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  1. Wonder if @DavoteK has an archive in his dungeon would love a look. I was done with Fifa, changing job and moving house which was why i had to step down, but there was that negativity bubbling up more and more because the game was dog s**t year on year. Still surprised it got canned though , was a brilliant site but didnt witness the state it got in at its worst.
  2. I found the original PEN way back in 2007 after buying a PS2 and looking for some structured action, think i just stumbled upon it tbh. Think my first team was Murcia no transfers back then but lots of great PES players and characters on the site ... steven86, Pes-star (rising star ) muiric, canarianfrank, smickers, vrajdeber , houdini, think @Slicklu was about back then aswell. fifa got a subforum and then boy did the tables turn , been part of PEN, PS3N/XBLN, IG, FLM ... There may have been a couple more
  3. Well played m8, enjoyed the battle first half but second half was horrible. Great chatting to you though and good luck for the rest
  4. Result: 0-2 ========== Home Team Manager: ShammyStu Franchise: Villarreal Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Brizzle Franchise: True Bangkok United Player Info Scorers: Wijnaldum, Napoleoni Assists: Napoleoni , Filipe Augusto Clean Sheet: Yoel MoTM (if applicable): Napoleoni ========== Match Report: ** Well played @Brizzle you could have been out of sight first half with the chances you had. Thank god for the woodwork. Second half was bit closer but deserved winner here. Cant get to grips with this at all, gonna be a long season ahead
  5. Result: 1 - 4 ========== Home Team Manager: ShammyStu Franchise: Villarreal Players Info Scorers: S.Schrijvers Assists: J.Kluivert Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Gregmeister Franchise: Feyenoord Player Info Scorers: A.Mendy x 3, Mata Assists: A.Petagna , A.Mendy, D.Crowley Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): A.Mendy ========== Match Report: ** Well played @Gregmeister , very frustrating match for me, couldn't do s**t and then your goals .... Arghhhhh so f**king annoying this bulls**t on PES20 hence the rage which gifted you your third
  6. Congrats Stuey , having 2 is a whole new ball game. all the best!
  7. Unlucky M8, the games a mess ... As we seen
  8. Well played M8, Samatta was deadly in the box. I can't play for s**t anymore, the games a mess for me Good for the rest
  9. What a frustrating game this was, so much bulls**t going on. Only played a handful of games on DP2 and its somehow worse than before. Ill take a point here all day long. Always a pleasure my china.
  10. PES 2008 was the straw that broke the camels back for many, thats when EA got their foot in the door and slammed it in the face on Seabass It was f**king awful, completely broken online ...
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