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  1. Against randoms in online lobbies, means everyone can do it at their own pace
  2. Happy birthday Davo!

    Happy birthday
  3. The simplest of Community Events on Thursday, we will be playing the Online Coop mode. Randomly selected teams of 3 With your chosen team mates, you must play as SCOTLAND You need to play 3 x games. Record all of your scores over these three games. Add them together and post on the forum. Screenshot your score for each game, just in case. Sign up thread around midday and closes around 8pm. Teams picked at random.
  4. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    When shooting it's best not to move as that drastically reduces accuracy. Crouching too helps. Unlike other games moving whilst shooting has a huge effect of accuracy
  5. Fixture 14: TheComposer v Clarkof

    That was r3con who has left now
  6. Stats agreed best FUMA game so far we both played some good football This is manual at its finest :
  7. Yeah getting them in whilst davo is feeling generous Pitch forks at the ready
  8. There will be three Community Events for January as follows :- Thursday 25th January Sunday 28th January Wednesday 31st January Davo is loaded, and fed up of spending it on strip joints so payouts will be a generous 8m, 11m, 15m for 1/2/3 events Pencil them in your diaries More details to follow. Look forward to moaning about the dates chosen
  9. data packs, updates, upgrades

    lets not mention AWOLs
  10. Premier League 2017/18

    A great game for the neutral, I will say though on my Facebook feed all the city fans seem to have ceased their activity, however the Liverpool fans have filled my feed with copious posts and gifs and memes
  11. A New Horizion - advice thread

    I have PM'd you my CV Yeah I am the "go-to" person for almost everything so gotta be better than average I suppose. I am off tomorrow so plan is to go on some sites, as you mentioned above (thanks) and as luck has it my new neighbour is head of the local Ambitions office over here - so might pursue that too. Spend all day doing my CV, its a hard thing to put 20 years onto paper. I have no clue - clean slate ideally but more importantly whatever suits to keep the money rolling in. Definately going to try some training courses to pad out my CV, even if it just to show I am still learning. Also putting feelers out to customers near me etc see if I can grab something. This is something I will look into Matt, never even heard of it so that is really good I am Lincolnshire based so will see whats on offer for advice. Yeah I hope so and thanks
  12. A New Horizion - advice thread

    Thanks so far, I will be off tomorrow so will reply properly then. Will be drafting my CV up tonight so yeah would appreciate people's views on it. As for the typo pointer, that's the type of advice I need. Sounds obvious but easily forgotten .
  13. After 20+ years of service the company I work for is closing the site I work at, therefore making me and my colleagues all reduntant. Its more than a little bit frightening as I have been in one place, had one interview although been in many departments within the company. I have a bit of time yet, end of April or May so fingers crossed something falls into place by then. This is where PEN's community seems to come alive - you guys seem to have knowlege across the board on pretty much everything. We also have a few business owners here as well. So, now I've been all Frillypink and polite what advice to people have generally for this situation I find myself facing - literally anything from CV advice to huge mistakes to avoid in letters and interviews?
  14. Sorry DJ, I thought I had posted this. If memory serves my goal was something that would defy all levels of logic from the keeper. You deserved this win so. Stats agreed.