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  1. NL - England - Bring it on

    England fans being England fans I see.
  2. Started as a s**t show, been tweaked to f**k Think I'm due a return;
  3. hey guys

  4. My pes / pen experience so far

    So you played @Mowgles in friendlies then?
  5. Mourinho is a genius

    Yes. Yes it is.
  6. Hi

    Welcome to PEN
  7. Does/Will anyone be...

    Gonna be an expensive Summer
  8. Xbox Backward Compatibility

    My vote went in f**king years ago. I'm tempted to take legal action if it doesn't happen soon.
  9. FAO Former FLM Members

    s**te at FIFA as well
  10. I've tried to keep up with all the new signups we've had, and will get around to welcoming everyone, but good to have you on PEN. If you are a fan of PES, you're in the right place. Now, a bit of info about the league thats coming; Season 1 The first season will be purely using clubs within PES, that will be drawn at random, but all will be around equal rating and not too highly rated. This is just to get the PC League up and running, ready for the eventual plan: Integration in to the transfer market. Season 2 If all goes to plan, you will be allotted a team, a budget and be able to deal with the other 100+ managers on PS4 & Xbox to negotiate for players, partake in the auctions, manage your finances, pay wages and so on. The management aspect of the setup that is mentioned a lot in our videos and other discussions. It may sound a long way off but it will be here before you know it. We're using a similar path that we used for another setup we've implemented on the PS4 side of things, the Manual League, and that has paid off greatly. We hope you stick it out with us and help make the PC League a mainstay of Pro Evo Network. Existing League Members Anyone already in the PS4 or Xbox Leagues that wants to get involved on the PC side of things, you are most welcome to. You will use your existing team for whatever console league you are in and you will get assigned a team at random like all the other managers for the PC League. Season 2, if you continue in the PC League, you will use your league team as your PC League Team, while the PC Managers will be issued new teams. You can then compete in both the console and PC League. Any questions from anyone, don't be shy
  11. Hello everyone!

    Yeah, one of the admins will move you up to the active members group and you'll have full access then. Most of the rules there will only come in to play when we get you in to a transfer based league. The PC league, to start off with, will be using a club, drawn at random with certain confines, then play a season out. This will phase out a number of time wasters and establish a core of the PC League and we can then move you in to a transfer based setup. The transfer based setup, you will love.
  12. PC League, here we come

    Like the cake advert in the UK back in the day, Naughty, but Frillypink.
  13. FAO Former FLM Members

    Hey, @Geasers, Challenge issued
  14. PC League, here we come

    There's a few of those you'll probably get caught with. All have their background story Welcome @James & @c20h25n3o
  15. Hello!

    Welcome to the site bud. We’ll be adding Steam ID as a profile field soon, so even if your forum name is different, people can see on your profile how to add you