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  1. RiQ1987

    Fixture 2 vs FantaPes

    Yeah can do.
  2. RiQ1987

    Lelly defeated by... Wheresmark

    His teamname is "PA1-ProEvoNetwork" aswell Got to love our Mark
  3. RiQ1987

    Lelly defeated by... Wheresmark

    No, but @wheresmark is a bum
  4. RiQ1987

    Lelly defeated by... Wheresmark

    The irony in this
  5. RiQ1987

    European Football

    We got dominated tbf. But we defended well compact with some good counters. At this stage we have to against such teams, we are on our way back tho, im confident.
  6. RiQ1987

    First League Game of the Season!

    Ive asked @Phillyrich to replace Jambo
  7. RiQ1987

    Rojo misaki

    Welcome mate. Some of us play some teamplay for fun (with beers) in weekends. A lot of us play 1v1 in our Manual Leagues (3 Divisions of 10 teams). Sometimes some friendly 2v2 tournaments. And yes we also have a 11v11 team who participates in the leagues on Pesfm.org I probably played you if you ever played our team. Our PSNs are under our usernames, add people from PEN, jump in parties, play some friendly games, you might even fancy joining our Manual leagues! Have a look around the forums, plenty of info to be found!
  8. RiQ1987

    Black Ops 4 with Battle Royale

    Im still in doubt, anyone getting it on PEN? Might pick it up if a few of us do.
  9. RiQ1987

    European Football

    2-2 ..
  10. RiQ1987

    PES 2019

    Yeah I enjoyed our game(s) aswell mate. I played really s**t first half of that league game, so I feel I can see the difference by just s**t decision making and weird game mechanics. It doesnt always happen, I had some really weird games from atleast my perspective against @Oldeuboi and @zeemeister. The 11v11 FUMA feels fine, so its weird and I cant lay my finger on what causes it.
  11. RiQ1987

    PES 2019

    Weird thing is Philly, I have been saying this since release, so have @Tjodd and @zeemeister, while others like you, @Oldeuboi and @Rdotman havent seen these problems as that game breaking. Could it also be connection? I have no idea. Maybe playstyle? That it happens to some more then others?
  12. Need the GKs names for the Cleansheets @Pagi mate
  13. RiQ1987

    Fixture 06: Samcro v RiQ - [Confirmed]

    Good game Daz, unlucky in some situations man. Goodluck for the rest mate, and catch you in the reverse.
  14. Result: 3-0 ========== Home Team Manager: RiQ1987 Franchise: AZ Alkmaar Players Info Scorers: Pussetto 2x, Barella Assists: Angelino, Zaldua Clean Sheet: Vaclik MoTM (if applicable): Pussetto ========== Away Team Manager: @Sunzibad Franchise: AS Monaco Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good game man, I know it wasnt always for you man. Goodluck for the rest and catch you next game.
  15. Yeah already did man