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  1. Can probably cancel subscription before free trial ends, and then use one of the links here to sign up again, no? Worst case is probably having to use a new email address. And yeah, Cox is the main draw for me too, though I'm looking forward to reading new people as well.
  2. Result: 3-4 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Independiente Players Info Scorers: J. Van Overeem, Kieza, D. Harmash Assists: Ricardo Horta, A. Mendy, O. Ozyakup Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @ParrishJ Franchise: Valencia Player Info Scorers: Stephens, Lavezzi x2, Lanzini Assists: Lavezzi x2, Lanzini, Stephens Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Lavezzi ========== Match Report: Fun match – Battle of the bums! At 1-3 it looked like I was out of it, but fought back level and Parrish cinched it with a solid goal. See you in the Championship mate! Wp
  3. Haha fair play. Haven't received a notification from anyone using it yet. I dunno if I'll get notified either lol
  4. I ordered either from ShopTo or SimplyGames, for 34 quid at the time. Dunno if it's still that price. Yeah you can always be the unlucky one who's order is messed up somehow but given testimony on here, the usual retailers we go for are reliable.
  5. I see the same guy also added this on Reddit (sounds great!): The file in question is the file that stores the players in the core game files. In the demo files, a good amount of players had this data filled in. For example Messi had 1600000 in the database, which is actually linked to the 160M value he had in December 22nd in transfermarkt. Since the database "closes" around May, the new value, 150M isn't there. However, these files are the files that get updated every week through the Live Updates, so expect the players to get updated values throughout the season. Apart from the Market value, there is also now information about the contracts of each players, such as the expiry date, if they are on loan from another club, and when does the loan expire etc. These are to be updated as well, so any time you are to start a new Master League, hopefully the data will represent real life.
  6. Yup. It's user -Panos- at Evo-Web. Several of them are doing a deep dive on the PES 2020 database. He wrote this "These are the first few integers that i've found. Loan from club id exists if the player is on loan. The dates are in this format: 20200630 (for 30-06-2020 for example) And the marketvalue is the value of the player from transfermarkt until May2019 (you must multiply *100) Not all players have this data filled in." And shared this:
  7. f**king LOVE stadium cam, and will never be changing it. Works fine for me online, see all sorts of passes and the game looks stunning with it. Honestly do not understand the hate for playing online with it. Baffles me.
  8. Hey guys, Spoken to some of you already about this. New website out which uses a subscription model to avoid having to plaster it with ads, and so the journalists get a genuinely decent cut. The idea is also to avoid bulls**t clickbait, and to have a team of writers who have their ear to the ground in every club, so there's less speculation and more insight. Here's the rationale for the website. Check out some articles to see if you like it, since you get a few free a month. (They also have stuff for American football, MMA, and other sports.) If you fancy giving it a shot, feel free (or not) to use my share link, because then I'll get a free Amazon voucher worth 25 quid! (Full disclosure lol) Benefit for you if you use that link is it's £2.99/month (paid annually) for the first year! Cheap as chips. Gonna tag @Oldeuboi in here too, since I know he also has a subscription and so a share link. Maybe if others do sign up here, we could chain our links so that everyone who subscribes using a share link can then share their own in turn. Just an idea I've started using the app and the site, and I'm loving the content, and the comments sections aren't full of twats either!
  9. Yup, this is something I only found out recently after having a moan on Twitter. The German guy "Venom" plays PA1 too. But he had to switch it to PA2 in one match, he said, for some reason. Still pretty impressive overall. Telling though that Venom and Indominator, while always up there in the finals, never break through to the last spots.
  10. UK tour coming up with a "play bus". Dates to be announced
  11. Do you wanna change the title as well? You spelt it like a right pookeynoodle.
  12. At least there's this
  13. Madden has a similar switch now, I believe
  14. Also hyped to have @tezombie back doing an event. (To take nothing away from @miken333 who has been a perfect community manager!)
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