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  1. cheers mate ill still finish off the PEN pack once i get all the kits i need
  2. Nothing mate, I just done some colouring in and swapped some logos about on kits I had Enjoy
  3. no worries mate ive had a quick look in game a they are passable , couple of errors on them so ill try to amend at some point
  4. ill see if i can doctor some kits like the pen ones , i assume u want a blue home kit ? do you have a badge ?
  5. def a fifa mate if u look at the capt armband and sleeves
  6. i think it is a fifa as the old pes style template was a landscape one ive seen a few different styles of fifa kit templates may even be a pc version of an older game
  7. Like Matt said I haven't got the PEN pack as of yet as I'm waiting on 2 teams kits and then 1024 res kits to add to the 2048 PEN kits or it all won't fit in the game
  8. You may get away with adding them as they are mate , I've not got time atm to go over old kits atm if I get round to it I'll prob remake them from scratch
  9. I don't think that's even a PES kit mate, and yes the templates changed slightly some may work but others def won't
  10. wont work that mate the captains armband is where the collar should be and sleeves where socks should be
  11. Liga Nos, Bundesliga next,However I think someone else I know is doing series B you still Pescara ?
  12. Is he ?? Didn't have a clue mate I just liked him in game after having him in 17 and I needed an AMF
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