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  1. New Manager

    Especially Giggs would have a RIP status now if he lives here..i mean it
  2. New Manager

    Where the f**k Jason come from, i should stop watching NBA...John Terry
  3. New Manager

    Thank your lucky stars that Jason Terry is not Welsh.
  4. Premier League 2017/18

    For a reason man, can be any name. Argentina team needs much more than Messi to be on top. But he was/is enough for Barca. Thats what i am trying to emphasize. Coutinho was of course a very critical player for Liverpool but for god sake what was Liverpool playing with Coutinho and now without him ? Three steps forward two steps back. They have to be much better as a whole to expect Coutinho like players help them to become champions. Although i am a fan of him, i believe he is going to have hard times at Barcelona..thats another story. And i made my comments without watching this game, City have had some problems for a month or so, Pep has some lets say unusual methods, i thought they might have been feeling the side effects. To be honest after watching highlights can't really say they were demolished, at this stage if you can't cope up with the pressure and get caught sleeping while build up, thats whats gonna happen and it is something to be afraid of, not a good sign. Liverpool would have been doing the kick off at least eight times if they were caught like this against City, thats also another point, but City came close to accomplish a comeback draw, that maybe shows there is nothing to worry about so much.
  5. Premier League 2017/18

    ohh man @Goat261 i watched the extended highlights now. Finishing of all no doubt were class but three goals from silly errors that any EPL club should not and would not make. One of them is from my PEN player Delph But everything was Donkey's Sane's fault he was only watching while Liverpool attackers flowing through wings, haha. Ask what would it be like if Argentina National team without Messi, and another question to ask what if Barca is without Messi. Same player but huge difference of impacts would it be i believe. Liverpool should build a top team first to cry for Coutinho, and he was not really with Liverpool this year man.
  6. Premier League 2017/18

    At the start of this season, a maggot working for a very respected newspaper posted flash news telling that Silva is on his way to Fenerbahce, putting a picture showing him packing things up also. Silva became the hottest hashtag in an hour in twitter. I wish that was true irrevelant but I remembered the day
  7. Premier League 2017/18

    Details, thats what makes you a champ or regular runner up man. A small details at the top can make a huge difference. No doubt they are cleaning their asses with pounds but I don’t believe City has a much superior squad to the others like Utd or Chelski, not so much difference as much as the table tells. I did not watch todays game but I agree with Goat here that Silva is very critical, it is not Silva has been running one man show but he is the detail here, and making a huge difference with being very clinical. I am sure the first thing City will do at summer window, is try to find a successor to him. After reaching a top point it is always one or two man who make that huge difference mate. And details what Pep is about
  8. Premier League 2017/18

    Missed the Liverpool-City game, is City showing some signs of a downfall or what ? i thought their superior gameplay/form has gone to a downtrend period even though they were still too good for many EPL teams..
  9. January Transfer Window!

    If our so called scouts read this, he can have +5m Euros a year with the same benefits
  10. low socks

    There should be a few editing software for PC, imo your best bet is to check them if one of them has a search feature to list all low sock players.
  11. January Transfer Window!

    Such a quality time player but possibly the worst price/performance ratio of all times
  12. January Transfer Window!

    RvP is about to sign for Feyenoord.
  13. January Transfer Window!

    Jo to Japan (maybe old news) Arda Turan to Basaksehir - to the abyss
  14. I didn’t read after two paragraphs. They still were not able to resolve online and some issues after all years. PES’s being good or bad is not the point, every year we have been getting the most spammable game of the year and this year offline sucks too as a bonus. I worked for companies like Konami, believe me we will get the same thing next year, but i choose to ignore my negative thoughts to jump the hype train. At the end of the day, its a game. All that angers me is they have been doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome.
  15. Unofficial Pro Evo Kit for 2018

    Will try it mate, if i am not mistaken one of the kitmaker groups has a tool like this too.