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  1. April's third event will be....

    Ahem, gentlemen, wheresmark, please go online at your earliest convinence and ensure the latest updates are applied. Kick off at 8:30pm
  2. April's third event will be....

    Yeah good idea.
  3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Decided I'm not a builder, nor a fighter. So sticking to being a sneaky pookeynoodle, managed an 8 kill solo run tonight https://youtu.be/XKK2Mlwmcy4
  4. Liverpool v Roma

    Will be interesting to see Liverpool when they face decent team
  5. Liverpool v Roma

    Hope that guy placed a bet
  6. Liverpool v Roma

    Radio 1 interviewed some fans, very enthusiastic. One said they expect a 5-0 win
  7. Decided by you guys, it's purely highest vote count wins.
  8. We will do it on PSN chat for this, stick to a max of 8 to fit part size. some managers don't use discord. Thanks for the offer
  9. April's second community event will be 11 Vs 11 teamplay, derby day as chosen by our loyal twits through the polls. Match 1 - Sheffield Wednesday Vs Sheffield United. Match 2 - Brazil vs Argentina Match 3 - Fenerbahçe Vs Galatasaray Sign up thread to go up tomorrow and close at 7:30pm so please do not suddenly get caught out by the earlier close off for sign-up. Please note we will be on a tight schedule and everyone must be good to go at 8:30pm so none of this messing around waiting for late comers unfortunately. Only sign up if you can make 8:30pm kick off. Matches will be shorter, the aim is to try and finish for 10pm over all three games.
  10. Guide for Defending

    Right stick flick to select a player when defending is really good. If you see a winger free in space you can flick to your fullback, track the run, then flick quickly elsewhere to select someone else. I use it all the time to track runs etc
  11. Ruben Neves

    all in good spirit, of course. I wish I was in charge of the Bank of Davo, I only deliver the PENce occasionally with the other admin.
  12. Ruben Neves

    You're not allowed to degrade players
  13. Wenger to step down, finally

    Gutted it's been funny this season with the Wenger In / Wenger Out clan finally giving up - now he makes his move Personally I think he may go for France manager and wind his career down, for the next Euros.
  14. Avicii dead!!