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  1. JmG

    PES 2019

    Overall... I'm enjoying the game. There's some bits here and there that make you think "WTF is that all about". I think skills have been nerfed somewhat, or they are a lot slower and are less effective, I use double touch and marseille turn quite a lot, even back in the days I was playing here, and they're just nowhere near as effective as they should be in the circumstances used. Even step over is slow as s**t.... Free kicks are beautiful though
  2. If they allow customising of the top menu like before, I always had ML there... now all the s**t on that first page is online s**t only.
  3. I know they've been in a few games now, but can't find a definitive answer anywhere! If the players market value goes above the release fee, does the void the release fee? Or can he still go for 15m, despite being a 35m player?
  4. lovely little discovery .... Ronaldinho
  5. They haven't caught him yet from what I've seen... but hopefully they'll find his body soon.
  6. Merry Christmas ladies and gents... and @DavoteK Hope you all have a good one
  7. Had a quick gander at the comments, what's the overall consensus with the OF packs, PESWorld or PESUniverse?
  8. JmG

    Thanks to Pen..

    I had Roda yeah man! But I don't recall whinging, only thing I mind saying was what happening if they were pulled from the game, cause I'd have been brandless. Loved the black and yellow
  9. 😂 that was a fun weekend! 😂😂 some f**king state I was in anyway!
  10. Yeah... fixed that for you
  11. Yeah... EVERYONE ELSE! thought it would be quite s**te to aim for the ankle that was the size of the ball during Red Arse.... but no... not the PEN Lads They did try and protect it though so fair play to them
  12. that's part of the challenge. And I lasted more than 5 minutes... I went back on mind hopping about trying to pass. Thanks for the donation mate
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