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  1. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 7: donkeyhugger v Leonidas - [Confirmed]

    yeah ya do! Good game all round - totally nullified each other. Result agreed
  2. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 2: Tuggi v Leonidas - [Confirmed]

    agreed. Also the reason I need the window to open and have a decent CB! Well played my friend!
  3. Leonidas 540bc

    The big "What annoys you" thread

    yup that's it.
  4. Leonidas 540bc

    The big "What annoys you" thread

    People who talk s**t from the safety of their own keyboards, but wouldn't dare talk s**t to my face.
  5. Leonidas 540bc

    when does pes2019 download become activated?

    sadly most of the players are from the italian and spanish 2nd divs - no longer in the game
  6. Leonidas 540bc

    when does pes2019 download become activated?

    SEVEN awols. FML
  7. I'm in Greece - it's 12.51 am August 30th - why is my digital download not working yet? Or do I have to wait until 2am so that it's UK 30th August? Anyone got a digital version working as yet?
  8. Leonidas 540bc

    Bridge collapses in Genoa

    They'll be testing for concrete cancer - a phenomenon of the 60s/70s - basically the metal grid that supports the concrete was made with metal that rusts, so it basically weakens the structure from the inside - we have buildings here in Greece that collapsed due to a similar issue - they still build the same here but the grids are treated and are rust proof. So sadly there's no external cracking, it's all inside the structure - it's very scary indeed. I remember a wedding in Israel where 300 guests were in a building and the entire floor they were n just 'evaporated' - unreal.
  9. Leonidas 540bc

    Xbox Controller Repair

    if it's stuck in, then the switch may have collapsed - the rb/lb buttons have a design fault - but usually snap in the middle, not just stick in - you'll need to open it up
  10. Leonidas 540bc

    Best burger you ever had?

    Annie's Burger Shack in Nottingham - The Elvis Burger / £9.20 Inspired by the King. A half-pound burger smothered with peanut butter & raspberry jam (or jelly, if you want to call it that). It sounds weird, but hey, it really works! Simply the best burger I've ever had.
  11. Result: 1-0 ========== @Worrisome Owl well played mate - tough tough games...
  12. Result: 0 - 1 ========== the irony of playing two really good games and losing both 1-0 isn't lost on me! well played - two great matches
  13. Result: 1-0 b*****d.
  14. Result: 1-2 well played Gary!
  15. Result: 2-1 wel played Gary