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  1. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

  2. ZakRemoor

    World Cup 2018

    Haha was costa rica's best player, so kind of ontopic Sunz. Frillypink move btw, I like it
  3. ZakRemoor

    World Cup 2018

    Zlatko coach of the tournament for me, his tactics clicked second half and they never looked back. What a story, full hype haha
  4. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

    Yeah I'd love to see that. This is what football is about, uniting a nation like this team did. Good that you're proud, but surely gutted now. Hard to take when you were so close to the final
  5. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

    Honestly, Croatia was better here. Played pressure in de 2nd half and ET. Took over the midfield as well. This was a quality game apart from the first half. Looking forward to the video's of these lads coming home in England. Surely they deserve a big crowd like we Dutchies did for our boys when they come home England is back on the map and I already fear them, if we make it to an end tourney. Rip @d-a_BAT and @Nipper_lawrence haha. I love that these players got to the final, passion and technique! Will be rooting for you guys in the final. Let's go Ivan Perisic motm!
  6. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

    Perisic, what a player! We have a game!
  7. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

    You lads should keep playing football. With all the long balls you're helping Croatia back in the game. And got to take these chances as well. Ready for a good second half!
  8. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

  9. ZakRemoor

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    Jeeesus haha, nostalgia much. That gameplan screen and these icons
  10. ZakRemoor

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    Picture isnt loading for me?
  11. ZakRemoor

    World Cup 2018

    And I agree haha. Hope Croatia win it, would be a fitting end for the tournament full of suprises or England cause it will come home.. Anyway hoping we see the new world champion today
  12. ZakRemoor

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    I actually have my school notebooks from back then, which is full of lineups of mlo and possible targets . I'll look it up when I visit my parents, should be somewhere around
  13. ZakRemoor

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    Grinding for two weeks to get Emanuelson and KENWYNE JONES
  14. ZakRemoor

    World Cup 2018

    I dont understand anything of these comments... Yes I agree that France did this, but Belgium did the exact same thing for this entire tournament. I've been saying the exact same thing about Martinez and Belgium. Watching Courtois rant about France's negative playstyle just made me laugh out loud. 1st: buy a f**king mirror mate 2nd: please take your loss as a man. Pathetic 3th: this guy played for atletico and chelsea for most of his career...
  15. ZakRemoor

    England v Croatia

    https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/07/06/croatias-soccer-stars-should-be-heroes-instead-theyre-hated/ Is this accurate @d-a_BAT? Or is it just a written down populair piece of media? The Croatians I know dont think this way, but I obviously only know 4 here in NL haha

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