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  1. RiQ1987

    Fixture 24: MattyPthag v Bluebird

  2. Arrgghhh almost @ParrishJ
  3. RiQ1987

    England v Belgium

    Allright. @Fubar @AlexCage HI LADS YOU GOT ELIMINATED EARLY BY SOME POOR TEAMS YOU COULDNT BREAK DOWN My German aint the best, but atleast I tried
  4. RiQ1987

    Summer Transfers 2018

    It would probably be your opening offer
  5. RiQ1987

    The World cup tidy birds thread

    Guess thats what you get on those incest islands ey
  6. RiQ1987

    Summer Transfers 2018

    @spragga @Sunzibad Anyone got the full story?
  7. RiQ1987

    Summer Transfers 2018

    What does this mean? Is he going to jail?
  8. Probably easier to make it in PES rankings mate, less rooms easier to find
  9. Result: 3-0 ========== Home Team Manager: RiQ1987 Franchise: AZ Alkmaar Players Info Scorers: Driussi, Driussi, Midtsjø Assists: Kuwas, Luckassen Clean Sheet: Bizot MoTM (if applicable): Driussi ========== Away Team Manager: @Big Boss Franchise: Villareal Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good game man, unlucky with that 2nd goal, classic defender ball robbing. Goodluck for the rest.
  10. RiQ1987

    World Cup 2018

    https://m.9gag.com/gag/aN18o70?ref=ios.s.others Photographer who get run over while England tried to score, I mean while Croatia celebrated, managed to take some pictures
  11. RiQ1987

    England v Belgium

    Agreed, although tbf he wasnt getting much from Alli and Lingard. Put a decent player behind Kane, like Eriksen with Spurs, and he will be better aswell.
  12. RiQ1987

    England v Croatia

  13. RiQ1987

    England v Belgium

    Not really that amazing tbf. Because lets look at it closely. 2 good goals against Tunesia, tap ins, but lets name that being in the right position at the right time. Hattrick against Panama (lol), with 2 penalties. And that 3rd goal Penalty against Columbia. For the rest, he mainly went to the ground shouting for fouls like a fetus. mot cheers
  14. RiQ1987

    England v Croatia

  15. RiQ1987

    England v Croatia

    I just think it is a bad longterm decision, matter of opinion I think. Just found it funny that Micky says open the borders, unite, and make one strong country, while there is a big possibility he supports #brexit. Quiet ironic no? And lets first see if England leave the EU in 5 years, been a while now ey

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