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  1. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 23 Ronbhoy v leo

    agreed mate
  2. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 17: Leo vs Grimbo

    Result: 0 - 3 ========== Home Team Manager: Franchise: Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: Franchise: Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: s**t load of chances in the second half, couldn't hit a barn door
  3. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 16: Scottish Champ Vs Leonidas 540BC

    result agreed - cheers for the game
  4. Leonidas 540bc

    What would you do.

    and that's where the bullet would go!
  5. Leonidas 540bc

    What would you do.

    point the gun at all three and ask the question to each of them "What would you do for me not to shoot you..."
  6. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 12: Leonidas v Tazarr - [Confirmed]

    result agreed mate Yeah hoping to be back online end of July - bit tight at the moment so can't justify laying out 250 euros on a new xbox - luckily it's the boys birthday end of July so could be a case of two birds with one stone!
  7. Leonidas 540bc

    July Community Event Details - PLEASE READ

    hopefully have an xbox in time for the last two...
  8. Result: 0-5 ========== Home Team Manager: leonidas 540bc Franchise: PAOK Players Info Scorers: none Assists: none Clean Sheet: not a f**king hope MoTM (if applicable): on our team? You having a laugh? ========== Away Team Manager: Coachteddy Franchise: Godoy Cruz Player Info Scorers: Zapata (4), Ruiz Assists: Aarons, Ruiz, Wuytens, Essaio Clean Sheet: Fabianski MoTM (if applicable): Zapata ========== Match Report: Zapata basically tore us a new one. Unstoppable tonight and we couldn't compete on any level. This is the final hammering for us - we're coming out fighting now.... well played mate - thoroughly deserved @Coachteddy http://www.proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/113053-fixture-10-leonidas-v-coachteddy/
  9. Leonidas 540bc


  10. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 21: MB 11 v Leonidas - [Confirmed]

    Result agreed. Look forward to your return and stories of hot cheerleaders...
  11. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 09: StunningDave v Leonidas - [Confirmed]

    yeah I never felt I was really in it - you played well! result agreed
  12. Result: 3 - 5 ========== Home Team Manager: leonidas 540bc Franchise: PAOK Players Info Scorers: De Luca, Fransson, Le Fondre Assists: Lopez, Bryson Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: Rhonboy Franchise: Nantes FC Player Info Scorers: Okaka (3), D'Allessandro, OG Assists: N'Jie (2), Lemos, Suarez Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Okaka ========== Match Report: Well this was an amazing match! Three straight defeats prior to this, PAOK wanted goals - we certainly got them, and sadly conceded more! Nantes scored early, simple move and finish. It stayed like that for 20 mins and then PAOK turned the game with two excellent goals! A beautiful team move finished by De Luca got us back kin the game and then the moment of the match - goal of the season contender from Fransson - a 35 yard rocket that cannoned in of the angle - unstoppable. Okaka kicked in and equalised before half time. Then with PAOK thinking 2-2 at half time, D'allessandro nicked one to take the wind from the Greeks sails... Second half was very tight, Le Fondre getting an early goal, and it could of gone either way from then on. The defining moment being an unlucky OG which then seemed to down the PAOK players, with Okaka then sealing a superb hat trick on night. Very good game, @Ronbhoy7 - I'll get you next time....
  13. Leonidas 540bc

    Fixture 10: ThesecondcityT v JakeyFantastic - [Confirmed]

    Hmm. Sounds like a whole lot of 'shut the f**k up and behave like adults' to me. But I'm an admin and you're adults so I don't need to type that. Oh. I already did.
  14. Leonidas 540bc

    Champions League Final - Madrid v Liverpool

    4-3 Liverpool. I dreamt it. It will happen. Salah will score two and make the other two. Ramos, Benzema and Ronaldo for Real. It will be called Mo's Final....

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