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  1. Wenger to step down, finally

    Really hoping for a fun and open game too
  2. Data Pack 4 is Go

    This is quite a bummer though, still nicve upgrade
  3. Data Pack 4 is Go

    It is man, would have loved him now. Screen of the new stats?
  4. Data Pack 4 is Go

    I can't because I'm working ROB ffs haha Suckerpunch that, after indirectly receiving multiple stabs all day lol
  5. Data Pack 4 is Go

    You're kidding right?
  6. Data Pack 4 is Go

    Any Ajax players? At work so can't wait check
  7. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    , @Big Boss pls mate, pleeeeaaasssee haha
  8. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    This is insane, so many new gamefaces. Hopefully this doesn't mean there will be no or a very low number of new faces in pes 2019
  9. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    Because I want him as my new LB Niko
  10. Wenger to step down, finally

    Peter Bosz maybe? I would love it, but he is probably seen as not good enough
  11. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    If they do the eredivisie, my bet will be on chucky lozano and monstro neres
  12. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    Start washing it Boss haha
  13. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    Dolberg downgrade, huntelaar upgrade. Deal while its hot mate go go go
  14. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    So more premier league faces, hopefully some random young lads too
  15. European Football

    Lets go AZ, lets goo Bijlmer boy Guus Til with the winner