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  1. Can make this yeah!!
  2. Jookoi

    Fixture 26: Samcro925 v Jookoi - [Confirmed]

    Good game man. Tight and enjoyable as the last one. Good luck to you too man!
  3. Jookoi

    Fixture 12: Tjodd v Jookoi

    Good game man, well played! Get out with that sorry Tjodd, at least it was a good goal and not a s**t one Good luck for the rest!
  4. Result: 1-4 ========== Home Team Manager: Jookoi Franchise: Spookeynoodlehorpe United Players Info Scorers: F. Jensen Assists: L. Janson Clean Sheet: none MoTM (if applicable): none ========== Away Team Manager: @rambovanhardnut Franchise: Besiktas Player Info Scorers: A. Asiri, M. Mahi, L. Ulloa, M. Martinez Assists: M. Martinez, N. El Zhar, A. Asiri, M. Barbieri Clean Sheet: none MoTM (if applicable): A. Asiri ========== Match Report: Good game Bambinho, well deserved victory! GL for the rest
  5. Jookoi

    World Cup 2018

    Naah, seems to be more about pork!
  6. Jookoi


    Seriously, why even play those? Just play against your u-13 squad
  7. Jookoi

    England v Belgium

    And completely heartless from England lol
  8. Jookoi

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Surely you mean Leipzig
  9. Jookoi

    England v Belgium

    Wonder if there is a place for a neutral in London
  10. Jookoi

    World Cup 2018

    Would have said the same thing the other way around. Like said, can't blame them for anything
  11. Jookoi

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah that too exactly. Didn't add ANY force in the air, surely knowing that when chasing the game it's about crosses haha.
  12. Jookoi

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah, he defo beat Martinez here. Some things you just can't understand. Putting Batsman in so late, Chadli bashing the corners to the first man time after time (useless all game imo).. Yeah that was astonishing
  13. Jookoi

    World Cup 2018

    Boring boring France. Of course can't blame them, but always bugs me when a team with that level of skill play like that.
  14. Jookoi

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Ronaldo to Juve now official.
  15. Jookoi

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Not really getting my hopes up for that, benching him for rest of the season!

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