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  1. No. where would I find the funny dog videos from
  2. If one thing positive can happen they should cancel love island!
  3. Wow, suicide Another hottie taken
  4. Cheers dude that’s really helpful
  5. Looking to go in September, and just putting together some places to go Hanoi Halong Bay Hue Ho chi Minh and finish off in Thailand for 4 days. Has anyone Been, got any recommendations of must do’s when there
  6. @Bullstein 78 B. BOURIGEAUD to a 79 makes my 40 a sensible offer now
  7. Must just be me, doing errands for favours
  8. Frillypink did she give you a present for doing her errands
  9. Welcome pal @Chriskeenan90 add me for some games
  10. Result: 5-1 ========== Home Team Manager: @Nuuthatch Franchise: cruzerio Players Info Scorers: Niang x1hoaru x2Robson Kanu, sigurdsson Assists: Niang x2 sigurdson x2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Hoarau ========== Away Team Manager: @Coachteddy Franchise: Zenit Player Info Scorers: Khaoui Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good game man
  11. Pack up and go on your holidays @Trampfriend002 oh wait you already have
  12. p**sas poor attitude that waving the white flag.
  13. @Trampfriend002 feeing the pressure @CuteBrownBear he’s bottling it.
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