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  1. Result: 0 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: Everton ========== Away Team Manager: @donkeyhugger Franchise: Porto ========== Match Report: Good game bud. I hardly got anything going but had a couple very close calls resulting in some amazing point blank saves by your keeper. Overall, Porto deserved the win with a confident display. Too organized to break down for us.
  2. Result: 4 - 2 ========== Home Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: Everton ========== Away Team Manager: @OliCollins27 Franchise: Atalanta ========== Match Report: @OliCollins27 Good game bud. Unfortunate to pull so many shots wide otherwise it could have easily been a different game. Marilungo came up with yet another big performance off the bench to clinch the winner late on. Catch you around.
  3. BirdPersonC137

    Is PES 2019 still going to be region locked on PS4?

    *Leave PEN
  4. Since I have to leave PES due to the US time difference and less time due to my new job, I was thinking of picking it up on PS4 Pro. I can't believe there are issues with playing with people from other regions, it sounds like a 1990s problem. Even worse, from my brief google research it seems this is a game-specific problem. Any reason to think Konami is going to address this? Completely not an issue on Xbox so I find it mystifying. If you guys know a simple work-around (that still lets me play with my US friends) then let me know, would be fun to catch some friendlies one day...
  5. Result: 2-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: Everton ========== Away Team Manager: @payne wales Franchise: Feyenoord Player Info ========== Match Report: Tight game. Enjoyed it, both unlucky not to score a few more. Made my defense look like they were glued to the floor quite a few times with those runs and my garbage attempts at switching players. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  6. Result: 3- 1 ========== Home Team Manager: @Steevoo Franchise: Sydney ========== Away Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: Everton ========== Match Report: Tight first half, then got trounced by some slick passing and devastating finishing. Only pulled the consolation back at the end. Everton left rueing a few first half chances lost. Good game bud catch you around. http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/118010-fixture-29-steeevo-v-birdpersonc137/
  7. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 16 Birdperson v ClaretChris - [Confirmed]

    Agreed. Should have put some chances away in this one, but will have to adapt my system in the future to get through your defenders in the box. Damn that Vermalen!
  8. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 5 ClaretChris v Birdperson - [Confirmed]

    A close fought match that could have gone either way.
  9. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 27. ClaretChris v Birdperson - [Confirmed]

    Agreed. Good game. You definitely played the better passing football and deserved the win.
  10. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 31: BlondeDan Vs BirdPersonC137 - [Confirmed]

    Good game bud. Deserved win, frustratingly for Everton!
  11. Result: 2-3 ========== Home Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: everton ========== Away Team Manager: @BlondeDan Franchise: Basel Player Info MoTM (if applicable): Benedetto ========== Match Report: Good game. Everton was nervous facing Benedetto and rightly so. A brilliant backheel was the most memorable moment of the match, and possibly the season! Surely Dan will put it up for Goal of the month. 3-1 down, Everton mustered a late goal in stoppage time but couldn't claw back for the draw. Enjoyed playing and chatting, catch you later on.
  12. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 19: Tuggi v Birdperson - [Confirmed]

    @Sami3lungs @Tuggi Sorry about that I see that I flipped the formatting above. I won 3-1 but it was understandably recorded backwards. Could we fix that? Happy to repost if you would like. Apologies.
  13. Result: 4-3 ========== Home Team Manager: Birdperson Franchise: Everton Players Info MoTM (if applicable): Jony ========== Away Team Manager: @Tuggi Franchise: Colon de santa Fe Player Info ========== Match Report: Great game bud. Very tight but Everton pulled it off in the end, despite not being able to defend your cheeky dribbling in the box. Frillypink playing with you catch you on xbox soon.
  14. Result: 1-3 ========== Home Team Manager: Tuggi Franchise: Colon Santa Fe Players Info MoTM (if applicable) ========== Away Team Manager: @Tuggi BirdpersonC137 Franchise: Everton Player Info ========== Match Report: Good reverse fixture. Some good luck and crisp finished put Everton ahead.
  15. BirdPersonC137

    Fixture 26: Coniglio v Birdperson - [Confirmed]

    agreed. Good game man, was intense but I wasted my chances!