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  1. I would say yours was in trouble Rambo, but you’re your own boss with your 4th podcast series in as many weeks
  2. Keep going Rambo, the whole forum (well the 80 members you mentioned) are LOLing their faces off.
  3. Like you not making it to 10 eps of whatever podcast you’re doing now
  4. Oi! That’s copyright infringement! RamboBingo is not to be taken lightly.
  5. You implied in an abusive manner that Manky was a cock sucker, which was you implying that man on man love was a derogatory term. Looking at all the other choice phrases you’ve used on him, I highly doubt that was in jest. Those in glass houses sunshine.
  6. Ding ding ding Rambo bingo amendment 3 subsection a revision xv: Victim claims
  7. No, you took umbrage with being called intolerant by manky. I asked you to post why. You didn’t, so we’ve got 3-4 pages of you going back and forth and deflecting why you were called that in the first place. Some of them for reasons you didn’t understand at the time, some, well, open to interpretation. But basically you acted the victim to garner sympathy from whatever side you’re on and then got called out on it.
  8. I did actually type “RACIST!!!111” after it, but seeing as Rambo is being a little fragile I thought he’d play victim again and think I was calling him it. So deleted it. Wish I’d kept it for the likes now.
  9. I wouldn't say that. You've started up a brand new board game for all the family to play along. And Bullstein has turned in to Batfink with his wings are like a shield of steel as he deflects any shots at him while he's playing the victim. For two big tough men such as yourself, you sure act like the damsels in distress a lot in this thread. Just waiting for a White Knight to save you
  10. I didn't think name calling would need to be added to the bingo card, but its been pretty rife from you in this thread. On it goes.
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