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  1. BlondeDan

    new member: )

    Welcome to PEN
  2. BlondeDan

    Tottiwhat! - New Member

    Welcome to PEN
  3. Iran @frooking @RiQ1987 Familiar with one player and the coach. Any advances in that gents?
  4. I have 1m exactly! Count me in please CMon Panama!
  5. BlondeDan

    Rüdiger loves PES

    I was close enough Let's find him
  6. BlondeDan

    Radio show -Live Raffle 10pm

    Good show gents
  7. BlondeDan

    Rüdiger loves PES

    He say PES is the best and then has a few derogatory comments about FIFA and FIFA players as no-one wants to play PES with him and the FIFA players have a WhatsApp group. Did I miss anything?
  8. BlondeDan

    World Cup quiz

    15. Keisuke Honda
  9. From a highly reputable source not just fake news http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5816157/Real-Madrid-NOT-offer-Cristiano-Ronaldo-new-deal.html
  10. BlondeDan

    World Cup quiz

    11. David Silva
  11. BlondeDan

    World Cup quiz

    5. Tony Kroos
  12. BlondeDan

    Cars - advice

    Have a SEAT Leon petrol 1.4, not bad on MPG and seems damn quick to accelerate (compared to the old 1.6 focus). Cheaper and similar to a VW Golf in my experience (probably cheaper to insure too).
  13. BlondeDan

    PES 2019

    Almost the same applied the other way around for me when PES2008 came out and I moved to FIFA. The way they've dumbed FIFA down it will make it difficult for PES to drop below the standard I suspect and I can't see them improving the defensive side when all a good number of players care about is scoring goals
  14. BlondeDan

    PES 2019

    Tut tut Kenny, you spent half your time in the transfer market anyway on FLM...you'd love the PES side, the market is rife. Beta is out late July for PES2019 apparently, don't know if it will be an open one though
  15. BlondeDan

    PES 2019

    PES2018 is good Kenny

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