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  1. Data Pack 4 is Go

    dam still no face for saint-maximin, who do i have to tweet!! That hair would add an extra 15m to his value....Or deduct 15m
  2. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    Zinchenko and Foden Hopefully Brahim DIaz and Maffeo will be included to this City makeover.
  3. Detroit: Become Human

    I can understand why people dont like them since theyre more like interactive movies at times, but ive enjoyed all the previous games, especially Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. If you go in expecting an epic action adventure game then youre going to be severely disappointed. Its mainly glorified quicklime events and decision making, at least thats how all the previous games have played.
  4. Konami lose UEFA license

    As far as i know the Uefa license is just for the uefa brand, it wont effect any teams. Licenses are league by league basis, so we always get the the top 3 Russian teams, top greek teams etc, based on their league position. Where as we dont get any Scottish teams etc no matter if theyre in Europe or not. we didnt get any extra teams with the UEFA license, it was a waste of time and money...Although i will miss the music! For comparison here is the 'other european' team list before pes had the UEFA license (pes 2008) Bayern Munich • Anderlecht • Club Brugge • Dinamo Zagreb • F.C. Copenhagen • HJK Helsinki • Olympiacos • Panathinaikos • AEK Athens • Rosenborg • Wisla Krakow • Benfica • FC Porto • Sporting Lisbon • Spartak Moscow • Lokomotiv Moscow • Celtic • Rangers • Red Star Belgrade • AIK • Hammarby IF • Helsingborgs IF • IFK Goteborg • FC Basel • Besiktas • Galatasaray • Fenerbahce • Dynamo Kiev So if you take out the Portuguese teams since we now have the portuguese league, thats 25 teams. The same amount as we have on 2018.
  5. Another Champions League Thread, Because

    i didnt think it was a pen, there was more contact when a liverpool defender pushed Sterling in the back the night before (don't think that was a pen either) Vazquez completely dived because he knew the ball was at an awkward height. Benatia barely touched him, it looks worse because his hands are up on Vazquez back who throws himself to the ground like hes been pushed (look at Benatias arms, there is no push at all). I can see why the ref gave it though, especially from his angle, so cant blame him Its not like our tie when the decisions were obvious and yet they gave Liverpool a 4 goal swing which the media don't mention in their immense praise for Liverpool and criticism of Guardiola.... a FOUR goal swing ffs, that would kill off any team. We had two legitimate goals ruled out for offside, a blatant pen not given and Salahs goal was a blatant offside (all at crucial periods in the tie). First leg should have finished 2-2. Let alone other decisions like not sending Firmino off for his 2nd foul on De Bruyne (exactly like the foul he did for his first booking, tripped de bruyne from behind while on the break...ref didn't even give a free kick) and then a minute later Liverpool get the away goal to kill the tie. VAR has been a joke as its used too much and takes too much time for the ref to make a decision, but what it should be used for is Offside calls. As those are facts and not based on the refs interpretation. That would work just as well as ball line technology since its dealing with facts.
  6. Another CL & EL thread

    Im just watching multiscreen on btsport player bud.
  7. Another CL & EL thread

  8. City vs Liverpool

    That was a obvious foul, would have been a red for Firimino. Frillypink job turning a blind eye ref.
  9. City vs Liverpool

    Weve been getting screwed by refs all season, its just a good job were so good it hasnt mattered 99% of the time If it wasnt for incorrect offside calls we would already be in the lead Weve had two goals incorrectly disallowed for offside while Liverpools goal stood despite Salah clearly being offside (only player even in our half)
  10. City vs Liverpool

    ffs another decision against us, that clearly came off Milner so wasnt offside
  11. City vs United

    Even when were having the season of a life time they still find a way to City it up with the magic of yesteryear This game was up there with Middlesbrough beating us without having a shot, when we hit the woodwork 6 times vs Bolton etc, such a lucky result for United. We should have won 7-0 and wtf ref! How did he ignore those blatant pens. The only thing missing was a Pollockesque OG, then it would have been vintage CIty
  12. The last time i was in the PEN league

    I was Portsmouth on PS2 PEN back on pes 5, Robert also scored a few screamers for me, mainly free kicks. Him and Matty Taylor down the left used to ruin the likes of Barca and Real Madrid Heres one from Mornar impersonating Tony Yeboah
  13. Far cry 5

    Is the full campaign co-op or is it similar to far cry 4s co-op?
  14. same here, been like that ever since pes 2012 or whenever it was when they changed the tactics system. I always think of trying different variations but never get around to it. Makes me think about the pes 2011 tactics, where you could select tactics for every 5minute period of the match rather than the same tactic for the full 90mins.
  15. PS plus games monthly updates

    only just checked out the March free games today, good job i did otherwise i would have missed out on bloodborne! Some decent big games lately with that Deus Ex and MGS5