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  1. d-a_BAT

    England v Croatia

    Few I saw today...
  2. d-a_BAT

    England v Croatia

    Like nipper said it's all true. But I wouldn't agree they are hated. Maybe at the time when he was a witness at court. And I think at the time it was a minority of people. Today I think they are even less people who don't like him. All the Croats that I know like him. We make fun of him of course because of his looks or the way he talks, usually has some stupid vibe around him but you can't deny what he did for the national team especially this WC. If he missed that second pen against Denmark it would be a whole different story.
  3. d-a_BAT

    England v Croatia

    Unreal that we made it this far. I just don't want anymore pens lol. I nearly had 5 heart attacks watching the last ones. I don't think I can survive it one more time.
  4. d-a_BAT

    France v England

    @Sami3lungs you sheep shagging kunt!
  5. Result: 0 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: d-a_BAT Franchise: Twente Players Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @Big Boss Franchise: Villarreal Player Info Scorers: David Neres Assists: F. De Jong Clean Sheet: B. Foster MoTM (if applicable): Neres ========== Match Report: Finally almost made it in this one. So close yet so far away Neres scored in the 87th minute what looked like a game winner. But then the "Polish Messi" 70 T. KUPISZ almost became a hero for Twente with a shot in the 92nd minute that somehow barely hit Foster's hand and went out If only that have gone in... he would be celebrated long into the night Anyway totally deserved win of course. Well played Boss
  6. Agreed. Some Frillypink moves in this one. 2 Frillypink goals from Diaz. Enjoyed the game as always
  7. Agreed! I think lol. I also forgot about this I just remember I got 3 points from this one because it's my only win of the season. Cheers @Jookoi I just arrived in VeFrillypink in the hotel. In the morning going onboard. See you on the forum and catch you for some games when I come back
  8. d-a_BAT

    Fix 12: RiQ vs DaBat - [Confirmed]

    Agreed. Good game, deserved win. Good luck with the rest of the season.
  9. Agreed. Well played. Some Frillypink goals and almost goals in this one. Good luck with the rest of the season
  10. d-a_BAT

    World Cup 2018

    A lot of changes for Croatia. Apparently Modric said he wants to play so he's starting. Both games should be good. Iceland and Argentina need a win. Iceland is not used to attacking so it should be interesting. Nigeria is deadly on the counter so that one should also be good.
  11. d-a_BAT

    World Cup 2018

    Looks like Banega starting to finally get them some creativity from the midfield. And no more Willy between the posts Croatia with a mixed squad. Whole backline changed but with Modric in still looking quality. Excited to see what Pjaca and Kovacic can do in the first 11. Let's go!
  12. d-a_BAT

    new member: )

    Add me mate for some games. PSN: d-a_BAT
  13. d-a_BAT

    World Cup 2018

    Yeah me too. But tbh Rakitic played his best game for Croatia so far.
  14. d-a_BAT

    World Cup 2018

    SofaScore team of Round 2

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