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  1. Confirmed. Cheers mate, well played. Dont always get so much offense against you so that was good to see, just lacked a little skill/luck to score a few Times.
  2. stats confirmed yeah enjoyable game mate, was the perfect start for me with the Frenkie rocket then got lucky for the second with one of the annoying moments from your defender where he lets the ball bounce off his foot. Very hard coming back from a couple goals down on manual, but you had a good go it just missing on a couple of decent chances. Good luck for the season, sure you will be a great addition to this division
  3. Terrible idea, need to prioritise the most important things, the hell they gonna do with 100 pages
  4. they could really benefit from have a Firmino style CF i think, hes a big part of making Mane and Salah play so well. If Rashford had someone like that to play off, he could do more against those smaller teams too. And better midfielders than Fred, McTominay etc. offcourse.
  5. They do well playing as the underdog team, punching up against the big boys (sitting deep and compact using their pace on the counter) So on one hand that's admirable, but it also shows the bad situation the club is in, going from the number one team in the league a few years back to a subtop giantkiller. When the other side let United have most of the ball is where their real problems show and they massively struggle to score goals.
  6. any night from 9 PM really, apart from wednesday only after 10.
  7. If Britain votes for Boris to lead your country it's probobly time to desolve it, as you're done lol. Baffles me how anyone could trust or believe someone like that. Don't see enough of the opposition overhere to really comment on them, but gotta be doing a poor job if you can't beat that guy (last i heard Boris was ahead in the polls, still the case?)
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