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  1. Well played, penalty was loony but that's how it goes. Best of luck for the season
  2. Result: 4-4 ========== Home Team Manager: cartesian5th Franchise: miniero Players Info Scorers: Rodriguinho x 2, Gilberto, martins Assists: Liam x2, ramirez, winks Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @rambovanhardnut Franchise: celta Player Info Scorers: charbonnier, potuk x 2, asiri Assists: carvalho, charbonnier x 2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): charbonnier ========== Match Report: Frantic stuff, well played rambo
  3. Is bf5 worth getting? It's going quite cheap atm
  4. Result: 4-5 ========== Home Team Manager: cartesian Franchise: Athletico Miniero Players Info Scorers: Gilberto x 2, Benrahma x 2 Assists: Watkins, Rodriguinho x 2, Moreno Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Big Boss Franchise: Ajax Player Info Scorers: Al Soma, Gedson, Nam Tae-Hee x 2, Younes Assists: Al Soma x 2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Al Soma ========== Match Report: Cracking game, 1-1 at HT, boss scored 3 in 6 mins to make it 4-1 after 55 mins. Miniero fought back to 4-4 with 2 goals from substitute Benrahma before a heart breaking 90th minute winner from Younes sealed the win. Well played Boss, good luck for the season
  5. Yh that's what I've learnt so far, still ridiculous that you have to do so, shows up the s**tty AI for what it is
  6. So many deflected own goals, and they still haven't fixed the hoof up the pitch from kick off goal. Apparently defending a straight 60 yard pass with a flat back 4 is impossible. This game is a joke
  7. Is it gonna be much different when ur up against Thomas Muller with 76 rated defenders?
  8. This game is actually total dogs**t. No midfield battle, absolute ping pong going on in the middle of the field and then bang, a deflected goal or a defender leaving an interception through to the keeper or a pacewhore cut back rebound. Feels like there's no reward for proper play, just people playing short passes into the box until a cb screws up
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