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  1. Fixture 9: ClaretMatt v Janguv

    Results and stats agreed. Good game. Report is fair. I'd say that even tho my keeper is incredible, the shots that got through didn't test him to his limits. It was still a dominant performance for 3/4 of the match from the hosts. The formation change made things get interesting, but too little too late.
  2. Wing-back on CMF?

    @Jookoi, @tezombie - thanks for the ideas here. Will defo check out in more detail now
  3. Wing-back on CMF?

    Hey does anybody know if the wing-back advanced instruction works on CMFs who are wide in a diamond? I really wanna move to 3 at back, two up top. Ideally, I'd have a 5-man midfield, with converted fullbacks on the wings, or defensive wide mids. But I have none! I do, however, have a plethora of midfielders who can put in a defensive shift. So I'm thinking a diamond might work, but only if I don't end up too central and exposed on the wing. Would they function somewhat as wingback/box to box mids if I did this? Anyone else tried it?
  4. Result: 4-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Janguv Franchise: Watford FC Players Info Scorers: H. Goios x3 (J. Van Overeem, F. Pizzini x2), Nando García x1 Clean Sheet: E. Berisha MoTM (if applicable): H. Goios (Kieza) Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: — Red Cards: — Own Goals: — ========== Away Team Manager: @AMOSS201177 Franchise: Arsenal FC Player Info Scorers: — Clean Sheet: — MoTM (if applicable): — Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: — Red Cards: — Own Goals: — ========== Match Report: (Highlights to come, when I get a chance.) Sorry about delay in writing this up mate. Good game. Dominant period from the home side from 35-47 minutes, which effectively put the game to bed, but the scoreline does deceive. Berisha, yet again, was on form, as was the post (if I recall). Better luck in the rest mate FSL:
  5. Sorry for late confirmation, Tez - work's been made busy! Stats and result agreed, great game and good convo as usual
  6. Form arrow percentages (guide)

    But the real reason you didn't score was because of my vigilant defenders Haha, indeed. The screen I've put here is from that video. Well, I look forward to your timed sprints test! I want graphs and everything.
  7. Form arrow percentages (guide)

    Oops, didn't see you already wrote an article on it!
  8. Form arrow percentages (guide)

    Interesting. In which case, then, this chart would be rather inaccurate/unhelpful, right?
  9. Hey all, came across this: Caveats We've no idea how current it is — it came from a french PES6 guide (which I've a scanned copy of) Some categories have changed, but they've been so to speak "translated" in the chart above Konami haven't spoken on this for years, so we don't know much about the arrows really That said... As the guy who made that chart wrote, it feels about right, and Konami are some of the least active developers when it comes to changing an old feature. It's not entirely implausible that for over a decade they've used the same form system. But ultimately we don't know. So, what do you think? Sound about right, way off, or haven't got a Kalou?
  10. bumClub 2018

    Yeah I had real trouble after the update as well. Only just regained form now. Think gameplay changes haven't helped. Everything feels too quick now imo
  11. bumClub 2018

    So now I'm 8 in 10, just got 5 in a row bonus, ranking shot up, division 5. It's really strange how this game mode is swings and roundabouts. On another topic, what's everyone's highest-level white ball? I've got Kean on 41. Got him relatively recently, but there was that special bonus thing they did on competitions which helped out.
  12. bumClub 2018

    Everyone tends to assume that 5 is supposed to be the best, yes. But the proof doesn't seem to be in the pudding for a lot of players. I've had a bad time at 4, in general. So far, 1 has been best (only played 10 or so games there), and 3 is normally okay.
  13. bumClub 2018

    Interesting.. have Konami ever officially clarified how the filter works? (Asim or Adam even?) It's so typical of them to introduce something that should be useful but not say anywhere how it works... you'd also think it should limit you automatically, based on its reading of your connection. The laggiest twat could be using the setting for the good connections, and I don't see how that would help anyone.
  14. bumClub 2018

    Seems I've turned my bumclub form around after all this s**te... the biggest change I made? Went down from connection filter 3 to 1. Bizarre. Everything is much more smooth. Tried some at 5 and they were the laggiest ever. Today/yesterday, using the Young Stars agent, I spun both LUKAKU and ERIKSEN. Even though I'm mostly playing with 2-3star teams, can still fit them in the 3-stars. Lukaku is a pan-f**king-sexual. Now, I just had the weirdest f**king game, I tell you... I was playing well, went a goal up after a fair penalty. Then very nearly scored another. The guy – 'johnebrown1979' – gets the ball back, still early in the first half, and just keeps it. I try to get it back a bit, but there's no need, since I'm ahead. So I left it. He did the same second half too. What a bizarre wanker. The things people will do to mitigate the bumhurt they're feeling because a computer game isn't going their way! Madness
  15. bumClub 2018

    Anybody noticed a marked difference in gameplay since the patch? Pre-patch, I won 8 in a row, up to division 4, mid 700s rating. Post-patch, I've won 1 in my last 10+ games, rating mid 500s There's no time on the ball any more – people are pressing like crazy, and there's little risk in doing it (unlike pre-patch). Meanwhile, 2 up top formations are dominating, which underscores just how unimportant the midfield has become in PES. Obviously I'm going through a rough patch – enough to make me wanna quit the mode for good, which would make me happier in my daily life, probably. But I'm wondering what others' experiences are of the mode, since the patch? It seems to be dripping with sweat now, where before it felt like the mode finally wasn't too bad.