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  1. Result: 2-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Sevilla Players Info Scorers: G. Kerk, Adama Traore Assists: G. Kerk Clean Sheet: T. Didillon MoTM (if applicable): G. Kerk ========== Away Team Manager: @Pagi Franchise: Atalanta Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: A reasonably confident performance from the home side, though on one or two occasions they were caught totally flat footed, and ought to have been punished. The goals came from a long distance rocket bouncing off the bar back to a striker for a tap-in, and a deft chip from Traore on the through ball. Unlucky Pagi mate - could've been a different story if you'd taken that golden chance!
  2. Great match and chat with you mate, and awesome report haha Stats agreed! Unlucky, you did deserve a goal at least here. I hope your team is revitalised after the shock of a giant cockroach in the dressing room after the game. FSL (you put the report in the FSL mate, wrong way round! ):
  3. I bloody love it atm. I'm finding it strange how much negativity there is about PES right now, and people leaving PEN over it. It's just sooooo much better than 2019 in a number of ways. Yes, things need fixing: - collisions can still be insane - interceptions aren't powerful enough (balls going through the player) - refs are often idiots - finesse dribbling isn't responsive enough - player responsiveness to loose balls needs further tweaking - defenders still drop deep to break the line and mark a player onside for no good footballing reason Those are my biggest gripes. But outside of those, the game plays beautifully for me: - pace makes a real difference - goals are varied - shooting feels satisfying - pass assistance is nerfed on the turn, off balance, and first time - there are just some wonderful moments that leave me breathless - the openness and changes to gameplay really suit manual too imo
  4. Ahhh was saying in the party on comm night I recognised your name. That was me on evo-web lol. Every now and then I post over there, especially in the build up to the next PES. There's sometimes a bit of negativity about the online myclub side of the game and often people are disappointed in the offline (less so this year!). So I tell them actually there's this really cool place to play PES where it's fun because the people you're playing aren't being absolute dicks, Rambo aside. One or two of the coolest over there finally make their way Year before you it was @Tottiwhat!, I believe! Think that brings my count to 3 managers I've brought over that I know of
  5. I saw a video on YouTube talking about tips for playing sweaty people on Divisions. The guy had this strange lingo talking a lot about bums. He also mentioned this best place to play PES. I dropped him a message and he sent a link. It took me to an album of closeup images of man-boobs. I replied to say that he must have sent me the wrong link...? He apologised and then sent me here. That YouTuber was.........Rebekah Vardy
  6. Finally, a pearl of wisdom.
  7. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Sevilla Players Info Scorers: Ricardo Horta Assists: G. Kerk Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @djquantum Franchise: Huesca Player Info Scorers: Andre Silva Assists: E. Avila Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Andre Silva ========== Match Report: Sevilla continue their unbeaten run in this division, though it felt extremely unlikely that would be the case in this fixture. Largely outplayed, their persistence saw them equalise and threaten to steal the win towards the end - which would indeed have been a robbery. Hard luck in this one, mate - thought you played very well and I was fortunate to squeeze a point out of it. Good luck in the rest
  8. Result: 3-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Sevilla Players Info Scorers: Adama Traore x2, Ricardo Horta Assists: G. Kerk Clean Sheet: T. Didillon MoTM (if applicable): Adama Traore ========== Away Team Manager: @ShammyStu Franchise: Villarreal Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: What can we say about this one, eh? It was a confident performance for the home side, and their initial two-goal lead was merited on balance, as they sought to limit the space and play forward with incisive passing. But at the other end of the pitch, when Didillon was called into action he made a few vital saves. Meanwhile, for their 3rd and last goal, opposition number one kicked the ball off Ricardo Horta's face and into the net. A dazed Ricardo was interviewed after the match, saying "every goal counts". Unlucky mate – definitely not your game this, and apparently so far not your season! But stick in there because sometimes you just hit a bad run of in-game bollocks before turning it around
  9. Result: 4-4 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Sevilla Players Info Scorers: L. Milivojevic, O. Ozyakup, G. Kerk, J. Van Overeem Assists: K. N'Doram Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Jookoi Franchise: Bayer Leverkusen Player Info Scorers: E. Buendia x2, H. Seferovic, A. Reach Assists: H. Seferovic x2, A. Marusic Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): H. Seferovic ========== Match Report: What a thriller this was! First half was mostly dominated by the visitors, who in fine form slotted 3 without reply. The first and second were simple enough; direct passing that sliced open the hosts first, then a run that wouldn't be stopped for the second. The third was a fortunate rebound off the post, comfortably scored. Sevilla did have their chances, but just as they could've scored one or two, they could as easily have gone even further behind that half. Out the block for the second, and the hosts were hungry. A change of formation saw a more incisive style of play, and after the opening period, they netted two goals inside two minutes. The first was from a hard-won penalty as Kerk got stifled too strongly for the ref's liking; Milivojevic, renowned for his penalties, slotted home. The second came from a scramble in the box, as Ozzy held off his man to cutely flick a chip over the keeper. Not to let Sevilla get too cocky, Leverkusen quickly fought back to widen the gap to two, as Buendia made a mockery of Poulain's jockey, forcing his way through and craftily curling the ball into the net with the outside of his boot. The Spanish side were nervous and deflated, but somehow picked themselves up for two further goals, ending the match level. First N'Doram pushed up the pitch, dispossessed the opponent, and passed to Kerk, who beat his (unfortunately dozing) man with ease. The equaliser came from a frantic break towards the final minutes of the game, as Sevilla were now the recipients of good fortune, knocking a rebound off the woodwork and in. Wp Jookoi, was a tough one as always!
  10. @Madhu Sanith – Cheers man, and thanks for writing it up.. was still gonna do it! My gf just moved the piece of paper I had the stats written on (my dog ate my homework, etc...) Anyway, glad we finally got the fixture sorted, even though it was laggy for us both and full of Konami bollocks! Wp, see you in the return.
  11. I'm hopeful to be free, just need to do the BAL stuff to create a player first! Anything in particular needed? Was gonna make a DMF and a CB @Seanachais
  12. Well played mate, fair report and stats agreed!
  13. I'm pretty keen on this. Anyone seeing good preorder options in the UK? Probably gonna go with ShopTo
  14. Obv that's clumsy wording; it is literally a minority, but can still be the largest proportion of support for an option, is what I'm saying. There may be no literal majority.
  15. Re "a minority" – even if it's 30% of citizens wanting a second ref with more meaningful options, that's not necessarily a minority. Depends on how big the other factions are, including "I don't know" or "maybe". Anyway, the idea that there need be a majority in favour of a second ref in order for it to be democratic to hold one is not true. I very much doubt there was a majority in favour of a Brexit referendum in the first place; prior to all the propaganda. I wonder what the public will is like for your touted alt-second ref, where it's between Boris's deal and no deal. I trust you think with good evidence that there would be great support for that particular set of options, above all others. Re "same question" – it's clearly not, and this is just wordplay now. "Leave like this" was never on the ballot before, and when you look at the several broken promises and the lies that have subsequently been revealed, it's very clear that people had all sorts of things in mind when they voted to leave. That shouldn't be understated. My own mum voted Leave, changing her mind at the ballot box because her dad had just been diagnosed with cancer, and she thought about the extra funding that was supposedly gonna go to the NHS (as per the bus) and it swayed her. Stupid and gullible, yes; understandable also though. My younger brother voted Leave; he didn't know why. It was a toss up. Works in precarious employment and barely has school qualifications, and hadn't bothered to vote before. Many Leave voters are in such positions. They're not plugged into the critique of media; too busy and swamped with real-life s**t to pay attention in great detail, easily swayed by lies and half-truths that pull on their personal situations, and are often just keen to see what happens if something changes. But now imagine that the info we were clearly given was that many medications would rocket up in price in a scenario where we have to trade with the US, since the NHS's power as a monopsony buyer in the pharmaceuticals market is something the US are desperate to break down. Imagine that clearly being communicated and understood. My brother requires regular medication from the NHS due to chromosomal disorder; there's zero chance he'd have gone in that direction. Likewise with my mum. Likewise with so many others. Informed debate matters, and it's essential to democracy. The first referendum was full of bollocks. A second referendum of the likes which Labour are proposing, in which the Leave option has specific wording and has estimated consequences that the public are able to absorb and consider: that is more democratic and more valuable in every way than the first referendum, and so it constitutes a very different question. Re Labour not knowing what they'd want from a negotiated deal. I didn't say that; simple straw man. You need to acknowledge that Labour is a democratic body, and so it's not a matter of what one person or small group dictate. Motions get voted through at conference and policies get decided that way. It was the membership at conference who decided that they would wait and see what the negotiated deal would look like before deciding whether or not they'd back it. Madness, eh? Imagine not deciding in advance whether you'd back a deal that could have radically different consequences depending on what was successfully negotiated and what had to be compromised. You see that as indecision. I see that as forethought and consideration, and I wouldn't want anything less from the party I vote for. Re "what's the point in the manifesto" – the main pledges are also decided at conference. This year, the Green New Deal direction and the specific carbon emissions target was up for debate and voted for by democratic representatives of the larger membership, and that's what's going into the manifesto. So I'm not sure where you're going with that.
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