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  1. One of the most exciting parts of the pes calendar!! I need in the league now!
  2. Just joined the gym with the wife, Monday we did circuits, Wednesday was Kettlecise, feel like coughing up a lung. Made me feel very unfit. My fitness journey starts now.
  3. Who’s your 1st save mate?
  4. @Leonidas 540bcrang me up and told me to get on it! Back in PES 05 days.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-50283520 would have thought that her off the cuff comment would get her more votes fro conservatives to be fair.
  6. There’s a fella on Reddit who’s pretty reliable, but unlike pes files, he does it for the love and doesn’t charge. pretty dope.
  7. I’ve spent 4 hours putting in all the kits and badges from all English leagues and backgrounds. Faces too. Now to manage my 1st save!
  8. Downloaded the beta by preordering. Beginning my 1st save as always, with Boston United. Anyone else started a save yet? Who’s your 1st team to manage this season?
  9. Frillypink one mate. Worked on the in game rewards page
  10. Hi mowgles. Is this for PS4, couldn’t get it work on Xbox.
  11. just got it. Will be on 9 - 5 if anyone about... xb1
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