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  1. Goat261

    Gotm Poll

    Only 4 hours left to vote for your favourite goal
  2. Goat261

    Fixture 13: Sean v Goat

    Confirmed Good game man and well played, end to end stuff here and that last 5 minutes was crazy.
  3. Goat261

    World Cup 2018

    Put Perisic in goal for pens, he would be unbeatable, as you would literally need to have the reflexes of a cat to deliberately hand ball that.
  4. Result: 0-0 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Manchester City Players Info Clean Sheet: Sorrentino MoTM: Belluschi ========== Away Team Manager: @Tjodd Franchise: Deportivo Player Info Clean Sheet: Olsen ========== Match Report: Was a fun game with plenty of near misses, thanks for the fun game bud, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  5. Goat261

    Summer Transfers 2018

    I didnt see much of him last season but i remember watching Denmark vs Sweden (think it may have been a playoff game) years ago and he looked brilliant when he came on as a sub, always remembered him just from that one performance. Shame he didnt quite hit the heights of his club form during the world cup.
  6. Goat261

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    Yeah 2011 MLO was by far the best online mode theyve ever had, that + the passing system is what made me switch back to pes since pes 2008, then they completely ruined MLO and the passing for 2012
  7. Goat261

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    Miranda the classy playmaker with his red boots, Cellini the captain and white boots, Espinas with the long hair and headband and Castello bringing the flair up front little things like different coloured boots and head bands was amazing back then haha...Reason why Taribo West and his green hair was always the first ML buy! Not to mention Ximenes with the wand of the left foot and Burchet down the right with blistering pace...only to be replaced by Babangida asap Those legends of ISS Pro master league will never be forgotten, me and my mate used to sit at the back of class writing down our master league team (used to play 2 player co-op) along with possible transfer targets...yeah, not much has changed in the last 20 years
  8. Goat261

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Think 60m is pretty cheap in this market (especially with the prices we have to pay), as i think he will be quality for us. Gives us something different, another key to unlock those 10 man defences. and yeah its crazy how much of an unknown Bernarbia is, he should have been a world star, and would have been in this youtube generation (was highly rated in France obviously, since he won player of the year multiple times) i dont think ive ever seen such a consistent quality passer (and yeah that includes David Silva!), every single pass was weighted to perfection, with quality assists like this that season is still some of the best football ive ever seen at City, mainly thanks to Bernarbia
  9. Goat261

    Summer Transfers 2018

    woah did not see that coming, especially since all the fans were booing when the manager didnt bring him on to say goodbye at the end of the season. @fertetoprioni we agreed the low price based on the fact he was going awol, so if you want to buy him back for the same price (or less if hes downgraded) at the start of pes 2019 thats cool with me.
  10. Goat261

    Summer Transfers 2018

    @fungusking Politano signed for Inter (initially on loan which is common in Italy)
  11. Goat261

    World Cup 2018

    Maxi Gomez is miles better than Stuani, forgot he was even in the squad lol. How the hell is Stuani ahead of him?
  12. Goat261

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah shame hes not playing, think Uruguay would have won this if he was fit. Theyve still got a chance thanks to their defence and the fact France arent a very good team, can easily be out worked.
  13. Goat261

    Fluid Formations

    Klash has been creating world cup tactics. Keep in mind these are designed for the AI so the the teams play more realistic when theyre your opponents. But may be decent for those of you looking to recreate world cup formations/tactics for your pen team, At least as a base for you to tweak. https://twitter.com/klashman69 the file to all the final 16 teams are on his website.
  14. Goat261

    Summer Transfers 2018

    looks like Canales is going to Betis @Phillyrich should be a good move for him, hopefully will see the best of him next season.
  15. Goat261

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Yeah Bernado always played as a right winger for Monaco, but he played it similar to David Silva when we used to play him on the wing, with the likes of Sidibie overlapping to give them the width on the outside, much like Zabaleta/Clichy/Kolarov did for us. So far the problem for Bernardo is that hes been terrible when played in the centre, so we ended up playing him in his natural position more often than not, and the fact that David Silva showed hes not past his best just yet, not sure why Barnado struggled in the centre so much as he has all the abilities you would want in a number 10, maybe its just a matter of him learning that role though game time. Either that, or we may stick with him on the right if Pep doesnt feel like hes up to the task of playing through the middle, and instead play Mahrez centrally when needed. Weve got a lot of options in those 4 attacking positions behind the CF

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