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  1. Big Boss

    Friendly Tonight? 8 PM

    Ill invite you all 10 before 8 @ajbhat1990 @pranabrb @thecomposer @Seanachais
  2. Big Boss

    Friendly Tonight? 8 PM

    @thecomposer is also in, so 5 so far
  3. @RiQ1987 @baranello @Seanachais @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Jookoi @Goat261 @wheresmark @j0rd4n500 @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Oldeuboi @Bridgey @Sunzibad @SAMCRO925 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @Rdotman @Fowlersrs @Clarkof @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @Gregmeister who can play a couple of friendlies tonight at 8 PM? (possibly some more starting at 9 or 9:30 PM)
  4. Big Boss

    PES 2019

    like if playing a dead normal ball in perfect situation as described any player should get the ball to the feet of the teammate 10-20 yeards away, players with higher passing stats should be able to more consistently play more difficult passes, onetouch passes, get better weight on throughballs, be able to pass the ball a little quicker and reach the target quicker. for some reason theres something built in this year where super simple balls to a guy near the sideline randomly are played just so far infront of him and enough pace on the ball that it always goes out, even when you yourself only input say 20% on the powerbar so an overhit pass should not be an option.
  5. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: @Cartesian5th Franchise: Vitesse Players Info Scorers: Danilo Avelar Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Danilo Avelar ========== Away Team Manager: Big Boss Franchise: Shandong Player Info Scorers: Stuani Assists: Pepe Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: wp check if i got stats right m8
  6. Result: 3-5 ========== Home Team Manager: Big Boss Franchise: Shandong Players Info Scorers: Pepe , Bamba , Schrijvers Assists: Stuani , Schrijvers Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Worrisome Owl Franchise: Olympiakos Player Info Scorers: Petagna 2 , Shaqiri 2 , Ait Benasser Assists: Bustos , Bardi , Benasser 2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Petagna ========== Match Report: wp
  7. agreed, well played mate
  8. Big Boss

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    Babel about to join Fulham, interesting to see how he does there been solid for the Dutch NT last year.
  9. Big Boss

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    We sold Max Wober to Sevilla, wanted to see him get a real chance next season when De Ligt is gone, shame.
  10. Big Boss


    wilkommen zum PEN
  11. Big Boss

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    Bayern agreed a deal for the summer for Pavard
  12. Big Boss

    PUBG now on PS4

    clean headshots at the end man
  13. reading from more with that issue, Konami servers acting up
  14. Big Boss

    Fixture 23: Sean v BigBoss - [Confirmed]

    agreed yeah another of those games lol, i might go down never know haha