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  1. Strong rumours both Madrid clubs will be licensed next year though.
  2. That was a mock up by some Brazilian guy
  3. I find dipping shots really effective from range, probably the most effective card of the lot.
  4. Knuckle shot is the double press of shoot. Dipping shot and rising shot trigger depending on your positioning/angle to goal and body shape. Outside curl shots are angle and the finesse trigger. Chip shot control is just the standard chip shot trigger but a better animation and more effective. There's tutorials for the correct angles and such on youtube @MB 11
  5. So for your team @Bullstein you're wasting your time* crossing with anyone but Sigurdsson, Emerson, Birsa or Soares. *you could still get lucky but that's what it'd be, luck.
  6. Not sprinting, in space, angle of the body needs to be right (about 45 degrees from the touchline), timing of when you play it (look for the striker putting his hand up), position from where you cross is important too. Also got to choose right cross for the position (lofted, early, normal etc.). But most important is the ability of the player making the cross. See loads of people whinge they don't score headers with strikers that are good in the air but if the service is awful then doesn't matter how good the striker is. Pinpoint crossing card is key along with good lofted pass an curve (especially for the deeper/early cross).
  7. In some ways, driving 60 miles with your kid in the back seat to see if your eyes work is a really good analogy for Brexit
  8. ... wot I dun on my holidays by Dominic Cummings, 5 and 3/4 years old
  9. "I'm not racist, I have black friends"
  10. The majority of English people didn't vote Conservative, unfortunately the majority split their vote between other parties and the FPTP system leads to these kind of results. Over 600,000 Scots did vote for the Conservatives too by the way. But continue to spout anti-English bollocks. People are nothing but their nationality, so we're all the same or whatever after all
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