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  1. Little Bryan Linssen with a decent hat-trick
  2. Funny that you said given, heard it was an offside
  3. What a battering haha, love when this happens to me on FM
  4. Well mostly true yeah, but that's because of people. If they don't care about advancing in divisions they should just play quick matches, since you can't really advance high if you play with the big boys all the time.
  5. Kinda agree.. But the point system would be pointless if there was a team strength filter!
  6. Well this does interfere with my construction and hunting plans a bit, but defo in!!
  7. Actually looks pretty fun, could even see myself playing this for a few days, the game play didn't look like I expected when I checked it out Download 76 Gs
  8. Was looking more for "hahas"! But wasn't meant in a bad way, just calling it what it looks like to me, nothing wrong with it.
  9. @RiQ1987 I'm dropping out, Nazi tiki-taka doesn't suit my style at all. I know all the instructions are beneficial, but just isn't my thing
  10. I'll check this out but usually will take me 30 minutes to get bored
  11. We have trees and water and s**t And 40% lower prices haha
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