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  1. BlondeDan

    What PES was the best?

    Loved PES4 and PES5, liked PES6 too. You're missing a few great releases from the vote
  2. BlondeDan

    The big "What annoys you" thread

    How do you eat mowgles? With your mouth empty in complete silence? Incessant whining is f**king annoying. As is when someone asks you for help with something but have no clue what they're asking for, especially when what they really want is for you to do it for them because they're lazy as f**k.
  3. BlondeDan

    Trials Rising: Closed BETA

    Cool, I'll pre-install the game in a few minutes and then send you all the code. 1 more spare gents if there are any takers
  4. BlondeDan

    Trials Rising: Closed BETA

    Gor a code for this yesterday and I should be able to give 4 players access to it too if anyone wants in? I assume it will work for any of the BETA platforms (PC, PS4, XBox One) so if you want one respond to this thread and I'll PM you the details tonight
  5. BlondeDan

    Hello...again (xbox)

    Welcome back and as there's no risk of us being in the same division for a long while good luck to the terriers
  6. BlondeDan


    Congratulations! Hard work with 2 so I don't envy what's in store!
  7. BlondeDan


    Welcome back mate, hope that all is well. Good to see you here
  8. BlondeDan


    Welcome to the site Tom @Whatsaname
  9. BlondeDan


    Welcome to the site @flashmore Enjoy
  10. BlondeDan

    Hi everybody!!

    Welcome to the site @Treny1984 Bug community on the PS4 side here so get people added and enjoy
  11. BlondeDan

    Hello All

    Welcome to the site @EMaNstkfantastiK
  12. BlondeDan

    Hi guys

    Welcome to the site Dan Pretty popular name on the site
  13. BlondeDan

    hello - Xbox player

    Add me mate and welcome to the site. We didn't get acquainted earlier but I'll give you a game or two over the next few days.
  14. BlondeDan

    Champions league draw

    Liverpool, Spurs and Utd could all bow out in the group stage based on the teams they've been drawn against although fear most for Utd off the back of their start to the season. Man City have the kindest EPL draw. Should really be looking at steamrolling that group. As per all European tournaments, hoping that the EPL teams will get into the latter stages
  15. BlondeDan


    Disclaimer in bold at the bottom of the page Overall ratings can differ from the actual ingame values. Seems strange if it's exported from the PES db that these would be wrong