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  1. They're the second biggest party up here. Labour is such an irrelevance that a significant amount of their former voters now support independence and the Tories have positioned themselves as a one policy (No to Independence) party so that all the hardcore unionists have flocked to them. In less than five years Labour have gone from having 70% of Scottish MP's to having one.
  2. They also have members of the Scottish Parliament (which he is one of 31), MEP's, councillors etc. Generally speaking MP's are not often considered for leader of the Scottish parties. Normally going to someone that lives and works up here full time.
  3. Well you say that but he’s probably in the top 3 or 4 most high profile Tories up here and is an outside but unlikely bet for their leadership.
  4. He used to be a republican socialist. He's now a Monarchy loving unionist Tory politician.
  5. Story doing the rounds today. SFA looking to bring in a ban after a report previously found a link between footballers and dementia conditions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotland-51129653?__twitter_impression=true Not sure how likely it is to catch on but would have some effect on youth development of it did.
  6. Tomkins prior tweet to clear some context.
  7. Attempt no2. An actual professor somehow and former socialist Tory MSP. Didn't always have the same opinion on a second referendum.
  8. Good to see Scottish Tories being pointed out for the idiots/hypocrites they are. 1. Douglas Ross - s**te linesman and invisible MP .https://twitter.com/ProfTomkins/status/514083840256905217?s=20
  9. Aye, pretty sure that's where I first learned it too and then one of the documentaries around the anniversary of devolution had a load of Labour people on who worked with Donald Dewer during the transition period confirmed as much.
  10. She shouldn't need to get a majority to be taken seriously though. The previous one the SNP had was a near miracle with the proportional representation system they use. It was pretty much designed by Labour and the Lib Dems to ensure that one party has little chance of getting one. The current parliament voted in favour of having another referendum by 69-59 a few weeks back so I'm not sure why the SNP having a majority should make the difference.
  11. Mine was 40 hours on red dead 2 and 0 hours for four other games that I'm guessing I just installed and loaded up without playing. Fair to say I use my Xbox a lot more nowadays.
  12. Nah I think they're going to remove even more of the game so it's less than a third of the original now.
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