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  1. Played an 11V11 manual mixed room last night with Jooks and Dot and it played amazingly. It was honestly so smooth
  2. Me, Jooks and Dot are in an 11v11 mixed now on 21 💦💦💦
  3. 13m pound move to Rennes 2 goals on his full debut Downgraded by konami f**king cocks
  4. It'll be trying to sell your kids coke within a week mate. Guaranteed.
  5. It does look a lot different but that may just be the placebo effect.
  6. Maybe someone can keep count of the amount of times the term "Placebo effect" gets used when it comes out.
  7. Multiple accounts to save yourself 1 pound 50
  8. Done deal apparently
  9. And @wheresmark complaining about other managers pressuring during a match?!
  10. Is pressing an opponent bad or against the spirit of the game? I don't man mark personally as I feel the close contact is easier to body roll away from so I prefer to block passing lanes. I do however use gegen sporadically throughout the match as I know if I hammered it, my players would be blowing hard after 70 minutes. Perfectly reasonable imo. I'd have loved to see Bayern sit off PSG in the final the other night so they got torn to shreds
  11. Yeh, I could feel your pain. I could see nothing was going your way in this game and was happy to take the points without much drama. Good luck wrapping up the rest of your games mate and see you next season