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  1. Almost sounds very similar to our practices in the gambling industry tbf. If there’s something dodgy happening rightly so the account should be disabled and a further investigation undertaken. Ive had instances where I’ve had to seek various avenues for players who need further help such as food banks etc. Most refuse the help, but it’s providing that information to someone how might take up the offer. I’ve not watched the programme to see exactly what’s happened, but I bet it’s not as plain and simple as they make out to make the company look worse than they really are. Watchdog is just like one of them Facebook rants where you only hear one side of the story but in video form isn’t it?
  2. I see these MP’s are moaning because they have to work a Saturday as well, trying to claim free Childcare Welcome to the real world pookeynoodles.
  3. Until the streamers or "influencers" play it, nobody gives a s**t these days. That's why Fortnite is still so popular. They hammered the s**t out of it and marketed it towards the young and spread around on every device possible. Until you hit that sweet combo, you're second fiddle in the BR market.
  4. I’ve just put Dunk in for the s**tter from Utd. Got myself 1m spare for next week to change up elsewhere
  5. Everyone all sorted for this weekend? I feel like I need to do something, especially with Wan-b*****d at the back. Although Man Utd do look like they have favourable fixtures coming up, but can you really trust them the way they've played this season
  6. Only thing with FL4K is the annoying pets, they do your tits in with their constant grunting and getting in the way
  7. They’ve released a new patch today. The size of the patch notes are mental, it’s like they’ve made a new game with all the changes
  8. ninjabean87


    It’s fine, UEFA have it under control. They will fine them £168.45 and tell them not to do it again.
  9. Nah, think that’s ahead of where I am looking at the level on the player/enemy. Im still slacking
  10. Cars must be the new thing for them I suppose its easy to drive off with a car than carry a massive TV Someone I work with who lives in the next area over to me has just warned me this morning about people floating about the area as Door Salesmen, if nobody answers the door they just try their luck to see if it's opened. They opened hers the other day but she managed to chase them away. Unluckily for the scumbags, that estate is literally full of coppers and most of them have CCTV. They picked the wrong neighbourhood to mess with there
  11. Did you check your connection by running some speed tests? May have been an issue on your area with the braodband
  12. Was just about to post it too
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