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  1. Citing commission for each match. I agree. Off the ball naughtiness and diving.
  2. There's one thats free, but I wasn't a fan ( ) and ended up going for something which had a lot more stats involved as well as fan control. iStat. Shows you ram, cpu usage, all temperature sensors, a f**kload of other s**t and also allows you to control the fans. It lets you put it to default, medium or high, high being the jet engine full powered fan of doom
  3. Yeah, all good. I downloaded an app that allowed me to crank the fan up so it wasn’t just kicking in when hot.
  4. Sorry dude, no use to anyone last night. Try and catch you tonight if you're about.
  5. Was f**ked last night so I'm glad we didn't arrange. Any availability tonight?
  6. I've mentioned this in the past as well. Could definitely work. Could even work in conjunction with VAR.
  7. I wouldn't bracket rugby with cricket. I'd bracket cricket with NFL with regards to the stop/start nature of things. Rugby can have a play continue for a few minutes and then get pulled back, be it for foul play or an infringement in the build up to a score, but this is always prompted by the referee. The TMO normally only intervenes with serious foul play, off the ball violence etc, rightly so and I'd expect the same in any sport. VAR should be called in by the ref. Team scores a goal and unsure of offside, ask the TMO for any reason to not allow the goal. Claim for a peno but ball still in play, ask TMO to review while play continues. Its quite easy to get this right, but we're not at the pointy end of things having to implement it and I think they should be looking at the rugby model and implementing all the good things they can from that and anything else that they need to adjust to suit the sport.
  8. You're all gonna get bored of me here, but again a leaf out of the rugby playbook needs to be taken here. I agree with you, VAR stepping in unwarranted is not necessary. Ref should be the one saying "check that out for me while play continues" over a headset, or a line-o flags it. There were teething issues with rugby initially trying to bring in essentially the NFL style of instant replay and all that and adopting it to the sport. Same will be done with football.
  9. Chavs are gonna chav. Until the ref can throw those cards around like confetti, that will continue, unfortunately. I guess its a football thing this lack of respect for refs, as shown in multiple posts by yourself. I'd have no problem the captain having a word, but barking at the ref like he's a piece of s**t is unacceptable.
  10. I'd have to disagree with that last statement. Ref's have become the scapegoat far too many times. Be it a pundit pretending to look informed by picking on a decision he's had the chance to analyse with zoomed in slow motion from multiple angles, or players treating them with a complete lack of respect (while wearing respect armbands/logos emblazoned on their kit). So, for me, anything that helps them out is a plus and is long overdue. Suppose its a plus that you're whinging about your precious flow instead of a single individual doing the best they can under the circumstances.
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