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  1. First 2 EPL teams into quarter-finals is a great turnout irrespective of any contentious decisions. I've seen some games in Europe where EPL teams have been on the other end of much worse. Certainly wouldn't have bet on these 2 getting this far after the early stages. Hopefully City and Liverpool will follow suit an we'll have at least 2 teams make the semis.
  2. That's weird, I definitely responded to this yesterday @Brizzle and I dunno who MoTM was. If @Scottish Champ doesn't know we'll go with Tkachev, from recollection he played well...
  3. Cheers mate, good game. Well done winning the prem
  4. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: BlondeDan Franchise: SS Lazio Players Info Scorers: Benedetto Assists: Rui Fonte Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Scottish Champ Franchise: Parana Player Info Scorers: Henrique Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Decent attacking game from both sides in which Henrique bundled home the opener and Benedetto smashed in an equaliser after some intricate play from Tkachev and Rui Fonte. Both teams had chances to find a winner but neither capitalised. Well played
  5. My better half is properly into history so I've had the displeasure of catching bits of the period dramas she likes watching. Took a lucky guess on the Scottish judicial system and Elizabeth 1sts religion though Is this the actual test or a sample?
  6. Result: 1-2 ========== Home Team Manager: BlondeDan Franchise: SS Lazio Players Info Scorers: Benedetto Assists: Borja Baston Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Badbrownbear Franchise: FC Porto Player Info Scorers: Muños (*2) Assists: Hassan Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Muños ========== Match Report: A good open game as is standard at Lazio in which the Portuguese team took more of the chances they created than the Italian team did. Borja Baston guilty of missing a sitter to level the game but Porto could've widened the gap at the end Good game mate
  7. Result: 2-2 ========== Home Team Manager: BlondeDan Franchise: SS Lazio Players Info Scorers: Rui Fonte, Benedetto Assists: Watkins, Tkachev Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Coniglio Franchise: Universidad de Chile Player Info Scorers: Depay, Silva Assists: Gross, Depay Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Depay ========== Match Report: Great end to end game that saw early chances squandered for Lazio before they took the lead although soon after the balance of the game went the opposite way and the South American team pegged it back before taking the lead, courtesy of some poor defending and good play by star player Memphis. A late leveller from Benedetto saw parity balanced and neither team had much time to find the winner. Good game @Coniglio ☝️
  8. Did vote this and a few others I could potentially be available. Hands up I had a better offer involving the missus without her kit on. Apologies gents
  9. Mediator: Tolkien, Johnny Depp, Shakespeare, Bjork... Some of the stuff stated is way off though, maybe I answered something wrong - "Better Three Hours Too Soon Than a Minute Too Late" definitely does not apply.
  10. Yeah, very frustrating, especially when no-one wants to let a learner into the left lane after they've all gone through the lights in the wrong lane. Glad I never had to use that roundabout again after I'd passed
  11. I bet it does...you know that spare hand should also be on the steering wheel though yeah?
  12. I did mine from Croydon test centre...still have bad memories of the traffic light controlled roundabout that leads onto the A23 and into Central London even now. Lombard roundabout wasn't much fun either but at least it was simple. Used a guy called Elvis to learn, he was awesome. You would've loved him I reckon @Mowgles, shame you're in Reigate now
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