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  1. There Cb's are pretty s**t at that level to be honest.Ok in the SPFL where they get away with a lot or in some games barely tested but in Europe they are lacking in quality so best not to defend probably.Celtic's problems last night was their total failure to be able to pass the ball to their own players imo.All in all a s**t performance against a very good side coming back into form.Also Bain in goals cause he is better with his feet looked poor in that area.Think Celtic will need to invest in a new keeper for next season imho. Sounds petty fans from other teams like myself having a go but these are the games Celtic should be judged on now not domestically where nearly every game is on autopilot for them given the gulf in finance.So just as it was a great performance against Leipzig it was poor last night.
  2. As will I ( even if its hyperbole ) the official one will be a PR exercise.
  3. Nut job Lennon suspended by Hibs. Seemingly a massive ramming with the players and threw a chair and Kamberi. Then in meeting with Dempster demanded more cash and when refused called her a dyke punched the wall and stormed out.
  4. Nearly the whole league wishes they had Clarke
  5. Played well on Saturday after a slow start as well. I doesn't help when we sign these European type strikers and just pump high balls up to them and expect them to play like Kevin Kyle.I also never hear Levein have a go at Clare who has struggled all season to come to grips with the SPFL but this lad has been hung out to dry after less than 1 and a half games. By all accounts the guy was shot last night but it won't do him any good the manager slating him like that when others were every bit as bad.Basically unless Naismith is playing Hearts are total dung.
  6. Doing my nut in.Chopping and changes system and personnel every game.
  7. Happy New Year Pen 2018 stressful but in the end so amazing as well. Not blessed with having kids the wife and I finally adopted a little boy in June who is now 20 months.A month later my wife ends up in hospital with a lung condition that kept making it deflate leading to a month off work with no pay ( I now know the value of having savings ) looking after the little man on my own ( I now know how single parents feel ).Then got news in September that my wife would need a full op to fix the problem so another 6 weeks off with no pay and only wife's reduced paternity to live off between middle of November until end of December. In between that my Dad being diagnosed with kidney cancer to add to the Alzheimer's. The joy seeing my wee boys face on Christmas morning then again on boxing Day( took him that long to open every present ) and now just looking up into the room to see him and my wife cuddled in makes everything great. Season off but hopefully a space opens up for next season.All the best to everyone else in 2019.
  8. Hope Griffith's gets himself in a better place soon.Quality player who Scotland could do with and despite the persona is actually decent bloke outside of football.
  9. He wasn't playing in the goldfish bowl of Scottish football then.He plays up to this s**t.How many times has Lennon been involved in incidents the last few years alone.Dont think I'm condoning the coin throwing cause I'm not but let's not paint Lennon as some choir boy.
  10. There is a small amount of asshole young neds dotted around Tynecastle that do chant sectarian songs though, no point in trying to deny that.
  11. I think he gets it right at Tynecastle cause of the Rudi Skacel incident.No doubt sectarian insults will be hurled at him though as a way to abuse him but imo it stems from the Skacel incident.
  12. I remember when the Old Firm games had a bit passion to them.Left to Edinburgh now as the only blood and thunder derby in the UK. Guy chucking a coin at Lennon is a clown end of even if Lennon is goading him.Hibs fan hitting the keeper and bombarding him with coins and lighters(photos online of the nets with objects that were thrown) and the clown that ran towards the Hearts fans before kickoff are now totally overshadowed because of the name Lennon sells more papers.
  13. No idea why people are in a mad rush to get through these games.Far better exploring and doing missions at a slower pace.
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