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  1. Janguv

    Look at this fake trash

    I don't think source code would be the only good evidence. Other things would be reasonably good evidence: If the best in the world (your favourite 1 percenters) lost games against really bad players when they most needed wins (this would be better evidence than, say, you losing to them – we'd still have to settle on a good way of determining "bad player" though). If the best in the world who actually almost never lose admitted that they had worked out how "the script" worked, and how they manage to continuously beat it If developers, ex-developers, journalists close to developers, and other industry in-the-knows opened up about it (and no, for reasons already given, the Seabass clip is not him opening up about manipulation of online games to force outcomes). If we could eliminate the many problematic variables: unbalanced game mechanics, pass assist level, lag, bugs, fluctuating player mentality, the in-game player emotions system, form, and so on – then we'd have a better shot at inferring from on-pitch action to the conclusion of scripting. It's a wonder some of the above hasn't happened, if scripting in the form you suggest does exist. Maybe you think the best in the world don't want to upset the apple cart and so keep it a secret how the script works and how they've beaten it. Or, y'know, maybe they're just really good and don't suffer the same dips in mental focus that the rest of us do – or don't get preoccupied with things which go against them, sending them into fits of despair. (Which is the more plausible explanation?) So you don't need the source code to have at least some evidence. But you do need better evidence than you have, which is: botched statistics, a feeling, and an inference that the only thing which explains that feeling is a scripting mechanism, instead of many other plausible factors.
  2. Janguv

    Look at this fake trash

    Not "why you might be wrong" but "why your 'proof' is nothing like proof, for numerous reasons". A jury of teenagers learning statistics would find you guilty.
  3. Janguv

    Look at this fake trash

    Another fallacy. Ad hominem this time. 1. I actually do play myClub, and haven't bothered yet with Divisions this year, but have played both modes for years 2. The arguments I've made have been poking holes in your reasoning, none of which relies on me playing a single game of PES ever. The problem is with your thinking, not with my experience of game modes (hence, ad hominem to even bring it up as a way of dismissing my points).
  4. Janguv

    Are narrow formations best this year

    Against two forwards, I often have success going 3 at the back. It can be quite difficult in our league setup though, as I only have 3 CBs, and 1 or 2 can easily not be in form. But using 3 good CBs, fullbacks as SMFs with wingback instruction on, can be really effective against a diamond. You have width and players naturally positioned to pass in triangles, and you have CBs at the ready to interrupt the 1-2 play. I find a DMF sweeping up loose balls and pressuring the creative players is handy too. I don't know what formations people in the online modes are using most this year, as I've avoided it for the most part. Feels sweatier than ever.
  5. Janguv

    Proof that speed and shooting ability are key

    Yeah, that's exactly it, I think
  6. I'm pretty sure I've seen multiple people complaining about scripting after having pumped loads of money into the mode. Some of the streamers put loads of money into it, and still complain. (The one and only PESOLOGIST, e.g.) It would be beyond scandalous if it were true. The risk of that coming out.. it would ruin Konami overnight, with a mass class-action lawsuit well on its way.
  7. Janguv

    Look at this fake trash

    I know. And statistical fallacies are so in this year, as well! Why can't we all just uncritically accept how things seem to our biased minds, instead of thinking about them more deeply?
  8. Janguv

    Proof that speed and shooting ability are key

    It matters what position you put them in, in relation to their player style and their stats. Silva at AMF will have "Creative Playmaker" active, which means he'll naturally drop off, look for link up play and to find incisive passes forward. The dribbling stats mean that if he drops deep he can collect a ball, turn a man, and pass it off. He's not the player to take a ball on a forward run, lay it off, bomb forward further, collect and have a shot. That's just not what is good about him in this game.
  9. Janguv

    I need help

    I use both, which when I'm on my game means I'm normally never inaccurate. But when I'm even slightly tired, it can mean I get into a switching clusterf**k. I keep the next player indicator on (vital imo if you ever use secondary press), and sometimes I process the indicator as the next player I'll switch to even by flicking the right-stick. Which is nonsense! But it takes a second for me to figure out that I need to check where the cursor is first, and flick from there to the player, or instead just use L1 for that switch. I think ultimately using both is pretty good, but deary me do I get myself in some ridiculous defending scenarios when my focus is bad lol.
  10. Janguv

    Look at this fake trash

    It never ceases to amaze me what "evidence" people will accept for scripting. It's as though they think the unscripted game would be a perfectly level playing field, like a game of Pong, in which each player was computerised and following random statistical instructions. Only then would you expect to see a random distribution of goals/near-chances, across game time. Outside of that perfectly level environment, it makes good sense that you would see clusters of goal-mouth activity and goals at certain times. 40-45, 45-50, and 85-90 are the sorts of windows I'd expect increased activity in. When I play co-op with my mate, it's a common refrain we say to each other: "Come on, let's nick one before half time". Not because we're "riding the script", but because we acknowledge we've been subpar but want to change our fortunes. Going in level at half time makes a tangible psychological difference: it can recast a failure of a half as a muted success. Same with beginning the half strong, or ending the game strong – whether to rescue your pride with a consolation goal, or to find the vital equaliser/winner. This is just one element – mentality – that people who believe in scripting routinely ignore, favouring the conspiratorial explanation instead. But it's so much less plausible than what is already obvious: people are able to change their fortunes by playing more determined.
  11. Janguv

    Proof that speed and shooting ability are key

    I think this analysis is problematic tbh. As @SouthernSofty said, your own stats for these players only shows that you get on better with Silva than Rigoni. Rigoni suits your playstyle. But it matters how you play. Silva has 92 ball control, 89 dribbling, and 92 unwavering balance. And a litany of skill traits, including: weighted pass, first-time pass (so helpful this year!), pinpoint crossing, low lofted pass, etc. If you are a very skilled dribbler, like @Goat261, you could really make magic happen with Silva – more so than with Rigoni, even though his stats are nothing to sniff at (and are valued highly in our player database here, which is different to the PES overall database). He's also a creative playmaker, so naturally he'll be linking up play and getting into positions where he can do really incisive key passes. Rigoni by contrast is a prolific winger, looking to cut inside from the wing – a more direct style of player. The only thing that counts against Silva for me, insofar as he's a nifty little dribbler, is that he's really one-footed. In short: you have to judge a player against the criteria for his player role, style of stat distribution, and place in your team/tactics generally. You can't compare two players outside of that context. It's more absurd but the same error to compare Messi and David De Gea, and conclude that Messi scores more goals so is the better player.
  12. Janguv

    I need help

    Let us know if you do it. Obviously, the route into the league isn't that direct: you have to get involved on the forum, play guys in friendly fixtures, and generally be around. But the good news there is that I think buying a new version of the game is a pretty strong signal you're serious and will stick around. Also, it's not first-come, first-served: it's whoever gets involved the most jumps up the list But yeah, that's something to factor into your decision if you buy the game again.
  13. Janguv

    I need help

    iirc, someone else was playing from Mexico in recent times... And we've had players in South Africa, Egypt, US. It shouldn't stop you playing with us mate. The only thing is of course you have that outlay for the cost of the game. Are you able to purchase from an EU/UK PSN store? Currently PES is on sale in the UK for £19.99, which reduces the cost (offer ends on 21st of this month). Some games with some people have tricky connections, and we basically just accept it. It's not a big deal in the long run. But of course, if for you *every* game is laggy, that's different and I'd understand why you'd not be sure about it.
  14. Janguv

    I need help

    @chuy – a lot of that is decent advice for the general myClub/Divisions player. Though you might not be familiar yet that this is a league forum, where we have our own league setup, and a relatively relaxed playstyle. So there's actually a lot of variety here: some like wing play, some play through the middle, some prefer a general mix. Some like to press, some always hold off, others press early and then hold off, etc. So when you say ... it probably is super rare out there in the wild, but much less so here! Just an FYI
  15. Janguv

    I need help

    Going by muscle memory.