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  1. My original name was SouthernSofty. Southern= I originate from Kent Softy= Because I'm soft to some people outside of PEN even though I can be a douche at times on here. But now with SamTSR Sam = Well that's my name... TSR= Stands for The Social Reject as I like being indoors.
  2. Babestation? I don't stay up that late. Red tube or Xnxx
  3. How did you know my sofa had a cock?
  4. Even though you said her. That sounded gay as f**k
  5. Happy to play anywhere mate. If you let me know what position then I'll sort out player
  6. Goat is the goat, if you get what I'm saying!
  7. Well played mate. Good luck in rest of season @Mowgles @baranello @EMaNstkfantastiK @djquantum @miken333 @flashmore @Bridgey @tezmac @BenStatman @j0rd4n500 I did it
  8. I have 6 inches Oh you mean players. Yeah I'm in bud
  9. Well played mate. Good luck in rest of season
  10. I would say yeah be honest about it. Not the fact that it could be a guy you were kissing but more of a trust situation which is important in engaging romance with another person. It's better to be honest from the start than when you could be 6 months down a relationship.
  11. I shall PM Lionel Messi so his next la liga game, he will chip it down to suarez
  12. Shout at your GK that your opponent is s**t at free kicks and he will move to give your opponent a chance
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