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  1. Do as Owl says and also, on top of pinpoint crossing and early cross, you have the card 'Cross specialist'. If your CF has good jump, heading and a heading card, then that will help too.
  2. Fantastic article @OnlineSoccerGamr and always Frillypink to take a walk down memory lane 😁
  3. Cheers @Gregmeister. Always good fun and always good games but f**k knows what was going on today and how I managed to walk off with the points in my back pocket, god only knows Good luck in the rest mate.
  4. Cheers man. A game where usually you could adjust tactics and comfortably see out the win. Unfortunately, Konami got involved 😂😂 Unlucky here mate, GL in the rest
  5. There are always things we could tweak to make the quiz better but aside from a couple of (expected) gripes, I think the whole thing was a good laugh and no doubt @Chriskeenan90 has already changed his €10,56 into small coins and is currently frolicking about in it on his bed in his bedsit.
  6. We tried to make it cheat proof but clearly there are people who will go balls to the wall for that 11€
  7. Cheers for participating lads 🙌 me and @rambovanhardnut thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You can catch us every Saturday at 7
  8. Good news lads. I think we've even managed to prepare this week
  9. Tough game mate, well played and GL in the rest Agreed.
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