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  1. Premier League 2017/18

    Still time for Sunday @nizaam
  2. Avicii dead!!

    Game show host in the uk - B grade UK celeb
  3. Konami lose UEFA license

    If that happened we could take over and put @BAZ in charge of PR customer relations
  4. Konami lose UEFA license

    There is a concern here. FIFA won't better Konami on gameplay but they can starve them into a corner that makes it impossible to attract volume sales by taking away gimics like the Champ league or wrestle it into shared ownership (freaks like us will buy it but we are weird!) the innevitable decline may make it unfeasible to continiue PES
  5. PES 18 Kits Downloads

    Lets see them when they are ready bud!
  6. PES 18 Kits Downloads

    Thanks @fertetoprioni you made any kits recently bud?
  7. PES 18 Kits Downloads

    4th kit @fertetoprioni
  8. PES 18 Kits Downloads

    @fertetoprioni 3rd and GK (I also have a fourth which works too its a mid / light blue) You can call it what you like and dowmload any club badge like a stag / Deer (loads in Google pic search)
  9. PES 18 Kits Downloads

    @fertetoprioni I make up ficticious kits sometimes and they vary in look from s**te to pretty good! I am using this one in MYCLUB at present and it works well. I find the classic style (without complex patterns) works best Have a look at this Home is the Strips and away is the dark green. Works well in gameplay Keeper kit is Yellow and 3rd is Plum / Purple both will follow - they all seem to work really well (note I never publish the crap one! LOL)
  10. I never cross spam just use my super skills for intricate build up tica taca stylee signed Mr Deluded lying b..tard @Kitchengun206 still cant shake off Mr Carroll tag
  11. Div 2 - Season 12 Article

    Thanks Bud
  12. Div 2 - Season 12 Article

    Modesty becomes you Mr G - you are a cool customer and a smooth operator !!!
  13. Premier League 2017/18

    About six months ago I tried to sell him for weeks !!! Now he is on fire - praise the lord no one made me an offer !!! What a player @nizaam
  14. Div 2 - Season 12 Article

    I know @tezombie found it, my wife nearly called the funny farm when I saw it - the more you look the funnier it gets
  15. Div 2 - Season 12 Article

    Trust me bud - you have nothing to fear in Div 2