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  1. Lineup for tonight at 8.45PM Again, check your roles and Game Review if possible. They press suicide, 5 upfront and 5 in the back. If we can get the ball to our midfielders, then they should have a lot of space to set up our attackers. They play a suicide defensive line, so there will be space, just need to get there. @djquantum @Treny1984 @Lisoti @ZakRemoor @Oldeuboi @Rdotman @Seanachais @Big Boss @wheresmark Next friendly for you again @venom984 @JamboGee92 @Brizzle
  2. No, most fans don't have a clue mate.
  3. You guys agree with making up your own rules and then blaming VAR? Right
  4. Do you still think it wasnt offside because Eriksen passed it back?
  5. Deffo hit his elbow before hip, i had a great replay on dutch tv. Still, no handball according to the rules, so a correct call nonetheless.
  6. Yeah i wanted Jakey to google that mate
  7. Err. Can you show me UEFAs stance then? Cause his hand is literally on his body, unlike Kimpembe for example. I can understand the emotions tho.
  8. loller Laporte Time to buy a new CB again.
  9. Like the title says, who can play thursday at 8.45PM? Same opponent as the friendlies we played last sunday. They play 442, they try to press with 5 and defend with 5. Dont let 10 signups stop you. RiQ1987 @baranello @Seanachais @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Oldeuboi @Sunzibad @SAMCRO925 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @Rdotman @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister RiQ1987 Sean Brizz Zakremoor Lisoti Boss Rdotman Venom Djquantum Wheresmark (from 9PM) Jambo Treny Oldeuboi
  10. We are starting in 5 minutes, if you cant make that, dont worry, we will play 4/5/6 games anyway. Jump on discord then i ll invite you
  11. Confusion with the opponent, probably my mistake .. We are starting in 10 minutes at 8PM Who can make that @Brizzle @Gregmeister @thecomposer @Treny1984 @Rdotman @Oldeuboi @Seanachais @Big Boss
  12. Updated line up: @Brizzle @Treny1984 @thecomposer @Gregmeister @Rdotman @Oldeuboi @Seanachais @Big Boss Please check your roles if you havent already.
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