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  1. I started an ML with my ex-PEN team Even though i out-slag the rest of the Colombian league... It's still quite challenging!! Looking to bring Ruud Gullit back to Milan eventually, and then maybe win a world cup with the Netherlands too
  2. I don't like the default camera (stadium)...changed it to the more familiar "dynamic wide"
  3. Damn... RIP G, our favourite Albanian
  4. @KBii you know what to do when the time comes
  5. Suso has step-on-skills now ...aint that a bitch
  6. indeed you are better than most men you're player though... uuhh
  7. yep 10 voor 6 besteld..volgende dag in de brievenbus
  8. should've kept Vinicius jr
  9. had to google where these bums played
  10. it's eFootbal 2020, not PES 2013
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