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  1. Chill

    Here a Frillypink relaxing music for Staff, Mentors, Noobs and other members and ofcourse for the BOSS @DavoteK f**kin mental day
  2. Hello everyone

    Welcome to PEN mate!
  3. Bad Lip Reading - Zuckerberg

    LOL thats great tbf
  4. H1Z1 coming to PS4

    @don_hate86 @Rdotman
  5. Ping issue / Advices asked / Possible forfeit

    If it isnt unplayable I dont see a problem mate.
  6. Farewell sweet prince

    Happy shopping @Scottish Champ. A bigger cheat then Falcao, this will be fun
  7. Sofascore app - track your players!

    @Nipper_lawrence @Mowgles @RenPalmeiras @j0rd4n500 @fungusking @FiftyShadesMCFC @don_hate86
  8. Avicii dead!!

    Who is Dale Winton?
  9. Avicii dead!!

  10. Konami lose UEFA license

    Problem is some teams might not be licensed in "Other Europe". Usually fun PES/PEN players in there.
  11. Konami lose UEFA license

    Yeah, probably.
  12. Does the PA and Dribbling feel broken?

    He ll hang on to that for 3 games lol Nah I had lag mate as stated. Venom is trying pa1 now i believe, so wasnt the case in these games.
  13. Does the PA and Dribbling feel broken?

    Yeah think so. I had to keep his Pa2 bum ass in the Prem aswell.
  14. Does the PA and Dribbling feel broken?

    Just saying you counter and hold R1 I play possession and dribble, so I am more affected. And it was slow for me mate, else I wouldnt be losing to a bum.
  15. VAR to be used in 2018 world cup

    Not always no. I think it is what Donkey would call "subjective decisions". So you think it is a foul and I dont for example, grey area.