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  1. Goat261

    Fixture 08: Samcro v Goat - [Confirmed]

    Confirmed Guinazu may be a 40 year old but when he strikes the ball it has the force of an atomic bomb, the reaction of the GK as the ball hits the net You were unlucky that it wasnt Walcott or Abraham running onto the end of the through balls, otherwise you would have had quite a few chances. good game man, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  2. Goat261

    Battlefield 4 - The Forgotten Great!

    Had a few games on this today, still by far the best shooter on PS4 imo. Its a shame whats happened to Battlefield and Battlefront since Battlefield 4.
  3. Result: 2-2 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man City Players Info Scorers: Luis Alberto, Pellissier Assists: Saint-Maximin MoTM: Pellissier ========== Away Team Manager: @Sunzibad Franchise: Monaco Player Info Scorers: Granqvist, Ben Yedder Assists: Lamela ========== Match Report: Was a strange first 30 minutes, there wasnt too much action and yet there where 3 goals scored. Martinez hit the bar when Monaco were 2-1 up, if that went in it could have killed the game. Then at 2-2 Luis Alberto missed a golden chance, as well as Pellissier's header bouncing off the bar in the dying seconds. There were other chances sprinkled throughout the match in a enjoyable good quality game. good game man, well played and good luck with the season.
  4. Goat261

    Fixture 01: rdotman v Goat261 - [Confirmed]

    Confirmed Yes it was a tight, close good game, well played and good luck with the season.
  5. Result: 2-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man City Players Info Scorers: Pellissier x2 Assists: Weiss, Belluschi MoTM: Pellissier ========== Away Team Manager: @JamboGee92 Franchise: Hearts Player Info Scorers: Kahraba Assists: Gonzalo Martinez ========== Match Report: Pellissier secured the 3 points late on, with a thunderous finish. Hearts almost equalised only for Kharbas effort to be clawed away. Look forward to seeing your new team and formation next week mate, could kick start your season with a couple of positive results. Good game, well played and good luck with the season.
  6. Goat261

    Fixture 7: Seanachais v Goat - [Confirmed]

    confirmed It was all going to plan with Luis Alberto and Belluschi running the show.....then suddenly the dream turned into a nightmare, the game turned on its head at the 70th minute, Rayo completely dominated the last 20mins, City could barely get out their half, Ochoa did his best to salvage a point but it wasnt to be, Konoplyanka sealed the win for Rayo. good game man, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  7. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man City Players Info Scorers: Belluschi Assists: Luis Alberto ========== Away Team Manager: @wheresmark Franchise: Guangzhou Evergrande Player Info Scorers: Ricardo Goulart MoTM: Ricardo Goulart ========== Match Report: City started well with Weiss showing off his dribbling, unfortunately he also showed no end product with all his shots being blocked. Evergrande came back into the game with a 15 minute spell before half time, which saw them miss a couple of good chances thanks to some fine keeping from Ochoa. 2nd half weiss carried on were he left off, which lead to Moubandje seeing red after two quick fire bookings. Despite being down to 10 It was Evergrande who took the lead through Goulart curling a free kick around the wall, giving Ochoa no chance. Luis ALberto showcased his talent for the equaliser, providing a perfectly weighted through pass for Belluschi to slot home first time. Good game man, well played and good luck with the rest of the season.
  8. confirmed @Seanachais good game man and well played, you were unlucky to lose this one. Heres the goals and a quality save from Ochoa
  9. Goat261

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    @Dorf you may be interested in the game at that price
  10. Goat261

    Master league or career mode ??

    ML has loads of bugs with some teams selling most their players so theyre left with squads of 13 players, with a bunch of them being in the 60s. The AI is also incredibly boring, whenever i play them to quickly try a player etc they literally attempt the same attack again and again..winger picks it up, tries to 1-2 it with the full back, cut back to the centre forward, who then flicks it first time to a player at the back post for a first time finish. Its so extreme that if their CF is clear through on goal from around 30 yards out, he will instead turn to the side and run towards the corner flag rather than the goal Basically the AI is terrible. i wouldnt bother starting a ML until a patch fixes the on and off the field problems. Not played fifa for years so cant comment on what career mode is like these days.
  11. Goat261

    Cape Tonian PES lover

    Welcome bud, not sure we have members here who know too much about editing tools, i havent touched editing tools since WE6:FE haha, was always quality editing everything on the PS2 WE games. May be worth creating a thread about it in the PES section of the forum, just in case we do have members who can help you out. http://proevonetwork.com/forums/forum/115-pes-discussion/
  12. Goat261

    Servers Down? Crashing..

    Still having a problem with this mate? If so do you receive any kind of error code? Would be worth googling the code as no doubt others have had the problem at some point and found a solution.
  13. confirmed Yeah unlucky with this one, if this was a game vs a randomer i would have thought i was playing someone who had major lag or something, as your players werent reacting to your passes etc.
  14. I can join tonight if theres space.
  15. @Seanachais Think im going to have to miss this one , Not had much sleep last few nights so will likely be too tired.