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  1. RiQ1987

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    Do you have video footage to support that claim?
  2. RiQ1987

    Hi everybody

  3. RiQ1987

    Hello everyone

    Welkom terug
  4. RiQ1987

    PUBG now on PS4

    f**kin love this game. Took us ( @don_hate86 and @Big Boss ) only 10 hours to grab a squad chicken dinner lol. New map on the 22nd aswell.
  5. RiQ1987

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    Man those Barca tweets from you and AlexCage damn But Frenkie wants to play now, he already feels he started playing way to late. But he can still join City or Barca, nothing official, its just a big hype around him now with alot of terrible journalism to go with that.
  6. RiQ1987

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    But the whole Busquets and Fernandinho thing makes it very logical for De Jong to choose a different team. And not as weird and a "waste" as fanboy Zee makes it out to be. And nothing is official anyway, still just rumours.
  7. RiQ1987

    Personality Traits

    Do the test again on a friday night
  8. RiQ1987

    Personality Traits

    Gmta Jakey, welcome to the club mate
  9. RiQ1987

    Personality Traits

    Entrepeneur - Jamie Lannister, Ernest Hemmingway, Eddie Murphy and Nicolas Sarkozy amongst others lol.
  10. RiQ1987

    PEN Meet up 2017

    He was almost as good looking as me.
  11. RiQ1987

    PEN Meet up 2017

    @Lisoti just came by in my store for a meet up and cup of thea He is not as angry as he sometimes sounds lads.
  12. RiQ1987

    The Gillette Ad

    well thats still 50% correct when concerning Rambescu
  13. RiQ1987

    Favourite comedians

    Jim Jeffries in the States on gun control:
  14. RiQ1987

    Friendly Tonight? 8 PM

    It is manual passing settings lads, so if we can get enough, you can change your Passing and Shooting settings during the game.