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  1. Good game mate, I didn’t think I’d ever score in this one!
  2. Result: 2 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: BenStatman Franchise: FC Porto Players Info Scorers: M. Gomez, R. Doan Assists: N. Barrios, R. Sessegnon Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): M. Gomez ========== Away Team Manager: @Cullen Franchise: Manchester City Player Info Scorers: M. Dembele Assists: S. Kums Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Played quite a tight formation in this one after a 5-0 hammering in the reverse fixture and eventually ground out a result. There were a couple of goal line clearances from corners and a decent display from Arboleda in goal. Dembele scored slightly too late for Cullen to mount a comeback. Good game mate, hope you feel better soon.
  3. You’ll win 4-0 on Sunday!
  4. Yeah that works fine, easy solution.
  5. Hi guys, sorry to bring up TV’s again but I realised the PS4 wasn’t displaying HDR so found that only one of my HDMI cables had the speed for it. Worth checking.
  6. @Mowgles actually it’s this one https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/samsung-ue43ru7020-4k-tv a local place was actually doing it cheaper so I went to have a look at it. Massive upgrade from what I had and I might have to move the room around now as it’s looking too big at the minute Like someone else said PES looks amazing on it, loads of detail on the pitch that I hadn’t seen before. Whether or not this helps my league form is another matter though!
  7. Went for a Samsung 50” in the end. Even the menus on PES are unbelievably clear now
  8. @Mowgles I found some manhood
  9. Williams kickstarted this with that great bit of quality. Really like what I see of him, looks like a great character.
  10. What do I need to check? I am a noob when it comes to TV's or computers.
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