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  1. DavoteK

    Borderlands 3

    Yeah, I'm enjoying playing as Moze. Haven't delved too much in to the skill tree yet with not enough points to make much of a difference. But you can do some proper damage with the barrage of missiles.
  2. DavoteK

    Borderlands 3

    I'd suggest taking the full day off Its awesome. I've done a Zane (operative, has a drone which is pretty cool, or a digi clone that shoots and chucks grenades or a big ass dome shield you can dump on the floor for everyone to duck and cover inside, or pick up and run with). His one liners are awesome. I've started a Moze (gunner, has a big f**k off mech, which is pretty cool for launching a barrage of rockets and gattling gun) but not past level 15 so not seen how effective it is at later levels. I know most in here have done a Fl4k build, where you control pets, its probably the strongest of the 4. The Siren, I've never played as a siren but there's a guy that I've played with that uses him to good effect in the post game level 50 mayhem 3 shenanigans.
  3. DavoteK


    Mongs are always gonna be mongs. Put the onus on the clubs and national associations to have suitable mong deterrents in place during fixtures and suitable punishments after. Or, refund those tickets and kiss goodbye to any matchday earnings.
  4. DavoteK


    Its good to see everyone else catching up with the City fans in seeing how inept and corrupt UEFA are. 3 step protocol is like a substitute teacher trying to control the mong class with all the rebels in it that don't give a f**k. Devised in cloud cuckoo land. Sure, you can't do much during a fixture apart from shut the game down and reschedule, but we act like that is the end of the world or something that is not possible. They should have walked off the pitch and forced UEFA's hand, but, here we are. Punishments should be for them to not have home games, not behind closed doors games. Bulgaria (or any team doing this) should now have to play their next 2 or 3 home games away from home with none of their fans attending. They do it again, increase that to 4 or 5 or kick them out of international competition for 2-4 years. Obviously that is at international level. At domestic level, do something similar, cancel 3 of their home games and schedule them to be played away from home, no away fans. When it starts hitting the clubs financially like that they'll soon clamp down on it themselves and have better security to remove those people from the crowd with long term bans. You ain't gonna change the mindsets of the people doing it, racist means racist, so make the clubs/national organisations more culpable and it'll soon be stamped out. I have no problem with what Chelsea did when they had those 3 or 4 gammony daily mail reading c*nts giving Sterling s**t and they gave them bans from the stadium, IIRC. I'd also like to see charges pressed against them (not sure if there were or not). You can't control what people do in the stadium, but you sure as f**k can come down on them like a tonne of bricks. If the action taken is suitable (nailing everyone involved and actions meeting the severity required), then organisations don't need to step in and deal with the club, but if they can't pinpoint culprits then the punishment falls on the clubs for not keeping their fans in line. Kiss goodbye to a few home games.
  5. Think she’s on like 600-700 laps out of 1400 so far.
  6. Yeah, there'll be another round of RTs to do first though
  7. Stev3n86 really got to you lot, didn't he
  8. DavoteK

    Borderlands 3

    Planning on maxing out another character I think once I hit 50 with Zane. Gunner next I think. Never really fancied playing as a Siren. Well, until Brick becomes a Siren, then I'm all over it. Oh yeah, Guardian Rank Tokens, do they accumulate on new characters as well, or is it just after you've completed it?
  9. DavoteK

    Borderlands 3

    I'll be on after I've watched that El Camino film.
  10. DavoteK

    Borderlands 3

    After playing Mayhem 3 with Mowgs and a few other lads, jumping in to my TVHM play through it felt a bit weird at first f**king melting people so quick Cheers for the legendaries @Mowgles
  11. Too busy laughing at your attempts to post an AWOL thread
  12. Its done as intended. Anyone with any decency/common sense has slated it, while the gammon massive have increased the volume on their "two world wars and one world cup" rhetoric. I bet you've all got a few in your facebook feeds. Lovely people.
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