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  1. Championship thread 17/18

    So Klose hahahaga
  2. Championship thread 17/18

    That moment you remember it’s sunday not Saturday
  3. Championship thread 17/18

    First half was awful . 2nd half all over them but was a s**t game . Worst derby in years till the 94th min
  4. Championship thread 17/18

    10 year of dominance
  5. Championship thread 17/18

    Useless pookeynoodles
  6. February Update

    Predictive text has ruined right there lol I’m off
  7. February Update

    How am I crying over Maddison you moron ? Hes not my birthday later . U really think I wanted him upgraded ? Idiot . Get back to getting chased by dogs you twat
  8. February Update

    The whole arsenal squad should of been downgraded .?
  9. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    Anyway done now @MB 11 lets draw a line under the silliness nite nite
  10. February Update

    Danilo celebrating his upgrade ( downgrade ) with his first league goal lol
  11. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    Lol trying to make a point here . Get back to your pipe
  12. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    As if I care mate. Just pointing out the fact I got s**t and warnings because I ruined a 100m transfer thread because of a little grass . I’ll happily post pictures up no problem . But it’s not for people to troll and post on here is it . We all know what’s gonna happen if the gloves come off
  13. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    Now nobody care lol . Shoes on other foot goes under the carpet.