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  1. Happy birthday Davo!

    happy birthday lads
  2. Metal Gear survive Beta

    yeah definitely looks like a game designed for co-op. Looks like it could be decent judging by the videos. Good cheapish game for those who liked metal geal solid 5.
  3. Metal Gear survive Beta

    Another beta also live on psn, maybe on xbox too? Anyone played this?
  4. European Football

    Some entertaining games in Italy tomorrow 11:30am - Atalanta vs Napoli 2pm - Sampdoria vs Fiorentina 7:45pm - Inter vs Roma
  5. Monster Hunter Beta

    another beta is now live on psn
  6. Fixture 3: DJTruckstop v Goat - [Confirmed]

    confirmed Was a very tight game and could have easily finished 0-0. There werent many chances at all, the ball bounced perfectly for Luis Alberto to hit one of those looping volleys, and that was the only difference until the very last minute. At one end i almost scored an own goal from a fantastic Molinaro cross, immediately after that we went straight up the other end to put the match to bed with the killer 2nd goal. good game, well played and good luck with the rest of the season
  7. Fixture 10: Cartesian5th v Goat261 - [Confirmed]

    confirmed You were unlucky with a few counter attacks in the 2nd half, and times when you got in behind the defence. Especially the time when it was two attackers vs one defender, only for Long to run away from the attack lol. Welthon looked good with a few decent efforts throughout the game, and of course taking home the match ball. However, goal of the game was Longs 2nd, finding the far corner from a tight angle while under pressure. Good game man, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  8. European Football

    watched them earlier vs a favourite of mine, mainly because Gabriel plays for them who is basically the new Franco Vazquez....typical he didnt play tonight lol, but Betis were entertaining Finished 3-2 to Betis
  9. PS4 Plus free games

    Some good games this month. Deus Ex Mankind divided being the standout. That Uncanny Valley looks like it may be a pretty good old school style horror game
  10. Result: 2-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Manchester City Players Info Scorers: Gonzalo Martinez, Erviti MoTM): Gonzalo Martinez ========== Away Team Manager: @dortaboy Franchise: AC Milan Player Info Scorers: Suso ========== Dorta played some good free flowing football in this one, i also enjoyed playing against Suso in this one, he was silky and tricky without being overpowered, he had some great moments in the game (including his goal) he was just unlucky that most of his shots were blocked. Both my goals were very similar, got in behind the defence, tried squeezing it in from a tight angle, only for the rebound to fall back to the same player for a tap in. Good game man, well played and good luck with the season, should be more enjoyable now that you have the Milan brand, along with Suso and Bonaventura
  11. Unofficial Pro Evo Kit for 2018

    do you still need the pen badge bud? I see its on the chest of the kits in the pics you posted. So wasnt sure if you still needed it
  12. Result: 0-0 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: pescara (now Man City) Players Info Clean Sheet: S. Sorrentino ========== Away Team Manager: @Phillyrich Franchise: Leeds Player Info: Clean Sheet: Rafael MoTM: Rafael ========== Had a long history of not being able to beat Philly and struggling to score, from back on pes 2013 when Frey made a great save in the last minute, to the PEN cup game last year were Philly knocked me out in the early rounds. This game was no different, ending 0-0. Enjoyable game, played some Frillypink football, but Rafael was in the right place at the right times to save every shot. Then Kike almost won it for leeds when he was put through on goal, only for Sorrentino to show Rafael wasnt the only classy GK on the field today,. Good game man, well played and good luck with the rest of the season....Ive now listed your name down on the notepad under RIVALS
  13. European Football

    i stopped watching Las Palmas early on this season when i saw how bad they were playing every week, so i didnt see the game yesterday. Last season they completely stopped playing once they were safe, it was like they werent able to get out of that mindset at the start of this season, combined with what you said, losing their manager, which likely hasnt helped at all. Looks like there will be a few good players up for grabs next summer, if not this transfer window. Especially Viera and Lemos, then probably the likes of Tana too. and yes, ill have to watch Betis more often.
  14. Premier League 2017/18

    We will never know how it may have been today if silva played, just like Liverpool can say they would have had a better defence if Van Dijk played, thats all ifs and buts. It was just a good entertaining game today But yeah, Silva as always had a huge impact on how we play, not just under Guardiola. Its why he will go down as our best player of all time. We wont be able to find someone at his level, just like Barcelona have never been the same without Xavi. Hopefully Bernardo Silva can grow into the role before David Silva leaves in 2020. *Doing a Mourinho...talking about David Silva to deflect from the result" That was pretty much the only positive thing from a City point of view. At one point it looked like we were going to be destroyed 6-1, but was able to calm down and pull it back to 4-3, with a bit of help from Liverpool
  15. Premier League 2017/18

    Yeah as janguv says i wasnt talking about todays game when mentioning Silva. I was commenting on phoenix's post about the general drop off. Obviously no team is going to go the season winning every game 4-0, so there would be a drop off with or without Silva. Im not saying were crap without Silva, we still completely dominate those games, but missing him is the equivalent of taking out Xavi/Messi from peak Barcelona. Still a quality team but missing that one player who takes you to another level.