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  1. If they can spare 100m I know a decent one
  2. Another unbelievable night, still doesnt feel quite real lol Knocking out Real and Juve from the CL, could not have made this up... And what a Pansexually header from ths man, love him
  3. RiQ1987 @baranello @Seanachais @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Oldeuboi @Sunzibad @SAMCRO925 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @Rdotman @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister Hey all, we made a video of our games against Rayita from last week (thank @RiQ1987 for all the editing work) and went through all the situations to review what we did well and poor, inparticular about positining and movement. Think its something everyone can pick up a lot of tips from (whether you were playing in this game or not) as you miss a lot when in the heat of the action of game, but looking back you can see the bigger picture. It's pretty lenghty, so you may not want to watch and read the the whole thing in one go, but even if you only have time to check part of it that would be great. Main pointers we can gather from this video: If we stay wide we create, if we dont we lose the ball If our CMFs are marked our DMF is free If we switch play through the middle, we create If we get stuck on one side, we lose the ball Button input tip: Try to use R2 at times to jockey when off the ball, allows a better touch, better movement and easier to reach for the person passing the ball Video Review (the text is split into a couple of spoilers, so it's not a big wall, just click on the spoiler at the bottom to open the next bit each time)
  4. RiQ1987 @baranello @Seanachais @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Oldeuboi @Sunzibad @SAMCRO925 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @Rdotman @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister
  5. i would think thats enough yeah how these work does 15 mean there can only be 15 accounts tied to that server, or 15 online at the same time on that server? (like the one we were on now can hold 40 at the same time but theres more people that play on it, so it can be full if you want to jump in.
  6. saw @don_hate86 was just on this too
  7. Yo that could be cool, we could all paypal you a few pound maybe
  8. oeh, gonna have to check that
  9. Babel at Besiktas? (he already had his face in too)
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