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  1. So something like this. This is just a rough draft as I havnt done this before. Used 3 colours that's on PEN banner as a mixture
  2. Even if you get a poll out based on best manager. Most of the time People will only vote for the guy who won league anyway
  3. SamTSR


    I stopped watching half time. Popped to shops, came back and I'm watching absolute s**te. I think Kosovo rocked them a bit
  4. Now that I noticed. There was a stabbing at a McDonald's in Stratford. Opposite the road at where I work
  5. What him or me? Could be both I suppose
  6. Knife crime has been happening for decades. In fact it was worse 20/30 years ago. We only hear about it now because of media
  7. It's pics of messenger indicating he could be cheating
  8. This is why I'm starting to dislike the game. I'm seeing too many people teaming in solo. Also cross-play will finish game off. There are a lot of hackers on PC which could affect the PS4/Xbox Platform
  9. Can only play cross-play. We can not communicate unfortunately
  10. I didn't know EDL was also rioting towards climate change
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