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  1. I only read books to the kids nowadays and these are generally fantastic as there's some quality artwork in a fair few of them. Before kids I used the phone (Kindle app) and a kindle for reading mostly as did it whilst commuting. Although it didn't bother me prior to kindles when I read a physical book, reading in public always seemed more private on a device
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    Welcome to PEN
  3. Yet another upgrade for my Paraguayan keeper that hasn't played loads... Konami are nuts. What's weird is that the keeper didn't even show in the Botafogo team that the other guy posted on Twitter
  4. Definition 2 of pegging in the urban dictionary is hilarious... Munting
  5. Spent many a drunk night in Roper Hall in the early noughties Enjoy gents
  6. Shopto have just dropped their price
  7. Would've expected some like Mabbutt for Spurs... I think it's Durie though Which others have not been got?
  8. The difficulty is interpretation of clear and obvious, have to agree with some of the comments above. Adds a good dimension to the game in most instances. If it helps to punish those who cheat primarily and backup good or rectify bad decisions then it's a good thing. Becomes mostly difficult to support with really marginal decisions where it's not clearly obvious that a decision was incorrect
  9. Makes no identifiable difference if it was in place in the Prem last season... Had it been in place then everything happening after the very first VAR decision would have changed. If you don't have the ability to go back in time it's a pointless argument
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