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  1. Pfft, Morelos who barely played in the Finnish Prem, 2nd top scorer in SPFL.. There might be a lie in there somewhere
  2. Not good news for my team this.. Loads of Finnish bums in those leagues
  3. Jookoi

    Hello strangers!

    Hey man, welcome back!
  4. Jookoi

    European Football

    How. The. f**k
  5. Jookoi

    European Football

    Lukas Hradecky Hope he isn't an idiot and settle for the Bayern GK nr2 spot next season!
  6. Confirmed. That's true yeh!
  7. Jookoi

    Fixture 5: Oldeuboi vs Jookoi - [Confirmed]

    Confirmed. No worries man, gg
  8. Jookoi

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Wayne Rooney to DC United done apparently
  9. Jookoi

    Another update this morning

    Can't see any changes. The players who "went back" to their old selfs in the last data pack seem to be the same. Left back from City or Lyon?
  10. Jookoi

    Another update this morning

    Auour 64 Cook 69 Salah 85
  11. Jookoi

    PES 2019

    That would be incredible though.. For me and the other 20 Finns that play PES I remember the Finnish league was at least once in This is Football, 2002 or something. Happened to be the only year my hometown Team was in the Prem!
  12. Jookoi

    PES 2019

    I included the working hours for the guys who have to create it of course!
  13. Jookoi

    PES 2019

    Finnish league would cost like 50 euros
  14. Jookoi

    PES 2019

    I just want to know the huge addition of leagues
  15. Jookoi

    Best 3 star team on Pes

    PFK CSKA Moskva and Basel look pretty good from a quick look

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