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  1. my children of PEN unite.

    I suppose I, more than anyone, must be considered one of Rambo's biggest successes. He discovered me as a lonley, homeless street urchin who was forced to suck cock to pay my burgeoning crack habit and to somehow survive on those mean streets, way, way back in the bad old days. He took me in to his house and kept me safe under his meaty wing where I was fed, watered and clothed and given a warm bed in the cellar. It was only after a going cold turkey for 3 months and then being put on an exhaustive MMA and fitness programme that he introduced me to his family and his newest arrival, his PS4. He told me about this game that was going to change my life and how I lived. "You can forget smack" he said as he loaded up PES 16. He told me he was going to start me off against what he called the 'KKK', this made me terrified that my new found protector was some kind of Josef Fritzel-esque, Neo nazi racist bum. He in fact meant his children, Kayden-6, Keelan-8 months and Kallie, 4. I was to play the youngest for a period of 2 weeks and then improve my level all the way up through the age ranges of his kids. It was only after I could successfully handle myself against 6 year old Kayden that he told me I should be capable of competing in division 2 on PEN. After numerous months of reading PES tactics books, editing PES tactics videos and improving my mental and physical strength with daily Jiu-Jitsu lessons against the European Heavyweight white belt MMA world champion, that I was introduced to PEN. I can only say it has been some journey. A journey, who,without the love and Kindness of a great, special individual, who once looked me in the eye when I was a scabby street rat, and saw in me, somehow, the ability to compete in the PEN premier league, I think its fair to say that I would be another potential PEN member who fell by the wayside. @rambovanhardnut, I owe you my life. Many thanks to you, Linsey and the 'KKK' All the best, DJTruckstop.
  2. February Update

  3. R.I.P Liam Miller

    Only diagnosed in November last year too, shocking news. RIP Liam.
  4. Investing

  5. aliheidari 2520, pes editor, face maker, kit maker

    welcome to PEN mate
  6. your top 10 tips for pes 2018...prem players only

    Dribbling in bibs can mean two things. It depends on which one your good at as to wether you should be watching this tips video or not.
  7. your top 10 tips for pes 2018...prem players only

    If your finding it hard to pass the ball and score, Try switching your PS4 on.
  8. your top 10 tips for pes 2018...prem players only

    Don't forget, red arrows doesn't mean 'good' anymore. It means bad.
  9. your top 10 tips for pes 2018...prem players only

    Don't lose. Always a cracker that one.
  10. Stifler

    https://www.google.fr/search?q=stifle+meaning&rlz=1C1CHBF_frFR781FR781&oq=stifle+mea&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.6523j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 This is probably what it means. Maybe.
  11. An ode to Alan.

    Could an admin please change the title to 'An ode to Alan' please
  12. An ode to Alan.

  13. Result: 3-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Djtruckstop Franchise: Bristol City Players Info Scorers: Piatti, Diomande, Carrillo Clean Sheet: Lecomte MoTM (if applicable): Piatti Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Away Team Manager: Spragga Franchise: Stade Brestoise Player Info Scorers: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Match Report: ** A game of headers here at Ashton gate as Bristol City had to rely on Goal line technology to help them out as Al Soma clanked one off the underside of the crossbar and onto the goal line. Dribble wizard Piatti then climbed avove his marker to steer home a header before spragga's men saw another header rebound off the bar. A crazy game played in the right spirit where it all could have been so different, on a different day. Unlucky not to get anything here mate. Good catch up and GL in the rest @spragga
  14. Leeds's new Club Badge

    Its like the EFL logo that looks like it should be on the front of a packet of washing powder. What the f**k have these crackheads been smoking?
  15. Fixture 20: DJTRUCKSTOP76 v DORTABOY - [Confirmed]

    Yeh mate, sorry bout that.