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  1. BAZ

    Premier League 2017/18

    I can relate . Norwich have a terrible board
  2. BAZ

    brainstorm green needle

    All I hear is kunt
  3. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

    Always believe mate but on the other hand f**k Jordan Henderson . I’ll be routing for him though in the World Cup . Even that scum pookeynoodle Pope if he gets a game
  4. BAZ

    FA Cup Final

    Playing style never bothers me . Rather win boring then not win at all .
  5. BAZ

    FA Cup Final

    Improvement maybe failure yes . Who didn’t win anything Manchester United must win trophy’s or its failure . Jose for England always said it . Never happen
  6. BAZ

    FA Cup Final

    I wouldn’t say jones is better . But we all have opinions . What’s the point in being good if you can’t be good on your big day
  7. BAZ

    FA Cup Final

    It’s a terrible season . No prizes for coming 2nd . All who ever here is were the biggest club in the world . With that comes the expectations to win
  8. BAZ

    FA Cup Final

    Have a word
  9. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

    Speak for yourself I look good in anything
  10. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

    Got Italia 90 track top . This will be the first tournament since I’ve been old enough to . That I haven’t brought a shirt . Maybe lol
  11. BAZ

    disabled people should be kept in homes.....

    Funny f**ker hahahaga
  12. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

  13. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

    Your best players lol . And yes we are also s**t . Anyway back to the non Scotland cup
  14. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

    Don’t even need to open it . Actually not a bad manager . s**t player is more accurate
  15. BAZ

    England's World Cup Squad

    Aberdeen 😂😂😂😂

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