participation is pretty important here, I understand, BUT since I am studying and also working, I won't be able to write fifty forum entries a day, but as I understand for the beginning I can find matches outside of the leagues here as well, right? Cheers
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    So on the rare occasions I did venture onto FLM the top rated threads were WWE and Pokemon Go So which one of you comedians have caught em all then
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    Welcome boys and girls. Send me nudes. Inbox cutebrownbear. Thanks