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  1. How I’m lining up this week.
  2. Was there a watchdog episode tonight or something?
  3. A Frillypink shape up in place and all of a sudden I’m feeling myself
  4. Thought it was for pre orders only?
  5. Played my wildcard. Better overall team with more point scorers. Tried to get Tammy in and couldn’t. Then he bagged 3.
  6. Buendia received a Frillypink upgrade. And I can see another 1 coming next time!
  7. Kenedy down to a 75, Candreva down to 78. My keeper upto an 83. Seems like my defence is better but my attack is weaker haha
  8. Yes mate. You still get the XP I think just an error with it.
  9. Gears should be live if you have game pass. Just change your region to New Zealand and restart your Xbox
  10. The game collection have 5% off if you order by tonight. Brings it down to about £33
  11. Can get on before 11am this morning before work If you’re about. I’m sure it’ll be fine. @Epone
  12. Can probably get on tonight between 6-8pm mate if you’re about for a quick game? @Epone
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