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  1. Got the Redistributor SMG from the Maliwan Takedown last night. That thing is
  2. Couple of injuries so took a 4pt hit this week for the extra transfer. I've taken Abraham out for Calvert-Lewin and put Son in for Richarilson. Also took a punt on the triple captain on Mane this week with him playing twice
  3. Yeah it was looking likely that we were going for him as well as soon as her terminated, but seems like we’ve distanced ourselves
  4. It can bite you in the arse big time though. Look at us buying Grigg last January, f**king useless
  5. Managed to get this from the DLC last night. Most powerful weapon in the game apparently
  6. Could be worse, you could have Hayden sitting on the bench with 7 points I’m not really sure how subs work, I’m guessing as he’s 3rd choice, he won’t get put in over Kelly
  7. @DavoteK check your mail box next time you’re on Do not get rid of that weapon
  8. He’s been very consistent and regular. Shame it’s consistently and regularly s**t though
  9. I can’t get this to work, tried all this morning and just got errors. Think everyone is hammering it
  10. I’d love for someone to do one about Sunderland, I bet it’s just as eventful
  11. WBC3T-5JH99-XTWZ5-9BKB3-BT63Z 3 golden keys
  12. Even if it is released September I might just hold out for next gen, at least by then it might of had a price drop
  13. Yeah performance wise for such a big game it should perform better on the new consoles with load times etc. Even if it doesn’t get a proper patch for the new machines
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