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    About 10 inches deep here
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    Result: 0-2 ========== Home Team Manager: @rambovanhardnut Franchise: Nottingham forest Players Info Scorers: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Away Team Manager: @DJTruckstop76 Franchise: Bristol city Player Info Scorers: piatti, carrillo Clean Sheet: lecomte 6.5 rating. MoTM (if applicable): carillo Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Match Report: good game where the overpowered away side had the perfect game plan of passing backwards and crossing. the away keeper was on a blue and earned a 6.5 rating. enjoy the points you. catch you next season if you stay up. **
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    yeah man couple guys like Cutrone , Bonaventura , Kessie also really flourishing under Gattuso incredible ... hope they can nick Juve for the Copa now basically Gattuso has applied his playing style to his coaching style love the man, and hope he can inspire other former players like Maldini to return to the club in some way
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    Hi All, new member but not new to Pes, heard good things over on Pesfans forums so thought I'd give it a go. Xbox1 Gamertag goonerslg, feel free to add me
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    Bitter and salty, just how we like it. Enjoy the points Trucker!
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    b*****d left my car window open ?
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    Stats confirmed Very very strange game indeed. The amount of space the defence created in this game was outrageous on both teams. It was goal after goal after goal. I'm glad i was about to secure the win tho. I really needed them 3 points. Very well played Gino and as always it was a pleasure chatting with you Good luck in the rest m8
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    https://www.konami.com/wepes/mobile/en/ This it ?
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    Fix the duplicate player issue apparently
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    Hi man, welcome to the site. If you would like to sign up to the league you can post in here http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/33923-xbox-one-league-sign-up/
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    Love it @rambovanhardnut first ever points from you in a league game so yes, they'll be enjoyed.
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    Stats agreed. Good game mate, had alot of problems against you. I really struggled to get out for most of the first half of the game but thankfully took my chance and grew into the game. Feel you deserved more from that, unlucky man! Look forward to more tough games down the line.
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    please don't! no idea about Conti Rodriguez has been very consistent ... but not standing out as some of the others
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    Confirmed. didnt deserve this but points are allways welcome. tough game from start to finish whihc was very tense. Fabri came back to haunt you producing some good saves , including one excellent one with his face all the best for the final few , very well played.
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    What was that gibberish at the end? Listened couple times have no idea what was said Your superman?
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    This was me at just after 8am... didn't get far! VID-20180228-WA0000.mp4
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    Think it might be frost
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    The Devs on the game have been hiding hidden messages in it as well slating people higher up in Konami and bigging up Kojima Just read that they charge you for having multiple characters, $10 for an extra save slot is this what gaming has come to? That is a proper low for microtransactions
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    @venom984 Ali Adnan's goal as requested - great hit.
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    https://www.avforums.com/threads/playstation-4-games.2154490/ Wish I knew about this place sooner. Still not added my own GTA V yet. 13 bucks no case. Might nab it if got any spare change.
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    Near enough Real life goal by Lo Celso at the weekend, watch this first: My goal last night with Lo Celso on PES Vs @Leonidas 540bc
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