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  1. Frillypink, congrats Jookz.
  2. Jesus, you would think these hardcore City fans would know how to take a loss.
  3. Probably thought he was playing PES
  4. Frillypink. Where will Abraham, Mount, Odoi, Fomori and James go on loan to? Maybe buy Jovic, Isco, Ziyech, Koulibaly and Max Aarons.
  5. FFS. Always thought it was just supposed to be this way, until I started reading what the Cursor Switch is supposed to do No wonder the player switching feels extra horrible, this setting used to work on older versions no? Pretty sure it did, never been so annoyed with it
  6. Played 2nd team on the Sunday team when I was 17/18, 1st team played 3rd Division, never made my debut. Then played for 3 years in 1st team for the Saturday team (which is lower level then Sunday in my area), played 3rd Division there. On the Sunday I played DMF, later I played AMF ( yes #10 jersey ). I was not quick, slow even, not a dribbler on the pitch, more a passer. Two Footed, scored Freekicks with lef and right, almost as easy as on PES19 and 20. Also played "Hoofdklasse" Indoor Futsal, thats just below professional (sounds more impressive then it actually was). Was much better at indoor, as my speed wasnt an issue. There I could dribble, shoot, score. But had to quit all that cause of a back injury at 22 years old (32 now). Coached and trained the 1st team for 3 years, but couldnt find more motivation to continue doing that. Also found it hard to be involved with football but at the same time not being able to play. Still miss playing it. Probably why I am so fanatic at the virtual experience lol.
  7. Played some Co Op games and some 11v11 as ANY, but the game keeps switching me when I am defending. Anyone else have the same issue? I have always had it on Semi-Auto, and in previous versions it never switched. Really annoying when you try to move with for example your CB, and then the game switches you to the LB/RB. Or when I am tracking back with a winger to intercept a long ball, it switches me to my LB/RB who is ofcourse 10 yards away from the dude he should be marking.
  8. Just played 11v11 games. Still horrible, unresponsive, and it still auto switches me in defence.
  9. Some many weird B positions for Eredivisie players
  10. Have you ever heard yourself when playing @wheresmark mate?
  11. Any patchnotes? Or do we have to wait for the random dude to tweet it again?
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