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  1. RiQ1987

    PES 2020

    Nah I disagree here. Because square is a 2nd Press, holding X is a single Press. Press X once and twice is a tackle. So there is a difference there. So if one of these gets an extra animation, it will have a random element to it. Or it becomes a different command, like hold R2+X or something, then I wouldnt mind myself.
  2. Yeah the thing here was, that because of the distance, the grass didnt render in for Softy and me, they thought they were good in the grass :lol:
  3. RiQ1987

    PES 2020

    Yeah true. Cant see what he i spressing. But I have a feeling it is an X tackle, but this animation is activated cause its from behind. I dont think there will be a special button for this, like R3 + X or something. So, you either cant do a normal tackle in those situations, or it will be a random ( say 50/50 ) animation. But, overall ive become a bit more positive after the reviews with that PesUniverse dude, most things sound promising. Then again, he tweeted he was trying to get a 1000 goals on MyClub with 99 rated Mbappe. So his taste of a football game might not be my taste.
  4. RiQ1987

    PES 2020

    The raaaaggggeee
  5. RiQ1987

    PES 2020

    This falling animation..
  6. A Frillypink squad wipe and a Duo win with @SouthernSofty
  7. Result: 1-3 ========== Home Team Manager: @RiQ1987 Franchise: Real Madrid Players Info Scorers: Lammers Assists: Driussi Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Oldeuboi Franchise: Southampton Player Info Scorers: Elkeson 2x, Yarmelonko Assists: Yarmolenko 2x, Bergwijn Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Elkeson ========== Match Report: Wp gg
  8. Result: 0-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Riq1987 Franchise: Real Madrid Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: Cragno MoTM (if applicable): Joan Jordan ========== Away Team Manager: @ZakRemoor Franchise: Ajax Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: Onana MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Wp gg zak
  9. Oh and the M16A4 and the Mutant are ARs, but they function better as a DMR really, they need a scope for the single tapping.
  10. Best AR is probably the M4A16, put a Stock, Vertical/Thumb grip, Compensator on it and its a Pansexual. AK47 is the worst AR most will find, but fun to use, does alot of damage but its difficult to control. Wet your pants when you find a M24 or Kar98, both equally good bold action snipers. From the DMRs the SLR is the most powerfull, but SKS and Mini14 are good aswell. I dislike the QBU myself. Vector and MP5K are the best SMGs. UMP45 is decent, but others are better. Shotguns, Winchester, Bizon and DP-28 you dont want to bring to the end game. And in the crates you find some good guns aswell obviously. Id just say try everything to see what you like, I dont really have a go to gun, I try them all.
  11. Check out this guys channel, gives some great insights. He made a guide for all the guns etc.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfK7qpS954pk14YvDCsWCuw
  12. RiQ1987

    PES 2020

    We need that chair gif
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