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  1. DavoteK

    Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Playing the elf one now. There's one where you play as the Gondorian Commander. Not started that yet. I grabbed them quite cheap a month or so ago based on how much I was playing it. Gotta say, loved the story and how it linked in with the movies.
  2. DavoteK

    Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Shadow of Mordor for $5 & The Witch 3 GOTY edition for $20, great stuff. Already played Shadow of War and f**king loved it.
  3. DavoteK

    Black Friday Deals

    I've got one of the Samsung Wireless chargers that allows you to lay it flat or standing, but the phone doesn't sit right with a case (oh, you have to be careful with how thick your case is and whether it has a metal back, as that will f**k with the charging, I've got the Apple Silicone case, charging no issue and thats thick enough to make the camera seem recessed) Wouldn't recommend, but does the job.
  4. DavoteK

    Black Friday Deals

    Just get one that looks pretty. They all pretty much do the same thing, depending on what plug adapter you use with them. I prefer one that you can rest standing up at an angle, instead of laying flat, although there is this f**ker;
  5. DavoteK

    Black Friday Deals

    Think I paid that or less when I bought my pair. Not had any issues with my pair. Worth every penny.
  6. DavoteK

    Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Bought Deus Ex, played it once, never went back to it. Its there for when I stumble across a f**kload of free time.
  7. DavoteK

    PES Conspiracy Thread

    Define "scripting".
  8. DavoteK

    Diablo III

    Its a travesty it has that many dislikes.
  9. DavoteK

    Diablo III

    Yeah, you don't use a shield with a Barbarian. Big two handed mother f**ker or two quick and as high as possible damage weapons. Would love a switch, but like anything Nintendo it would get used for a week and then become a paper weight.
  10. DavoteK

    Diablo III

  11. DavoteK

    Diablo III

    You can get a Barbarian to a point where’s he in constant Berserker mode and going around the screen quick as f**k. I find it more fun playing as the Barbarian or Crusader tbf. Wizard, once you get to a certain level, you just drop chocolate rain and its just boring as f**k.
  12. DavoteK

    Black Friday Deals

    If the gayers running our twitter account wake up from their slumber, I’ll sort something.
  13. DavoteK

    Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Witcher 3 complete edition at $20, all over that.
  14. DavoteK

    Black Friday Deals

    Anything decent you spot, share that s**t out
  15. DavoteK

    Black Friday Gaming Deals

    Any decent ones floating about? Chuck them in here for everyone to have a mooch.