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  1. pc version fixed apparently - I'll wait to I hear there's an official xbox update... to fix the update.
  2. What @Sami3lungs said is basically summed up by this small quote: "women are sitting on a goldmine" Never a truer word said....!
  3. Think postponement might be a good idea @donkeyhugger
  4. Been here forever. Had a break when first child came along, but other than that been here and intend on staying until either pen finishes or I do! Love and respect to Davo and Goat - proper heroes
  5. Result: 0 2 ========== Home Team Manager: leonidas 540bc Franchise: Olympiakos Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @ThaLoveShak Franchise: Millonarios Player Info Scorers: Marquinos, Jese Assists: Piatek Clean Sheet: Sa MoTM (if applicable): Jese ========== Match Report: well after the couple of good results this evening, Shak totally p**sed on my strawberries! A barnstorming run from the kick off, Marquinos barelled his way through my team, and even with a lucky rebound or two somehow ran all the way through to the box and slammed home on TWO minutes! Olympiakos were stunned and were then dealt a knockout blow when Jese picked up outside the box, cut inside and hammered a shot past a despairing keeper on SIX minutes! We tried everything to get a goal back, but motivated by his earlier defeat to Scary, there was no way Shak was letting us get back in to the game! Well played my brother - looking forward to the next one!
  6. Result agreed. Yeah Sa was the difference in the end. Looking forward to the next one!
  7. result agreed - yeah frenetic end to end game, no midfield to speak of! Once you got the goal I couldn't get back at you. Well played!
  8. result agreed = yeah really close just managed to grab a few more goals and my keeper was amazing. catch you in the next one
  9. The press in the UK is just a massive corporate Pansexual that controls everything. I'm hoping that more of the UK citizens are seeing that world politics is frankly bulls**t - not a single government out there is actually there for the people it's supposed to represent. They all just try to cover themselves and make sure they're ok - f**k the people. We had it for decades here in Greece - only the last government changed things for the better (though it didn't feel like it to many people) - we now have a conservative government so lets see what happens. If I was back in the UK, I'd vote Labour just to get the tory scum out - simple as that.
  10. if it's post op, then they've changed gender - so no. If it's pre op - then yes definitely.
  11. depending on what time I get back from the lads basketball training - tentatively IN
  12. I've converted to Blimp camera - and I'll not switch back! No need for pitch scanner - can see pretty much everything happening on the pitch - love it.
  13. Result: 1 1 ========== Home Team Manager: leonidas 540bc Franchise: Olympiakos Players Info Scorers: Kompany Assists: Thomas Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Trooper uk Franchise: Dinamo Zagreb Player Info Scorers: Johnsen Assists: pereira Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Johnsen ========== Match Report: Tight tight game - both teams creating but rarely threatening to actually score. Johnsen scored on 77 and it was looking like Trooper had the points. 92nd minute, corner, Thomas prodded the ball on to Kompany in the 6 yard box to slot home. Probably the right result but gutting for Trooper I'm sure! good game mate!
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