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  1. AI not doing what you want to do in the GamePlan is a massive gamebreaker for me in the 1v1 mode. For 11v11 it is a good game, same as PES2020!
  2. He is born Tilburg guys, dont let him fool you
  3. I am in with the WINNING 15 lets go
  4. Asiri and Lucas Lima, hes fake named in fake named Palmeiras squad, but he might still have his cum face. He is 30yo left footed and amf in pes2020 Also Cornet and Jahanbaksh their rating in A position, same for Cucho Hernandez @Worrisome Owl Cheers!
  5. f**kIN TOLD YOU SO It is great isnt it
  6. Again, all these downgrades are happening so they can recover their revenue by selling COINSSSS.
  7. Highlights for me: Balanta now a 77 DMF instead of CB Chadli a 79 LWF now :o
  8. Palmeiras fake named? No idea who Lucas Lima is
  9. A lot of downgrades means more reasons to release TOTW players, that you can buy with COINSSSS
  10. What is the easiest way to check, witbout having to watch a 10 hour stream?
  11. Ha it really is a rule on the Discord for Mixed, had to be pointed out.
  12. Frillypink! You had a great evening, that f**kin Left Back was everywhere except Left Back
  13. Frillypink strike. You are a good 11v11 player 👍
  14. hey mate want to play for WAPP?