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  1. Happy birthday Davo!

    Happy birthday @Jookoi and @DavoteK
  2. European Football

    1-1 mate.
  3. European Football

    AZ extended his contract yesterday, till 2022 i believe
  4. European Football

    And the Eredivisie is starting again, finally. Tonight Utrecht - AZ Alkmaar (my team). We bought a new winger from FC Groningen, he is starting on the bench. Tonight at 7 lads, make sure you watch
  5. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Everything is on free version. Check BB his trailer, areas which first only excisted out of treed are now cities etc. I am now downloading the map, its just released.
  6. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Update ready yet?
  7. New Manager

    lol wtf what a kunt
  8. Premier League 2017/18

    It is a bad sign when a team, with the financial capabilities as City, is that much dependant on one player. City just played s**t and couldnt cope with the Liverpool pressure.
  9. European Football

    Juanmi 2-0 @BenStatman
  10. European Football

    Ref is keeping Barca alive, Sociedad should be 2-0 up, but got a goal dissallowed, which it shouldnt have been. Willian Jose with the goal to put Sociedad on a 1-0 lead @Chucka
  11. Premier League 2017/18

    Great game, really fun to watch.
  12. PES league

    Havent looked yet, do we have to play this weekend
  13. Who's from finland?

    Ah, thats why you can do those crazy skillmoves the pitch haha
  14. Who's from finland?

    Jookz, Niko, wtf is this man
  15. PES league

    So we ended up being 9th in week 3 @Sunzibad @Big Boss https://pesleague.konami.net/2018/eu/en/online/championship/coop/ranking/round/ I have no idea what to do now, f**kin Konami man