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  1. deserved win, cant be gifting one on ones to bagdad lad! gg mate good luck in the chase
  2. got tired just watching that, some effort
  3. Unfortunately the gesture will get the support of the wrong crowd and whatever his intent will be lost I would however like to know where or in what cultures kneeling is controversial
  4. F1 isnt just broadcast in Britain - its a worldwide. multinational sport front line symbolic gestures get a message across to world wide audience more than any work theyre doing in the background do you know that they have a black car & what it represents? yes you do. do you know they sacked 4 members of staff last year over racial abuse? my guess is you didnt This isnt just bandwagon jumping, they practice what they preach but sometimes symbols are better
  5. You're asking people to explain their point while making no explanation of what you're trying to get at Mercedes have a black driver that has been subject to racial abuse throughout his time in the sport Rather than stick a little black sticker on the car they made the entire car black to make it fully visible Your point of "if he was white" makes no sense as, well, he's not and if he was white he would not have suffered the abuse he has But weekends and drink seem to play a massive part in these so asking for sense is probably futile
  6. Even in the unlikely event the bet bit is true The factual events of the last few months leave a lot to be desired and again shows what an absolute farce the efl is when it comes to owner checks
  7. Natural mate - gonna buy a ps4 and win league
  8. Think theres got to be some leeway with these if its shown to be because of the pandemic / shut down
  9. oh i concede plenty of crosses on pa Put i cant f**king score them - lucky to even get within a foot most times Just wish sam gallagher was as good irl as he is for @Leonidas 540bc
  10. Also Headers scored from crosses in league games in last 3 seasons - 0 Headers scored from crosses in last 2 manual games - 2 Piece of p**s this lark
  11. the passing alone makes the game so much better to play - half a dozen games in and while obviously no expert yet, i think im converted
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