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  1. Histrionics (City fan) vs Petulance (Robbie Savage). Utter AIDS to listen to. Now, I'd have liked a discussion in to the detail of the offsides, the frames used and the error tolerance that should be applied because of the blurry inconclusive nature of the video footage they are using to drill down to the detail levels that are required for their measurements on screen. Its not fit for purpose. Perhaps spend a minute or two talking about how one incident is given (Laporte IIRC hand ball in the Spurs box denying a goal for City against Spurs vs multiple similar handball situations not being given as penalties, then the various offside calls, too many to mention). Then move on to how to change/improve it. Putting the power back in the refs hands and using VAR as an assistant, not the guy that's superseded the ref. Instead, it was just bickering.
  2. That City fans' voice going on about VAR is f**king grating. Apparently he did his research before coming on? Did he f**k Histrionics. I could easily have made a couple of examples of VAR not being consistent, but the way he went about it is just a guy with the blue specs on.
  3. Some dude got sent to prison for tweeting racism a while back, so yeah, could be deemed as a hate crime and go down the route of prosecution.
  4. Red sleeves guy from the Manchester derby getting a delightful slice of karma.
  5. Karma: You know those two seasons where you had a lot of luck and things go right for you? Its payback time bitches.
  6. Had nearly 100k active players on Playstation over the weekend at one point.
  7. And your prime minister is smoking!
  8. Football fans are bell ends. Proven fact.
  9. That would apply to both sides. Gabriel Jesus is not a lone striker. He'll play well off another striker in a similar vein to what you've mentioned, or he'd do wonders out wide as he's a tricky little f**ker. But as the lone striker, not for me. Couple that with the amount of times City crossed the ball (and often do) its just wasted as you're up against absolute monster CBs all the time and we're packing the box with dwarves.
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