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  1. Hazard who?! Mbappe topping the prem goal scoring charts (CF 94 now) Havertz topping the prem assists charts (AMF 87 now) Quite fond of my "low" rated players too...soumare, almendra, haaland, brahim diaz, and a portuguese fullback i forgot the name of (nuno tavares?) all get their playing time when in better form than the mega slags With the TS now in the 80s and 90s most games, things are way better Sometimes i still struggle though ... One downside of having all these slags, is fatigue from international duties The f**kers come back knackered, leaving me like 5/6 non-internationals Likely to pick up all titles again this season ... Not bad for the 5th ranked team in the club rankings After that Gullit will be looking for a new challenge he will be accepting the first D2 team to approach him (not in italy though) If no offer comes, he will be offering his services to one ..tbc
  2. Ruud Gullit and his slag team are scraping victories atm. Relying heavily on moments of magic by Mbappe, Havertz and Vini jr. Other teams set up to draw, bum moves galore. On superstar, the cpu can keep the ball in defence at will for lenghty periods as well. Main issue is that TS is too low. The script Sold too many regulars with TS boosting team roles and signed lots of new players. I also changed the sliders during pre-season. Luckily Vini Jr has had a role change to Playmaker. TS jumps back into the 90s with him as captain. Hope some of the new regulars also get upgraded soon to a more impactful team role. I have a pre-mbappe save too. Might go check out this alternative timeline. Hazard is sorely missed.
  3. It's right annoying when this happens I made it a habit to check the budget reports, and then change the settings if i need more of the other
  4. This is getting meme'd to f**k ... We are doomed
  5. PSG came in with a monster offer for Hazard Ruud Gullit told them to do one ... UNLESS Mbappé is involved (CF 92, Balon d'Or winner 2021, highest valued player on the market) they actually went for it! straight swap losing Hazard meant i would be short a top class AMF ... lucklily the scouts were in touch with Havertz (AMF 86), so he was added to the ranks to compete with Zaniolo Gullit also added the Worldcup to his trophy cabinet ... guiding the Netherlands to glory in 2022 i swear if Pep or Valverde win manager of the year again
  6. meanwhile Ruud Gullit's Chelsea is preparing for another tough season after picking up the treble in season 2021-2022 new signings Zaniolo, Mykolenko, Gabriel Jesus and Ruben Dias arrive to strengthen the first 11
  7. They say i'm decent Played at a pretty high level in the u19s But when i got to the first team, the coach overlooked me for no apparent reason i ended up playing more casual type football ... which actually made me a smarter/more technical player weight gain followed soon after
  8. Also here due to a pesfan post by goat Didnt even visit pesfan much, just happened to see it Showed it to my brother and here we are
  9. Damn @Earnold1994 needs to take it easy
  10. the pookeynoodles gave your team to someone else too mate @Earnold1994 f**k all that "with all due respect" s**t... i want to see a rant damn it!
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