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  1. DJTruckstop76

    Fixture 1: DJTruckstop v Clarkof - [Confirmed]

    Bristol city 1 - 5 Aston Villa
  2. Result: Bristol City 1- 5 Clarkof ========== Home Team Manager: DJTruckstop Franchise: Bristol City Players Info Scorers: Carrillo Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: Franchise: Player Info Scorers: Ze luis x 5 Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Beaten by the better team (in every sense) wp @Clarkof. Glad to have laid down for you. Hope you enjoyed the feast.
  3. DJTruckstop76

    Player height: The long and short of it.

    The reason I play PES is the player individuality/ID and obviously height and weight are a massive part of that. Shame on you Konami.
  4. DJTruckstop76

    Player height: The long and short of it.

    Well they should employ one of us PEN managers because we are anal about s**t like that
  5. DJTruckstop76

    Player height: The long and short of it.

    Well it took them until 2019 to fix Europa league team Burnley's top scorer Chris Wood. I understand in some cases of course but how visible on a football level do you need to be? IMO using just one 'reliable' source for anything is folly.
  6. DJTruckstop76

    Player height: The long and short of it.

    I'd like to think that Konami wood* have a handle on how important basic player settings like height are (even weight) but alas, they continue to surprise, year in and year out.
  7. DJTruckstop76

    Player height: The long and short of it.

    Thats a whack of cod liver oil he must have necked
  8. Anyone else on PEN got any players who have had their player's height diddled by Konami? Clearly a massive thing for managers like me as size is important in certain positions and for certain tastes and in my case, someone who is looking to sell. I give you 75 S. AMRABAT A measly 173 cm tall in-game whilst on https://www.transfermarkt.com/sofyan-amrabat/profil/spieler/287579 he's a mammoth 185 cm tall. A whopping 12 cm (4") difference!! This means a lot when you are trying to market a physical CMF/DMF type player. Has anyone else been done over height-wise by Konami and is this a more common affliction than currently realised? When do they get their fingers out to remedy the situation? Honourable mentions go to Burnley's Chris wood who was shrunk by konami and also my pre-reset CB Amorabieta who was dribbly AMF sized f**king sill wankers Konami.
  9. DJTruckstop76

    Casa del Davotek

    Yeh, 16 players 😂
  10. DJTruckstop76

    Casa del Davotek

    Just out shopping and saw this @DavoteK 🤣
  11. DJTruckstop76

    New future PEN member

    Congrats mate 💪
  12. DJTruckstop76

    how to be really, really good...ping pong PA2.

    But you're missing the point mate. PA3 is a setting designed for children, not somewhere like PEN where everybody has good experience with PES and other football games. Why would I want to be 'guided' through matches?
  13. DJTruckstop76

    PES 2019

    Sorry Barra, I just assumed you were suggesting the reason that you didn't concede as many goals as me was because the level of player in the Prem compared to a watered down Div 1west, was pretty much the same My mistake.
  14. DJTruckstop76

    PES 2019

    Please don't tell me your suggesting the level of quality is the same Barra? If you ever come up to the Prem you'll have an arse like a clowns pocket.
  15. DJTruckstop76

    PES 2019

    It does when it means your highest ever league finish, yes.