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  1. confirmed The tactical changes certainly helped out, the defence was struggling to contain ilicic, his flick ons were causing us problems, + he had one good chance sprinting clear of the defence only to be stopped by Pacheco. The last 20mins i could barely get out my half, so it was unlucky to concede the goal against the run of play, especially in stoppage time. good game @Pagi, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  2. Result: 0-3 ========== Home Team Manager: @Vegasvoss Franchise: Man United ========== Away Team Manager: goat61 Franchise: Valencia Player Info Scorers: Jonathan Viera & Luis Rodriguez x2 Assists: Clean Sheet: Pacheco MoTM: Luis Rodriguez ========== Match Report: FSL deleted 3 early goals here killed the game before United could get going. They were much improved 2nd half after a tactical switch, tightening up the defence and also creating chances at the other end. good game man, well played and good luck with the rest of the season
  3. Result: 1-0 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Valencia Players Info Scorers: Omur Assists: Atal Clean Sheet: Pacheco MoTM: Omur ========== Away Team Manager: @Worrisome Owl Franchise: Hearts ========== Match Report: FSL deleted Was a tight game with not many chances, the goal was fortunate too, as it looked like Butland would have kept the ball out with a stronger hand. good game mate, well played and good luck with the season.
  4. Result: 0-3 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: valencia ========== Away Team Manager: @RenPalmeiras Franchise: Moreirense Player Info Scorers: H. Wilson, Reveiro, Chukwueze Assists: Reveiro x2, Chukwueze Clean Sheet: Krul MoTM: Reveiro ========== Match Report: fsl deleted Was another good game with Chukwueze being the standout player imo, he looked very dangerous on the counter, with his direct dribbling. Well played mate, deserved win and good luck with the season
  5. Result: 0-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Valencia ========== Away Team Manager: @rambovanhardnut Franchise: Player Info Scorers: Rafinha Assists: Benteke Clean Sheet: Olsen MoTM: Rafinha ========== Match Report: FSL deleted Was a good fun realistic game of attack vs defence. Celta defended for their lives in this one, blocking many shots and making some important last ditch tackles. While at the other end they took their chance when it came along.....thats what im saying out loud, in my head im just thinking wtf, 1 shot 1 goal, how the hell did i lose this good game man, was an enjoyable one. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  6. Result: 1-0 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Valencia Players Info Scorers: Luis Rodriguez Assists: Brahim Diaz Clean Sheet: Pacheco MoTM: Luis Rodriguez ========== Away Team Manager: @Phillyrich Franchise: Fiorentina ========== Match Report: FSL deleted A long range knuckleball from L. RODRIGUEZ was the only thing that seperated the two teams today. good game man, well played and good luck with the season.
  7. confirmed good game mate, well played and good luck with the rest of the season
  8. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: valencia Players Info Scorers: Atal MoTM: Atal ========== Away Team Manager: @djquantum Franchise: Huesca Player Info Scorers: Andre Silva Assists: Jankto ========== Match Report: FSL Deleted Atal scored on his debut with a goal that imitated his real life self, with a direct speedy burst. Andre Silva equalised soon after, smashing the ball home with a first time shot. Good game mate, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  9. yeah that was the difference today, which is why im pleased with the performance considering the circumstances. Still a poor result though, as in that should be the league over and done with now. Cant see Liverpool dropping 15-20 points or us winning almost every game.
  10. you cant compare the replacements to the players injured, theres a huge difference between the likes of mendy/zinchenko to Angelino, Ederson to Bravo, Laporte to Fernandinho...not to mention missing David Silva, Sane and playing a half fit Rodri. Its like Liverpool missing Van Dijk, Allison, Robertson, Henderson, Fabinho and Mane
  11. the 2nd one was never handball but the first was a definite handball which would have completely changed the game. thought we played well there, we should have got battered with the amount of injuries we have, and yet we were instead very unlucky not score at least 3.
  12. how is that not a penalty ffs, VAR screwing us again.
  13. yeah against newcastle he dived with the reflexes, grace and elegance of my 70 year old dad playing walking football
  14. Prem defences cant handle Saint-Maximin at all, every week hes ripping them apart, shame hes still too inconsistent with his finishing, missed another sitter today, hitting the bar from 6 yards.....and as i type this hes just missed another one, the GK tackled him...almiron was first to the loose ball with pretty much an open goal, only to hit it straight at Saint-Maximin who was still on the ground Now Joelington misses a 1vs1...sums them up that Clark, a newcastle CB who has only played 4 games, has more goals than Almiron, Saint-maximin and Joelington...combined
  15. crisps and ckenny would be on pen too if they liked pes, but theyre not into it unfortunately. I used issxtreme (thats where i knew @Big Boss from) Pesgaming and evo-web more often but I used to share pes videos and do pes tutorial videos back on PESfan before youtube was even a thing, that makes me feel old PESfan is how i found PEN on pes 5, i was in a league called ESL on pesfan with some of the best pes players at the time (pretty sure @Slicklu was in the league too if i remember correctly) when the guy who oranised that league asked me if i would be interested in a league vs league competition, the other league was PEN which had just started its ps2 leagues. That lead to me joining PENs ps2 leagues on pes 5 and the xbox league on pes 6, i had just finally been able to buy Man City as my team before pes 2008 ruined it ffs. When i came back to pes for pes 2011 pesfan was my main forum since all the other forums werent very active, where i mainly used it to talk about MLO, talk about the game, give, tips, help people out etc until PEN came back for pes 2013.
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