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  1. RiQ1987

    Borderlands 3

    Can't stop playing this game.
  2. I am glad we complained, cause they are fixing it now. Wonderfull.
  3. Yup. And they are listening to feedback.
  4. To be fair, crosses are alot less accurate. You get them pinpoint crossers tho
  5. I am not upset and annoyed This guy.
  6. Yeah, I did mate. And you reaffirmed (partly) my campaign, and now you are saying I should stop moaning, very confusing! Next time, make an Official Announcement, that Sunzi has decided for himself, he isn't going to criticise PES anymore, after criticising for a week and not sending one single message to Konami/PES/Feedback, only criticising the game in Party Chat and on the PEN forum. Then we all know how to behave correctly, cheers.
  7. Bulls**t. Even Square pressers moan about the gaps on the pitch. So it is not a solution, and therefore not the solution I am looking for.
  8. My only issue is the wrestling and super cancel. I have been very positive about this PES, check the first pages of my Offline experiences. I liked it Offline, I liked the non wrestling in the Demo, Super Cancel I havent mastered, and I genuinly dont know some do it, so I asked a question. The Tactic thread is also a genuine question, as some have sad they didnt have the issue. Davors tip in that thread is something which might work for me, so I am thankfull. I think my reputation about being a big PES19 hater has preceed me (is that correct english). I think you have *"moaned" more then me about this game lol. I think PES2020 has the potential to be the best football game ever, with a slight tweak. I enjoy it much more then PES19, and I think alot of animations are implemented well in this game, opposite to PES19. * I dont see it as moaning, its a PES First Impressions thread. It is stating your first impressions, crack on.
  9. Already had made a thread made Rambo. Stop slacking.
  10. Jesus. Why cant I ask a normal question dude?
  11. How is this possible. I got the same as Matt, passes wont cancel for me. And not a single comment from Konami on the issue aswell, or ive missed it.
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