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  1. That and Blackburn on pa3 @donkeyhugger it’s the future
  2. I give you the invincible 3 out of 3. Surely questions need to be asked of reading. Surely playing on PA3 @ThaLoveShak @Trooper uk @Bluebird
  3. Think you have answered your own question there but it’s confused me all these different Xbox types. maybe it’s there plan
  4. Let’s hope you don’t get bottled in this fight and lose your good looks
  5. So on your 50 Microsoft shares that’s like 10 bucks that will buy you a few bags of sweets
  6. So you should. 2/7 of your shares have gone up or 71% gone down. You need you change your career. should be spinster
  7. ha ha. I’m about the weekend. Hit me up.
  8. Ha ha. Oh sure we all play, just nobody likes you.
  9. Couple for me. Ross Kemp has done a good one. Talks to some interesting people not so well known and famous as well. Second is lockdown parenting hell. Now I don’t have kids but this is very funny. Have 2 shows a week one with a famous parent and the other just rambling. oh and my favourite documentary maker Louis Theroux. Does a really good podcast too
  10. This is interesting. Maybe exclusive soon
  11. Should of used @Worrisome Owlservice. Delivered yesterday. However beric still a 75
  12. So that’s why you have been playing rainbow six. Getting ready
  13. Great work @Worrisome Owl mine arrived on Saturday
  14. We are gonna win the league. we never win on the first day of the season. Lucas jao if he can stay fit we will walk the league.