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  1. Still cutting the mustard and leading the way after a tough week Its our man from Vegas tough competition is snapping at your heels bud nuuthatch is closing in! fubar cool and calculated looking good for the challenge govie - up 3 in one week! dont worry about the other guy in 3rd he will fade evil-cat-lord @JamboGee92 @Nuuthatch @CMYKhazi @Govie @Kaupp @ninjabean87 @swinny @Trooper uk @Vegasvoss @W00DYINHO @brenbrad7 @Bridgey @fertetoprioni @AMOSS201177 @Phillyrich @ShammyStu @spragga @Sami3lungs @Bluebird @Mickyjustice @Fubar @Slicklu @tretopp @payne wales @tezmac @Jookoi
  2. Prem Predictor: Round 12 Over and we have our winner! PEN legend and Mr Replica Shirts himself: @Sami3lungs @Govie - Guess who is taking to the dance floor! and cutting some moves! @Fubar - Could this be the year for Hamburg to win promotion and Fubar to win Predictor @spragga - Has the pedigree to do well this year @JamboGee92 - a Scot focussed on the Prem Predictor and set to climb @payne wales - Not far off the pace on the leaderboard @Jookoi - Joins the 100 club with a steady week
  3. SPL Predictor - Round 13 @ShammyStu has a pearler! VWP Bud- two exact scores @Govie @djquantum @Vegasvoss @JamboGee92 @ninjabean87 @swinny @Nuuthatch @ShammyStu
  4. Having a mare this week 1 point from 4! and Mr Govie wont be happy with me!
  5. Round 12 Sammy in the lead after Saturday on Prem Predictor @Sami3lungs (guess that's a Welsh dragon on your Sig!) Solid performance there bud
  6. They are great @Madhu Sanith this is my favourite
  7. Hello Bud @Gale_Kast A belated welcome add me for games on the PSN
  8. PENce up for Grabs This is your one time reminder of the Comm Event for November ENTRIES CLOSE 18/11/19 see the entry thread below: @PS4 League @Xbox League @New Members
  9. SPL Predictor reminder - don't forget @Govie @djquantum @Vegasvoss @AMOSS201177 @JamboGee92 @Trooper uk @Kaupp @ninjabean87 @swinny @Nuuthatch @Phillyrich @brenbrad7 @ShammyStu
  10. Prem Predictor reminder its a big one! evil-cat-lord @JamboGee92 @Nuuthatch @CMYKhazi @Govie @Kaupp @ninjabean87 @swinny @Trooper uk @Vegasvoss @W00DYINHO @brenbrad7 @Bridgey @fertetoprioni @AMOSS201177 @Phillyrich @ShammyStu @spragga @Sami3lungs @Bluebird @Mickyjustice @Fubar @Slicklu @tretopp @payne wales @tezmac @Jookoi
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