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  1. Liverpool v Roma

    Salah is insane
  2. God of War 4

    Having a blast with this, it really is superb, think ill be on this for a good while as it seems much bigger than the old games due to the more open structure.
  3. H1Z1 coming to PS4

    Free to play https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2018/04/24/free-to-play-battle-royale-shooter-h1z1-enters-open-beta-on-ps4-next-month/#sf187658793
  4. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    Hahaha, best no buy him then If Hunter gets an upgrade ill eat my foot
  5. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    We had upgrades 2 months ago, i wouldn't count on any.
  6. Hello everyone

    Welcome to the site
  7. God of War 4

    Lets be honest that is exactly how @Leonidas 540bc goes about it haha. (its scary how much Kratos looks like you btw Leo )
  8. Avicii dead!!

    Just heard it, wtf man thats no age.
  9. Wenger to step down, finally

    Interesting to see who will replace him, Tuchel maybe? Although i think hes strongly linked to PSG aswell. Loved Arsenal in the Bergkamp days, some of the best football ive watched. Shame he stayed on for too long when things weren't really working anymore, somewhat blemish his great legacy, but over time the memory of his accomplishments will be the main thing remembered im sure.
  10. Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Filth @Rdotman you will appreaciate this as a bolt connnaisseur
  11. Konami lose UEFA license

    The CL license didn't license clubs, they have to buy those seperately, so it shouldn't make a difference to which teams are in and are licensed.
  12. Konami lose UEFA license

    https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/about-uefa/administration/marketing/news/newsid=2551744.html So no more CL in the game.
  13. European Football

    Gotta love Bas, what a legend
  14. God of War 4

    Oh man, the hype is real!
  15. Another Champions League Thread, Because

    What a s**t ending, super soft pen