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  1. Hi Zee. That email was from me, old email list from the PEEL days. Hope all is well, looks like Tezombie has stepped aside to give a spot. I should be posting up the 1st round of fixtures any time now. Hope to catch you online soon.
  2. Stoilkys

    Twitch & Twitter Accounts

    This is what I'm trying to achieve. https://penmanualtournament.000webhostapp.com/twitch
  3. Stoilkys

    Twitch & Twitter Accounts

    Hi Guys. I have an idea for the upcoming manual knockout tournament, not sure if this would appeal to you guys but the idea is to broadcast the live games for others to watch all it would involve is linking your PS4 up to a twitch account and simply sending a tweet that your game is about to start. Do you have a twitch and twitter account? Thanks Stoilkys
  4. Stoilkys

    Can’t get online due to a communication error

    You can start by signing up to this mate
  5. Stoilkys

    Gran Turismo Sport £25 on store

  6. Stoilkys

    Good night for Celtic

    PSG are something else at the moment. Can't see anyone stopping them.
  7. Good game mate, well played. I've had a bad run so far but enjoyed every game. I know it will come I just hope it will be sooner rather than later. Good luck with the rest of your season mate Result agreed
  8. Good game mate. Felt it was a close affair, looking forward to the return fixture. Result agreed.
  9. Stoilkys

    Time Flies

    Yes we do things as a family, we always make time and plan ahead to make sure we are out doing things on the weekend. I was also referring to the times when we are alone, always something to do, you've pretty much listed them all there. lol
  10. Stoilkys

    Time Flies

    It's definitely up to the individual to make that life change, nobody is going to make it for us. I can do things differently but I choose not to. I proscrastinate a hell of a lot so maybe if I dealt with things more efficiently I would have the time to just to relax and reflect. (It's easy to say)
  11. Stoilkys

    Time Flies

    Nowadays it's very difficult to get away from it all especially with all the technology, life throws us so much s**t and we just pile through not reflecting on the time we lost, all too busy trying to become the next millionaire or helping a friend or family member, having two kids a 7 and 5 year has definitely left me with little time to relax and sit back, I wouldn't change it for anything though as they are going to become independent and find their own way in this worl. I very rarely just sit there and relax or go for a walk and think about meaningless stuff, we should all take a step back from life and f**king relax, leave your phone at home and go for a walk, speak to strangers and just be a human.
  12. Agreed, sorry for the late reply.
  13. Stoilkys

    Alcoholism and depression

    Good to here @swinny stay strong mate and keep thinking of the good things in your life.

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