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  1. You don't get it guys. Uncle Ben was killed by a white man. And Peter Parker got mad
  2. Should be brown then as it came to a s**tter
  3. Squads Tournament at Saturday 8pm. If you want to sign up (You must have a team ready) then check out more details. https://facebook.com/events/s/squad-fpp-tournament/213131403444810/?ti=cl
  4. "Flat Earth" is not appropriate at this time. It should be "Destroying NicoShoneeboy's will to live" Hes going to jump off the earth if this Carries on
  5. He once met a lady called lydia. He ended up with 2 kids and a case of chlamydia
  6. Earth is not a sphere, like I mentioned earlier. It is an oblate spheroid which translates to squished ball.
  7. You can only see the horizon at a limited range. You are probably seeing about 5-10km of area where as planet is 14000 miles wide.
  8. Earth I neither flat or round (to say). It is an oblate spheroid.
  9. @RiQ1987 @wheresmark @don_hate86 @Bakestar89 @rambovanhardnut @spragga @NicShoneeBoy @Mickyjustice There is a duos tournament tonight at 7pm. Free to enter with a cash prize (Not sure what it is but believe it to be same as last week). FPP also with 3 maps to play. Let me know if you are interested as you have to sign up and I'll let the tourney host know. You must have a partner with you as well. I'll be streaming tournament as I'm in it. Follow me on twitch- dogsamtsr
  10. Fantasy mode with classes. No guns.
  11. @RiQ1987 @wheresmark @don_hate86 @spragga @NicShoneeBoy @Mickyjustice it's not too late
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