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  1. Rickyt

    EFL Cup 19/20

    Another game without Sokratis and we keep a CS with Mustafi as well definitely think he should be taken out of the XI for the time being with either Holding or Chambers going next to Luiz. Been a tricky few weeks for Emery. With players like Sokratis, Luiz and Xhaka making high profile errors leading to goals conceded causing fan frustration and I'll admit I wouldn't of complained if he got sacked if we lost the Villa game. Hopefully he settles with the 4231/433 and we never see the diamond again.
  2. Rickyt

    myClub 2020

    Leno, Kola and Mesut for me.
  3. Well outside of the PEN setup on here then from what I have seen then yeah. Know what you can be like after I felt your wraith when I talked about Cairney
  4. You okay @Sunzibad ? seems a bit out of character from you all this.
  5. Chipped through ball bum you were going for the title so can let it slide
  6. Well seems like most of those jobs are BOD jobs So sort yourselves out
  7. It was a great performance especially after the Watford s**tfest. Chambers comes back into the defence and we keep a clean sheet.....We have only been calling for that since he got harshly dropped. Emery is still doing things that annoy me like Torreira higher up instead of infront of the defence, playing ESR as a RW and we are still forcing our keepers into too many saves On the whole Emery did well with the youngsters.
  8. Rickyt

    European Football

    Kane esque diving from Callejon.
  9. Using it sporadically instead of relying on it. Using it mainly to ball roll past players
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