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  1. agreed, gg bro felt the bad arrows got to my team (and me lol)
  2. Remember the name, that was a long time ago welcome back, check out the Ratio League for getting games played
  3. this might be a good watch if you have may want to try out manual
  4. confirmed yeah an equaliser would have been deserved there in the second half, but wasnt to be today as evidenced by Deulofeu being sabotaged by a teammate when he had played himself all clear to score near the end gg mate, i have had some results gone my way too so don't feel to bad
  5. Result: 2-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Big Boss Franchise: Ajax Players Info Scorers: Yaremchuk , Nam Tae-Hee Assists: Nam Tae-Hee Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Nam Tae-Hee ========== Away Team Manager: @zeemeister Franchise: Internacional Player Info Scorers: El Arabi Assists: Braithwaite Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Very weird game, never felt right and ended with an awfull goal where the defender and keeper clashes for me to get the winner. Was lucky first half that Zee didnt score more than one goal, a great acrobatic finish from El Arabi preceded by bizarre AI from Demiral who was marking but literally sprinted away from him when the cross came in Yaremchuk got a quick one back with a good control and finish. Then a tight second half with little shots untill the brutal ending. very unlucky mate, just a crazy game where anything could happen on any side
  6. Big Boss


    It's Wout! @RiQ1987
  7. Yeah even game, draw was fair, really need to improve my finishing think i had 3 free shots in the box that i didnt take advantage of lol. stats confirmed
  8. For a real beginner i would think the training mode will be a good start as it introduces you to all the different inputs. Then start playing against the AI, maybe on the second lowest level and once you feel comfortable beating that move to the next difficulty.
  9. Russia was not... Read this bizarre thread
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