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  1. DavoteK

    The World cup tidy birds thread

    One of the best threads in PEN history
  2. DavoteK

    England v Belgium

    When you fighting half the forum bud? I’m selling it on ppv
  3. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    Yeah, they lost so they’re English, not British
  4. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    Oh and we f**k you eat ‘em, just remember that when it’s a little too salty at your next Sunday lunch
  5. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    You a furry then or something?
  6. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    Because it’s in your arsehole.
  7. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    I’m actually quite proud of that. Bet there’s either dents on your phone screen or the keyboard took a f**king hammering, and the teeth were being gnashed while typing, full on scowl. I’m touching myself to it. Right now.
  8. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    Caught me a f**king whopper here lads
  9. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

  10. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    Your reliance on the Liverpool tactic of Henderson hoofing it long, was never going to work. Pretty much gifting possession to a team that is pretty handy with it. I did like that someone commented that England were the equivalent of Greece’04, relying on set pieces for their goals
  11. DavoteK

    France v England

    Should have been on FLM. The seethe was unreal, especially when the vid came out of the Welsh team LOLing their tits off at the Iceland win. Oh and the Russia fans not wanting to kick off with the Welsh fans, just the English. The rage was strong on there. I wanked to it for months after.
  12. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    BREAKING NEWS: Football fans like drinking and watching football. ALSO BREAKING NEWS: Footballers play football.
  13. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

  14. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    So fair weather fans then?
  15. DavoteK

    England v Croatia

    Hi Mowgles

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