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  1. Want to tell a joke about Schofield but the Suffragettes Of Pen might take offence so here's a classic from Freud instead VID-20200407-WA0008.mp4
  2. Intensive care was a precautionary message ...allegedly Thing is only yesterday i saw the Prime Minister leave Downing Street .., Cummings looked as right as rain
  3. The stories of NHS staff being threatened with losing their jobs should they speak out against the blatant incompetence of this government are rife having been approached by high ranking government officials Tell me when you've seen a union type spokesman in front of the camera ripping this lot a new over inadequate PPE or maybe the 8,000 beds at a cost of 2.5m a day to the NHS or maybe you'd think they would want to bring up the issue of clipping Gtech who could have produced the vents but gave it to Dyson an open supporter of Brexit and the Tories and had made f**king 30 , or maybe their beef would be about another bare face liar Hancock who i might add attends the opening of the Nightingale after only 7 days in supposed isolation and sneezes all over the mic , maybe it's the 20k front line staff getting tested a week and not the 100k as promised which given their employment DB would take 18 months to complete No neither have i
  4. That was a lie mate as no one was infected at that hospital at that time Think it was in Kettering
  5. Not once but twice and yes she resigned
  6. Fair play , goes well with that magnificent facial hair , beard envy right here my friend at your wife with the foot locker pun , Frillypink to see smiles on faces considering atm
  7. Scrooge obviously Payouts , any chance guv'nor ?
  8. f**k me it all makes sense now You obviously haven't watched it until the end
  9. Good idea It is the right time of year to watch it
  10. If you seen me then it wouldn't be Bruce you'd be worried about Take my chances against the pack
  11. I have Bruce You have.... Well let's face it , members of Pen who struggle tying their own laces
  12. I wonder if the fat Etonian is in same hospital where he shook hands with Corona victims Habitual liar
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