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  1. Predators FC

    England's World Cup Squad

    There’s a few I wouldn’t of selected and a few I’d of preferred to see in their but overall it’s a decent enough selection.
  2. Predators FC

    PES 2019 - Best place to pre/order

    Same here always get pes from shopto, always comes a day or two early and very good price.
  3. Predators FC

    Season 12 Awards - Results

    I know mate that’s why I’m saying to Owl to just brush it off
  4. Predators FC

    Season 12 Awards - Results

    I’d guess it’s just salty people who lost against you, wasn’t me as I voted Scottish Chump with he’s 100mph pressing and constant long balls to Immobile, I think me and you drew our games anyway if I remember right, also I agree that barely anyone votes on Xbox. Just brush it off mate you are a top player.
  5. Predators FC

    Championship thread 17/18

    Get in you blue boys what a win! Was worried about having Fulham last game but we smashed them 3-1 and could of been much more!! KRO!!
  6. Predators FC

    Championship thread 17/18

    Yeah Sheff Utd were 2-1 up and bottled it
  7. Predators FC

    Championship thread 17/18

    Absolutely battered Burton today but only got a point, back in the mixer now unfortunately needed to win today imo
  8. Yeah obviously mix it up a bit
  9. Play the way you want mate, if players can’t stop you getting forwards and getting crosses in that’s their problem
  10. Well played lads thought Mb was gonna equalise for sure with that chance at the end, also I noticed the Xbox one banners in the stadium @MB 11
  11. Predators FC

    Retweet This, Earn 2.5m

    Retweeted as Jmsblues
  12. Predators FC

    Championship thread 17/18

    Massive win for the blues last night 3 wins on the bounce and 3 clean sheets, I think if we can beat Burton on sat then we should be ok
  13. Predators FC

    Championship thread 17/18

    Big result for blues today, it’s in our hands now we need to kick on and get a result Tuesday against Bolton, things looking a lot more positive under Monk
  14. Predators FC

    This is how news should be

    Lmao this guys quality, think I’ll check out some of hes other vids
  15. Predators FC

    The Elephant In The Room?

    I didn’t even know what PA was until I came to PEN tried PA2 once out of curiosity and didn’t enjoy it at all, felt restricted, takes away the freedom of play and actually made me play worse as it forces passes where I did not want them to go lol i think PA1 is more than enough assistance and Konami should scrap the pa2 n 3 and just have manual & PA1, I also don’t think it’s very sporting to use pa2/3 as you are essentially letting the game do most of the work but that’s just my opinion.

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