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  1. Deadly stuff. What a dink from Sterling!
  2. I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.. Here's the rulebook https://www.eeuro2020.com/rulebook
  3. Yeah I am gonna take part on that top, very easy to get in from Finland haha. Should be pretty fun as an experience, the games will be s**t though I'd imagine!
  4. Always fun to start thinking about what time the first game is when the deadline has just passed.
  5. Haha f**k no. Tells a lot about the state of the tournament when the organizer was called NHL-Gamer Konami had pretty much nothing to do with it really haha. Yeah, I bet the Event organizer wasn't really pleased either, don't think we got any spectators to buy tickets lol
  6. The most previous moment was when a young kid and his father was watching us play, then the kid asked his Dad to ask us what the game is, then the dad wrote it up on his phone. I hope in 8 years we'll have 6 players in these competitions
  7. Yes you did! I've said it before.. I honestly think some guys here, including you 2, are world class!
  8. Brothers I have failed you. Lost the final, best of 3 series. Against grillsmak who some of you know. First 3-2 to him, second 3-2 to me, and the final was a heartbreak, was leading 1-0 until 82th minute, and was losing after 87th minute. And I was leading every game at some point. Was awesome to play offline though, and see some old friends. Korea is a s**t place anyway!! But, FUUUUUUCK it would've been cool
  9. Won the group stage. 2 wins, draw and loss. Play-offs are best of 3!
  10. What worries me the most is that the Event is very "official" and can't get drunk
  11. Heard he invented PES also! Btw, where did I say South-Korea
  12. Not gonna do that, I’ve played 1 game with pa3 can't do anything with it haha One good thing is that I know all the guys playing and will make sure none of them does either!
  13. Going to play at an E-Sports event today. At stake is a place in the Esports World Championships at Korea in December. Went through tough qualification which tells about the level of PES here in Finland. 5 people registered to it, so the Event holders decided that everyone goes to the final I'll try to hold PEN flag high, but there's gonna be sweat
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