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  1. BirdPersonC137

    I love Master League - I hate playing AI

    Maybe my standards were lower back then, but it honestly seems like the AI was way better in ML back in the day than it is now. It used to be really scary to go up against Barca/Madrid/Juve etc, and a star would always wreak havoc with the ball. Now, all the players are on amphetamines, press like there is no tomorrow, and do nothing interesting on the ball even if they are Messi. Makes for ugly and unpleasant games. Couldn't beat Southampton in my ML but beat barce 12-0 on aggreagate in the CL. No personality to the teams or players. Has really ruined ML for me. Hope the mode gets some love one of these days.
  2. BirdPersonC137


    It seems fine and I have pals that do it. But fun fact: as a physician I admitted at least 3 different patients to the hospital with rhabdomyolysis (Greek for "muscle explosion," English for unprepared rubes push themselves too hard and have massive muscle breakdown and then go into kidney failure) after CrossFit. Usually we only see it when a drunk passes out for way too long or crush injuries! Maybe that Boston gym was pushing some novices a bit too hard... But yeah bud would check it out but reconsider if your p**s turns brown.
  3. Result: 3-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: Everton Players Info Scorers: Sakho x2, Kokorin Assists: Kokorin, Jony, Grosicki Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): Sakho ========== Away Team Manager: Payne Wales Franchise: Feyenoord Player Info Scorers: Mohamed Elneny, C. Ninga Assists: Carlos Vigaray, Success Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A ========== Match Report: A cracking game with end to end football. Feyenoord started aggressively playing the match with 4 up front and Everton gave away possession cheaply twice in the opening minutes, conceding a goal in the 6th minute from a horrendous goalkeeping throw. However, a burst of energy from Sakho leading to two goals in 3 minutes saw Everton grab the lead. Kokorin put them 2 ahead but the game was on as Feyenoord's ElNeny struck a wonderful curling effort from outside the box. The last 20 minutes were nailbiting as Everton held on and Bony spurned a few good chances to tie it up. Good game @payne wales, and Frillypink chatting with you. Looking forward to the reverse fixture!
  4. BirdPersonC137


    Was this after Dragon Age: Origins? One of my favorites of all time. I agree generally they have become boring AAA developers since then. This game in particular looks very uninspired and droll. Agree with @Manky Scots Git's assessment.
  5. BirdPersonC137

    Bergen, Norway

    Hey all! Hopefully we've got some Scandinavians or someone who has visited Norway here before. Wife and I are going to Bergen next weekend for wedding and then have time 4 days or so to spend in Bergen area. Any recommendations or tips? Sounds like there is a lot of amazing naturalist things to do. Also I believe they have some good local symphonies? Would appreciate suggestions from someone who has been. We are early 30s and pretty low-key travelers (i.e. no clubbing).
  6. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 17: Donkeyhugger v BirdPersonC137 - [Confirmed]

    agreed. Good playing you bud. Would have been furious, but you definitely could have grabbed a point with one of those counters. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  7. BirdPersonC137

    Football, Tactics & Glory

    Yeah, my buddy was like, "This looks like XCOM meets soccer, so you will probably love it." Fair assessment, so I should probably at least check out the demo. Not that I need more things to waste my time! You're right would be a no-brainer on switch or mobile.
  8. BirdPersonC137

    Football, Tactics & Glory

    Has anyone played? Looks fun. Friend sent me this as he knows I'm interested in soccer/football. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/06/22/football-tactics-glory-review/ Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/375530/Football_Tactics__Glory/
  9. BirdPersonC137

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Oh I had read it was an exclusive. Even better if true.
  10. BirdPersonC137

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Pretty much the holy grail of RPGs here. CD Projekt Red and it is Deus Ex meets the Witcher? Amazing.
  11. BirdPersonC137

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Good time for me to have just picked up a PS4 pro. Another exclusive but this time I won't be missing out!
  12. BirdPersonC137

    To invert or not?

    You're probably right, but the way I justify it is imaging the way you bend your neck/head to look up. You move your head back to look up and forward to look down. Invert Y 4 lyfe.
  13. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 7: steevoo vs birdperson - [Confirmed]

    Thanks man, sorry I didn't respond to this earlier (must have missed it?!). Stats agreed. Enjoyed chatting with you, looking forward to the reverse fixture.
  14. BirdPersonC137

    God of War 4

    Took advantage of the E3 price cut and picked up a PS4 and GoW!!! Started it, seems great and am really impressed at how cinematic and engrossing it feels with the no-cut camera.

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