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  1. God of War 4

    What else do you have to get through ?
  2. God of War 4

    Only Red Dead or Last Of Us 2(if that comes out this year) will have a chance of stopping this being Goty
  3. God of War 4

    Aye the puzzles so far have been for opening chest and one door.Your axe is used a lot in these.
  4. God of War 4

    Aye the axe is cool.I feel like Thor with it.The melee with just your fists is great as well(punching combo then rip their body in half).Game is stunning to look at as well.Im loving it I'm a big fan of Souls games though so that with a Naughty Dog type narrative I was always going to like this as well as being a fan of the previous Kratos games.
  5. God of War 4

    Just shield skins and a talisman
  6. #GameStruck4

    Honarable mentions to Leaderboard TV Sports Football Tracksuit Manager
  7. God of War 4

    No idea how some reviews had this as slower paced it's still a full on action game.
  8. #GameStruck4

    Sensible Soccer Speedball 2 Xenon 2 IK+
  9. God of War 4

    Hmm maybe tomorrow on release. Game is epic already fight with Stranger was great.
  10. God of War 4

    I don't seem to have a dlc code is this just auto in the game I never waited on the update so not got network access just now I just dived straight in.
  11. God of War 4

    Shopto never let you down Getting popped into the disc tray now
  12. New kits 2018/19

  13. Konami lose UEFA license

    All we really need is the gameplay and the real players
  14. God of War 4

    My copy was dispatched yesterday from Shopto so hoping it comes tomorrow
  15. Konami lose UEFA license

    Aye I posted without reading entire thread.