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  1. Result: 1-2 ========== Home Team Manager: I0 Red 0I Franchise: Montpellier Players Info Scorers: Adrian Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Away Team Manager: @Leonidas 540bc Franchise: PAOK Player Info Scorers: Yazalde x2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Yazalde Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: 1 Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Match Report: Yazalde broke Montpellier hearts... simple as that. Reds team pushed hard for an equaliser for the majority of the second half but could not break through. Sad times for the Montpellier faithful, changed are needed! A clinical finisher is definitely top of their transfer list.
  2. Result: 0-4 ========== Home Team Manager: I0 Red 0I Franchise: Montpellier Players Info Scorers: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Away Team Manager: @Scottish Champ Franchise: Ponte Preta Player Info Scorers: Immobile x3, Toko Ekambi Clean Sheet: Romero MoTM (if applicable): Immobile Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Match Report: Red's Montperllier team got f**king immobiled!!! He was unstoppable in the one, one long ranger, one header and one cheeky chip. Romero also had a great game stopping a number of good shots from Montpellier's makeshift centre forwards. Good game mate
  3. Fixture 11: I0 Red 0I v Predators - [Confirmed]

    Yea gg mate... couple of red forms buggered me lol one goal for my newbie Mak though so every cloud... Glad to be back though
  4. Who wants £20???

  5. Who wants £20???

    Draw done, I used wheeldecide.com to make it fair. And our winner is......... I'll drop you a pm bro so I can find out what console you want them for. Thanks again everyone
  6. Who wants £20???

    Didn't remove the hyperlinks for the emails could a admin fix that please?
  7. Who wants £20???

    I'm back as promised, all finished and submitting tomorrow so i'ts time to pick a winner. Below are all the entrants that provided me with a way of adding them to the draw, I noticed yesterday some people finished the survey recently and that's no bloody good to me so you haven't been included. 1. Olde 2. PatsUK 3. JMG 4. kopt******** 5. DJPL 6. DJQuantum 7. Birdperson 8. Claretmatt 9. MRB 10. dan******** 11. fcumkev9898 12. Ronin 13. Mowgles 14. Squirrel 15. bon******** 16. FancyBallsLUFC 17. SirRageALot 18. MightyMoots 19. LAM09 20. Gazdavis 21. Trooper 22. Kei******* 23. Wheresmark 24. Qvart 25. Nick******* 26. Bumblebee 27. Listoli 28. TopLoader 29. HammerGC 30. Jookoi 31. Tiernobyl 32. Bluebird 33. Revkic 34. Spragga 35. Riverman 36. Buncey 37. Jakey Fantastic 38. Leonidas 39. Curfish 40. Kie******* 41. Geasers 42. Stv3n86 43. Tezmac 44. Chris Kenny 45. Fungusking 46. Kitchengun 47. Danny 48. Cakey b 49. Stueyh111 50. Goldenbeard 51. Goggs 52. JTI 53. Lukewarm 54. Sir Sparktacus 55. Devilshaircut 56. Cloughy 57. Dom86gtfc 58. Scott Wales 59. Diodex 60. Davo 61. Vondia 62. Ninjabean 63. Sunzi 64. Blueyboy People that provided email addresses have been blanked out so as not to give away your details. I'll use a random number generator online to pick a winner, I'll post it up later on tonight. Cheers again for all the reply's it was extremely helpful
  8. Who wants £20???

    Just wanted to let everyone know I haven't forgotten about this. I have just been super busy getting my actual dissertation done, when i'm all finished up on around April 10th I'll get this sorted and name a winner. Cheers guys
  9. Champions League 2016

  10. Xbox Blog talk

  11. Xbox Blog talk

  12. Winter Transfer Window Talk

    Happy with this
  13. Who wants £20???

    Thank you sir
  14. Who wants £20???

  15. Who wants £20???

    Thanks mate, appreciate it