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  1. going to watch that this half then, as the Barcelona vs United match is dreadful
  2. How are Ajax playing tonight, playing some good football? Seen that its 1-1
  3. yeah playing the same teams over and over again is the worst part about it. Should be like Fifa, you choose a 4 star team then youre automatically paired with someone else playing as a 4 star team (if fifa is still like that, not played it for 7 or so years). or at least have the choice to select an option like that, as you do with similar PA etc. I still enjoy it though, always enjoyed using decent teams vs big teams, reason i still enjoyed MLO a lot despite many having crazy squads. Maybe we can make it more fun for everyone when playing vs Liverpool etc by giving some tips to each other on how to deal with them, whether its tactics to stop quick counters or anything else. What do you guys dislike about playing the elite teams? or what do you struggle with?
  4. How the hell do Liverpool keep getting ridiculous decisions going their way? must have scored like 20 offside goals this season and even with VAR they still get away with two crazy decisions. Salah was a definite red card and Alexander Arnold should have given away a pen, usually i would say its not handball but when VAR has given pens for every other handball (Otamendi, Rose, psg etc) then how in the hell is that most obvious one not given lol. and to make it worse we go and lose 1-0 on the same night ffs
  5. Welcome to the community. We also have a full manual league here, if you would like to sign up for that after playing some friendlies, you can do so here http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/81043-ps4-manual-league-sign-up/
  6. Anyone else play online divisions every now and then? Im enjoying it this year and there seems to be a good amount of variety to the opponents rather than everyone playing the same way and attempting exploits over and over again like previous years. which teams do you enjoy using and what are your stats and style of play? (found under player analysis) Heres my top 6 most frequently selected teams (i use my pen tactics with them, 4231) if you use the same formation i would recommend these teams, all of them are fun to use, yep, even Newcastle thanks to Almiron and Diame. Some others i enjoy using are Atalanta Torino Shakhtar River Plate (with their default formation/tactics) Rennes Marseille Celta Vigo
  7. hi mate welcome to PEN, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
  8. Yeah theyve always been amateurish with this kind of thing (unless the brazilian league is due to license issues, maybe they cant update their teams or something). I remember Jack Cork being at the wrong club in one pes (can remember specifics, think they had him playing for someone like Sunderland instead of Southampton) Lucky for you you can still use the AFC version of Goulart on PEN mate. Just create a thread in squad issues if his position or rating is different to the free agent version.
  9. forget stanislas, at least hes still on the game, theyve gone and made my favourite player (hernanes) a free agent and a PEN awol even though he joined Sao Paulo back in January ffs Time for me to start tweeting them
  10. LWF or CMF Havent played for ages but hopefully should be able to start joining in with friendlies soon.
  11. @thecomposer Mandragoras quality goal today (2:26)
  12. @Squirrel NZ What a save from Perin to deny Hernanes one of his trademark dipping long rangers
  13. confirmed Some Frillypink football at times but with some scrappy poor goals, Good game man, well played and good luck with your final game.
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