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  1. Vegasvoss

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26th)

    Been talk for a while of them making a limited series to finish it properly.
  2. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Yes Def good for low driven.My brain is now the problem with remember to implement it where before it was just f**ked.
  3. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Only offline though never tried online 😂
  4. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Adv shooting I can finally use it.16,17 and 18 was a total no go for me but now I can score with it.
  5. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Grass patches burnt out by the sun I think.Not everywhere can afford hybrid pitches.The lush green one without the splodges looks the business though.
  6. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Diamond for me just cause I'm still using Fischer and playing with a bronze/silver level 2 team.Waiting on a good 3322 manager. Think I'm getting enjoyment out of the game though as I'm only playing one or two games day.
  7. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    I think it's the best Pes this gen.
  8. Vegasvoss

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    Aye load of s**te I have been at semi at Easter Road
  9. Vegasvoss

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    What a farce the first train from Aberdeen seemingly gets in 14 minutes after the game has kicked off
  10. Vegasvoss

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    Rangers teams were that strong it was like PA2 v Manual though 😂
  11. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Joyous my fav part of going away.f**king hate the return though
  12. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Airport 🤣 ai
  13. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    See the passing less accurate remarks why not just play manual.If it's less accurate or more accurate it's just the airport making it that way.Not trying to start a flame war or anything it's just always going on about wanting it to be less accurate the answer is there use manual and input the pass yourself.
  14. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Got to implement it yourself with R2(I use alternate controls so might be different) In fairness it does tell you that your players won't dash in behind when using possession tactics.
  15. Vegasvoss

    PES 2019

    Feel the same