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  1. Are you a Fat f**ker?

    I will never deal with you again.
  2. your top 10 tips for pes 2018...prem players only

    For manual tips, bambinho is completely the wrong person to ask.... He's a D1 bum after all! Not an expert myself either, but I don't use triangle at all when passing. For shooting, I'd "start" from just trying to hit the target really. For more Info, contact @RiQ1987
  3. my children of PEN unite.

    "Stories of the souls salvaged by Rambo" Sounds more like a book tbf
  4. Result: 2-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Jookoi Franchise: Spookeynoodlehorpe United Players Info Scorers: S. Okaka, M. Trotta Clean Sheet: na MoTM (if applicable): M. Trotta Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: 0 Red Cards: 0 Own Goals: 0 ========== Away Team Manager: @Bridgey Franchise: Lyon Player Info Scorers: Deyverson Clean Sheet: na MoTM (if applicable): na Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: 0 Red Cards: 0 Own Goals: 0 ========== Match Report: Good game man, well played. Tight affair it was, I had slightly more chances so the result is justified. Just a real shame that the winner was a s**tty tap in. Best of luck for the season, see you next time.
  5. my children of PEN unite.

    I think @Oldeuboi is responsible for Reddit recruitment
  6. February Update

    Was thinking exactly the same.
  7. February Update

    De Paul 79-80 (better passing, finishing, free kick, body control, a bit off defensive stats.) Surman 77-78 (+4 dribbling, +5 swerve, and few +ones) Hemed 72-75 (basically all attacking stats DO NOT BUY THIS PLAYER HE IS TRULY AWFUL AND HE WILL BE GOING TO MLS AND AWOL FROM PESed a little, +3cm which is pretty Frillypink) Maybe I can start playing Hemed more than as a joke
  8. February Update

  9. February Update

    How many of your 9 frees are national players?
  10. February Update

    Never knows
  11. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    Shame man, I'm on evening shift at work
  12. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    Happy birthday PEN!! This place has really changed the way I view PES Didn't think 2 years ago I'd spend so much time with mostly p**s old foreign pookeynoodles
  13. bumClub 2018

    Oh yeah probably good to mention that the +1/-1 does mean form arrows! So 1 up or down in a game. That could be pretty easily tested, @tezombie you like to test stuff right Thing is, that I think you can't turn it off in the friendly match lobbies. Only offline, and like said Pes League.
  14. bumClub 2018

    Well, found this on the official Konami site *When the Player Emotions function is turned ON, the player will fluctuate ±1 during a match. His condition improves when he scores or assists, on the other hand, it decreases when he scores an own goal or makes a fatal foul. Please note that the affecting actions depend on the player's position.
  15. bumClub 2018

    Well, It's a feature you can turn off/on in offline games, so you would think it means something But still like above, haven't noticed any difference in Pes League.