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  1. Scottish football thread

    Back in your box Hibernian. What a defender Berra is in Scotland.
  2. January Transfer Window!

    Steven Naismith signs on loan for Hearts.
  3. January Transfer Window!

    Naismith to Hearts.Cant see it myself as I have no idea how we could afford his wage even a tenth of it. http://readnorwich.com/2018/01/11/hearts-close-to-agreeing-naismith-deal/
  4. January Transfer Window!

    50 year old striker signs new deal. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42645881
  5. January Transfer Window!

    Wolves have £35m bid rejected for AC Milan's Andre Silva
  6. The boys own PR is better than what he does for Pes.Keeps talking himself into great positions.
  7. Would also f**k us up as right now we need it to play PEN for the saved data
  8. Whole vibe I got from it was PR bulls**t and how to maximise profits.Sacrifice to me sounds like getting rid of everything that doesn't make them money.Master League will def go imo.
  9. Scarifices for the greater good Hmm it really does sound to me like let's maximise what can make us the most money.I really fear it's going to be myclub or Pes League only.
  10. It will be slight improvements.I think we are going to have myclub and Pes League rammed more down our throats.
  11. They said 18 was going to be completely different from 17 that it was 3 years in development and that basically 16 and 17 were stop gaps.
  12. No Hunger In Paradise

    Anybody watch this documentary on BT the other night about Youth football in this country. Feel really bad for this kid. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41839083
  13. Full Manual player from Canada

    @MLSplz welcome old friend. This guy plays some lovely tika taka possession style football.
  14. Scottish football thread

    Just be glad we have Goncalves up front or you would have lost @govie Anyway 6 clean sheets in a row, club record not to shabby for the squad we have.
  15. Scottish football thread

    Rangers were unlucky today should have won that.Very little quality but plenty of effort especially from Rangers.Celtic look a tired team to me.Dembele just sell him was never in the game at all today his value must be decreasing by the game.