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  1. Result: Trooper 1-4 Tez ========== Home Team Manager: @Trooper uk Franchise: Dinamo Zagreb Players Info Scorers: Falcao Assists: Tevez Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @tezmac Franchise: Monaco Player Info Scorers: McTominay, Umar x 2, Kutucu Assists: Rigoni, Van Der Streek Umar Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Umar ========== Match Report: Bitty game, where no one could get hold of it. Trooper was off his game as well. Unlucky well played. FSL
  2. It's cleverly done. Obv don't want to give anything away.
  3. Sports Direct did a 50% off for NHS, so my wife got 50% off things that are already 50% off. A Frillypink gesture, but we all know what Mike is like, I have a feeling he was clearing aged stock to allow for fresh rotation of new seasons etc.
  4. For all we know they could have not really known about Hamiltons issues he has faced, or at least the severity of what he had to deal with. In that instance becuase of BLM they would have found out and realised they needed to show unity behind their driver and to show that they cared and understood. Which in that instance, means BLM working, as it iis reaching out it people, proven by how they're now visually showing support.
  5. I love the bandwagon talk, as its kind of shown you up. @Bullstein would you have made this thread if BLM wasn't a thing? No. You're on the bandwagon. So you're on the bandwagon, yet your criticising others for being on the bandwagon You're using this thread to put people on a 'blacklist' of social justice warriors, which makes it even worse as you're also one based on your own theories. You also also used urban dictionary to prove a point, so you might as well used an article from the Daily Mail. To keep to the theme, this thread is an absolute car crash. These threads seem to be quite regular, maybe you need make your own slogan for when you next jump on a bandwagon to prove a pount that doesnt need to be proven. BLM - Bully's Little Moments.
  6. They ran out of white paint and had to make a reason for using a different colour I guess.
  7. I was joking. It just seems everything needs to have a meaning nowadays, and everything needs to be disected, when really it doesn't.
  8. What message is he giving in this picture
  9. I'm confused. Black is a shade not a colour.
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