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  1. CMYKhazi

    La Liga 2019/20

    So one of Europe's elite team with all those players just about scraped a 1-0 at home against ten men
  2. You can jump, just not look at him then jump into him
  3. Jumped into the GK. It's a foul. By the way it's 2020 not 1950
  4. No doubt it'll be Disgusting Energy Drink Leipzig knowing my form with such things!
  5. Sidewall, mate No tthe legend bit, could see he was useful when I watched him for Arsenal
  6. That's way funnier than it should be
  7. Who can do this? Would be about 9 to 9.30pm I'd guess, maybe 10pm @wheresmark @tezmac @BenStatman @Brizzle @djquantum @Jookoi @rambovanhardnut @swinny @Kaiser-1 @Crn_14 @Goat261 @Janguv @Timbovici @jazfiction @Bitter_rivals Anybody missing off the list?
  8. More likely early next week but let's see! Who can make 10pm tonight? @wheresmark @tezmac @BenStatman @Brizzle @djquantum @Jookoi @rambovanhardnut @swinny @Kaiser-1 @Crn_14 @Goat261 @Janguv @Timbovici @jazfiction @Bitter_rivals Anybody missing off the list? Just use last season BAL player as it's our final fixtures from that!
  9. Yeah, was some that did. Hopefully points deductions will prevent it. We're talking 1pt per player misdemeanor.
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