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  1. Be careful with that, funny things brains.
  2. Yeah, some nonsense: Due to Braga and Porto, both sides within 50km of Vitoria’s ground in Guimarães, being in the competition and higher ranked, our opponents are being forced to play all three of their home group matches at a time when there’s no kick-off clash. The logic is that local infrastructure, like policing, won’t be compromised. To complicate matters, broadcasting rules stipulate that Europa League games can’t clash with Champions League matches, some of which start around 5.55pm, hence the afternoon kick-off.
  3. Should see his first action proper tonight.
  4. The crazy one is 3.50pm Wednesday for the Vitoria away game There were complaints but I think it's confirmed now.
  5. Standard Europa League times.
  6. I really like it, even with it's flaws. New camera view I'm using probably also adds a bit more freshness to it. I'm playing a little slower and that's really enjoyable, passing is mostly good. Had some absolute belting matches last few days full of laughs! It's the games when teams are trying to get the ball up the pitch as quick as possible when it turns into a s**tshow
  7. Crikey, that looks miserable! I'm sure it tastes great though! Does lemon in green tea make it taste better? I've been forcing down the green tea lately
  8. Fever Pitch Not much of a reader but can do stuff written in day by day form And as a twelve year, and with football coverage far less than today, I used to grab and hold on to any news snippet, info and match report etc. that I could. Listening on the car radio in, I still remember that feeling when Derby and fukkin Dean Saunders beat us with a couple of games to go. Love it.
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