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  1. Will there at least be a sauna on site tho?
  2. this is my feeling aswell, if you both take your foot off the gaspedal so to say at times both in and out of posession, you can get quite a decent game going, without too much nonsense and weird moments. But if you always try to play at full speed, pressing, quick attacking/countering, the game will get more messy and more about who can take more advantage of the flaws and bulls**t moments the game will throw at you.
  3. Big Boss


    did you see Gini's goals?
  4. yeah they do some, like Naby Keita and Upamecano https://bulinews.com/news/1768/from-gulacsi-to-wolf-10-players-have-joined-rb-leipzig-from-red-bull-salzburg-since-2015
  5. Could go from Salzburg to Leipzig when they sell Werner after this season.
  6. No it's been said it will be there, from ps3 was ps4 was a technical nightmare as they went with custom stuff like the cell processor in ps3 then more standard stuff in ps4 similar to xbox.
  7. yeah lol First on ps4 was PES15 was great, better than last couple bizzarrely.
  8. I suspect there will be no special PES for PS5/XB2 only. Konami don't really have the resources. But you should be able to play the PS4/XB1 version on the new gen i think, wonder if stuff like parties will work cross generation too so wether you are on ps4 or 5 you can all join the same party.
  9. Not a big surprise, but now confirmed Deeper look by Wired: https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-playstation-5/
  10. yeah its very good part II wont have factions, they were planning to add it, but it got too much work ontop of the SP, so they said they will release it later now as a seperate game (prob gonna be a while though i think)
  11. one of the richest clubs in the world, but such poor football, baffling.
  12. put the link in our whatsapp chat
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