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  1. The source is the Spanish commentators of the game saying that they had to record 15 hours of new audio for Pes2020, mostly player names.
  2. The latest rumour is that Pes2020 will have 104 new teams, 2600 new players. About 5 new leagues.
  3. Years ago in Brazil there were massive unplanned blackouts, the public was asked to keep lights to a minimum, take shorter showers and unplug electronics like tvs, dvd player, stereo, when not in use because of the standby light power consumption.
  4. Happy birthday @Seanachais
  5. Result: Feyenoord 3 x 0 Vitoria Guimaraes ========== Home Team Manager: RenPalmeiras Franchise: Feyenoord Players Info Scorers: Maxi Romero, Enner Valencia x2 Assists: E. Fernandes Clean Sheet: Tim Krul MoTM (if applicable): Enner Valencia ========== Away Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Vitoria Guimaraes Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Well played mate, Frillypink chat, good game and good luck with the rest of the season. FSL:
  6. Stats agreed. No worries bud, I think it was more down to the rain anyway, well deserved win. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  7. You think people would be wise enough to learn from the crumbling effect Calciopoli had in the Italian football.
  8. Crap, for copyright reasons they edited out the British shows from it, here's the full piece: https://mega.nz/#!npBRRQAB!s3DF2DsZJqVHXhd_bXBlmYLocGmeWagjh2Sz7Q5ICuE The Brexit part starts at 8:15.
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