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  1. I’ve got a divorce to pay for
  2. @DavoteK is this still getting paid ?
  3. Saw the video on Facebook what a bunch of cunnts. should live closer to wifey as that s**t doesn’t happen in the shire
  4. don’t get it can someone explain 🧐
  5. Benevento kit all great kits them Serie b lot franchise window get open
  6. My wife said that my penis closely resembles a Tic Tac. She was proud of her remark, until I asked her why her sister still had bad breath.
  7. Defiantly but there ain’t no patience in football now.
  8. We were. puscas not scored since and we haven’t won.
  9. Gomes has just been sacked at Reading. saviour last year for keeping us up. 8 games later gone. mire worrying is mark Bowen is our director of football and was mark Hughes assistant at Stoke. please don’t get sparky in
  10. Look at the date of my reply your the one that needs to take a chill pill i would suggest
  11. Ha ha. As a pyramid scheme you owe me 30£ of that
  12. It’s not a bank account ya knob you have had too much sun and exposure in your budgie smugglers
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