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  1. Finished 2nd in the Finnish finals, was a f**king long day. Started at 4pm and finished midnight. Played a total of 18 f**king games So will be a part of the National setup But don't know if I'll be playing yet, as we have a "Camp" on January where we decide who plays.
  2. Tonight would be perfect!! Next week only Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday probably.
  3. Result: 0-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Jookoi Franchise: Leverkusen Players Info Scorers: nah Assists: nahh Clean Sheet: nahhh MoTM (if applicable): nahhhh ========== Away Team Manager: @jazfiction Franchise: Melbourne Victory Player Info Scorers: N. Dirar, Vadillo Assists: J. Larsen, A. Carrillo Clean Sheet: Y. Bounou MoTM (if applicable): Vadillo ========== Match Report: Good game man, well played! Pretty even match, with Melbourne taking the points with better finishing. Welcome to the leagues, and good luck for the rest!
  4. Can honestly say that haven't noticed that in my games. Maybe in the box, but that's a totally different thing when there's 700 men in there.
  5. I "play" in the Finnish 5th Division (3rd to bottom). Basically means that I show up if there's not enough players and hope that no-one gets injured or something Have been enjoying it though as I get to always play at CF. But it's also very frustrating cause I'm not as fast as I used to be haha. If only I found that spark to do some cardio, but that has never been my thing. Btw I'm only 27 so it's not age, I'm just fat and lazy haha.
  6. Only played 2 games today, but didn't notice anything different myself
  7. Stats agreed. Yea well played man, good hectic game haha! Some real PES wtf moments for sure but good fun! GL for the rest!
  8. Result: 1-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Jookoi Franchise: Leverkusen Players Info Scorers: T. Pukki Assists: H. Aouar Clean Sheet: J. Joronen MoTM (if applicable): T. Pukki ========== Away Team Manager: @Maldini_303 Franchise: Brondby Player Info Scorers: na Assists: na Clean Sheet: na MoTM (if applicable): na ========== Match Report: Good, tight game man! Only difference was just a hint of Pukki magic! GL for the rest!
  9. Stats confirmed. Well played man, see you next time!
  10. I find it very funny how a ring and a party can change things.
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