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  1. VAR screwing us again, how is that not a pen? Almost as bad as that one on Mitrovic which wasnt given by VAR during the world cup, ill never forget that one
  2. @Jookoi Never seen Pukki until the Liverpool game (or if i have i dont remember him), i thought he looked quality and now hes having another great game today, although it is vs the worst team in the league imo; Can see him receiving a lot of hype this season, looks to have everything needed to be a good goal scorer in the prem, especially with the way Norwich attack, hes constantly looked dangerous in both games. EDIT - just as i send this he goes and scores his 3rd ill offer 40m right now...write it up when window re-opens mate
  3. Result: 0-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man CIty ========== Away Team Manager: @ClaretMatt Franchise: Colo Colo Player Info Scorers: J. David Assists: J. Ito Clean Sheet: Gollini MoTM: J. David ========== Match Report: FSL Deleted Was a good game with chances at both ends and some great saves, well played man and see you pes 2020.
  4. Result: 5-3 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man CIty Players Info Scorers: Brahim, Robertone, Franco Vazquez x3 Assists: Franco Vazquez, Mojica, Brahim, Menossi MoTM: Franco Vazquez ========== Away Team Manager: @Cartesian5th Franchise: Vitesse Player Info Scorers: Izquierdo, Shane Long Assists: Winks, Luan ========== Match Report: FSL deleted Thought you were going to pull it back when you scored 2 in a few mins to make it 3-2, luckily Vazquez then made it 4-2 otherwise i reckon you would have probably gone on to equalise. good game man, well played and see you next season on pes 2020
  5. If you do the knock on trick first you do the dipping or rising shot pretty much all the time, makes it easier to do knuckleshots in open play too, as long as its on the players strong foot and theyre not at a weird angle. its why i sometimes attempt the knock on trick when dribbling even though it takes a age for the player to do it. Easier to do it with the first touch when you have some space. Im guessing it will be the same on 2020 but judging by that video and the comments it sounds like the knock on trick is broken as it sometimes does the trick then other times it doesnt, according to them (not played the demo myself) Thats just from my experience though, maybe theres youtube tutorials on how to perform the special shots all the time. For me its always seemed pretty random apart from when doing the knock on trick
  6. yeah doesnt look good from the video and the comments on that video. Hope that doesnt mean that dipping shots are now just going to be random. Dont think ive even scored one haha but thyre just more fun to attempt than the usual shots that have very little variety.
  7. confirmed good game man, well played and good luck with your final few games of the season
  8. confirmed Was an enjoyable game man despite being tackled by my own bloody keeper to concede the late deciding goal , just as i was turning to launch it to the left winger, thinking i was about to have a pretty good counter good game man, well played, hope you enjoyed your first season on PEN, and see you for more games on pes 2020
  9. Result: 0-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man CIty ========== Away Team Manager: @Seanachais Franchise: Rosario Player Info Scorers: Gameiro Assists: Abila Clean Sheet: Bravo MoTM: Gameiro ========== Match Report: FSL deleted Good game man and well played, was a Frillypink finish from Gameiro to separate the teams. Good luck with the rest of the season and see you for some games on pes 2020
  10. Confirmed - Robinho was motm Good game mate and well played, was a very enjoyable game, thought Menossi was going to win it late on when his shot hit the inside of the post, only for it to roll a long the line good luck with the rest of the season
  11. confirmed good game man, well played and see you on pes 2020
  12. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: goat261 Franchise: Man CIty Players Info Scorers: Caputo Assists: Ilicic MoTM: Caputo ========== Away Team Manager: @Oldeuboi Franchise: Southampton Player Info Scorers: Elkeson Assists: Brais Mendez ========== Match Report: FSL deleted Good game man, thought i was going to win it with the last kick of the game, was expecting to just flick it into the far corner only to hit it straight at the keeper
  13. Judging by the video below you can no longer do this trick while dribbling, but hopefully the trick at 6:12 works in the same way when attempting it with your first touch (like the 2nd clip in my vid above)
  14. Yeah that sub was ridiculous, shouldnt have bought Willems in the first place, i remember him from the euros as a youngster, when he was by far the worst player at that tournament imo, its the only reason i remembered him lol, but then to bring him on for Shelvey was crazy, he must have been fuming. Newcastle were well in the game until Bruce ruined the midfield with that sub. Then Willems immediately showed how crap he still is by gifting Arsenal that goal with his slow reactions (Lascelles didnt cover himself in glory either) then looked lost for the rest of the game, as did the rest of the team to be fair. Newcastle looked like the worst team from the games i watched (good news for my bet ), especially since it was vs Arsenal reserves. I like Almiron but hes got to slow down, he tries to do too much and everything he does is rushed, at least Saint-Maximin gave them a spark, hes the only player they have that can create anything in the final 3rd. Youve got to go with Saint-Maximin, Joelinton and Almiron in a front 3 otherwise Newcastles attack is going to be useless. 5311 isnt going to work for them as their attackers arent good enough imo, you will be relying on luck of set pieces and cross....plus you cant fit Saint-Maximin into that formation
  15. confirmed sorry for the delay man, was a good game that you deserved to win, i didnt create much at all, you defended very well and also scored a Frillypink goal.
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