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  1. Reading all the comments has started my day off well, and restores faith in humankind. What an awesome story that shows the true power of Twitter for good.
  2. How does this work in the champions league? If a player is bought, will he be allowed to play? As it’s something that’s not been done before it makes me think, would it have been done if it was a team at the bottom of the table? All that’s happened before is “tough s*it, play on. “
  3. We’ve been without Wesley, Heaton, McGinn, and others on long term illness, all match winners on their day. surely this opens up the call for an all season open window by there way of thinking. Very bad president to set.
  4. Looks certain to be in for the new season, feel free to add me for a stroke to your ego. GT: Laid Back Yeti
  5. ..... when I had a PEN team.
  6. Strangest decision in football I’ve ever seen!
  7. Awesome game. I thought we deserved the win, and the fact it came in the 93rd minute, made it even better! One of the best live football experiences I’ve had. Grealish was in Pansexual mode!
  8. Absolutely. It’s truely awesome.
  9. Own it, but not played yet, bought it on sale as there were a lot of good talk about it. Looking forward to tackling it after this reminder, cheers dude!!
  10. £30 in Tesco, wife bought it for me, like it so far. Beautiful game, cut scenes are stunning. Reminds me of rambling in Darbyshire. Baby freaks me out though. What an amazing Mind HK has.
  11. Story mode is touted as the best story mode in a beatem up. wjen it was 1st released it was very weighed towards loot boxes, not so much now.
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