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  1. Day light, stadium with lots of shadows. Frillypink black kit, black ball too. Brightness set to 100
  2. Weather always standard, no rain etc Always night time to avoid shadows. I play dynamic wide, as I like to switch play and need to see the LM and RM. I tried blimp and fan view but the players were too far away on both. Shame as it reminds me of SWOS with the aerial view. I've got a slightly larger monitor Joe (24 to 28 inch) so might give them another go.
  3. Hard for him to score, f**ker doesn't know how to hit the target this season.
  4. Rattled the bar, missed an easy chance.. lads on fire but still not clinical enough. His clear-cut missed chances cancelled out the VAR decisions
  5. Never going to be as assisted as LiVARpool They are the PA3 of VAR support
  6. Need any chips with that Salt fella?
  7. I can make pretty much Al nights apart from Wednesday
  8. Yeah, I played as fullback and centreback. Me and a mater started our own team and I played every game until injury stopped me and I quit just before my 30th. Back playing now in an over 35s team for my local club. Its fun, but not a league.
  9. Are we getting a thread for every single Liverpool game, or just ones vs teams in relegation battles?
  10. I've always been a gamer, and I will jot change that. Wife knows that, and allows for it. Same as she likes reading and watch those s**tty soaps on TV. Wife knows that if I am playing a league game, basically I do not exist for 30 mins. Same as I know when Casualty is on, I might as well find something else to do got an hour, which is PES
  11. Sorry Khazi, I'm out until late oirbsbly won't be back until midnight
  12. Almost deleted PES after that game. Nothing Mow did, but button pressed were not registering and when they did, the game was reacting late. State of the game. Stats agreed.
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