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  1. Man on the Moon by Andrew Chaikin. I love the Apollo stuff. Got a load of books about it all, but this always seems to grip me, despite reading it 5 times already and knowing what’s coming. Great source of escapism.
  2. Welcome aboard mate. Feel free to add me fir some games.
  3. Kaiser-1

    myClub 2020

    I got Pickford and Akinfeev. Not quite that calibre, but two GK’s none the less = pain in the ass.
  4. That worked. Thanks buddy!
  5. I'm assuming nobidy else is having trouble opening the Pesuniverse file?
  6. Kaiser-1


    Welcome aboard
  7. It made it all the way to Edinburgh. Cheers @Worrisome Owl! #DontDoubtTheRavens @Oldeuboi
  8. Appreciate it @Worrisome Owl. Wife’s been given orders of her lockdown tomorrow.
  9. That’s bro. Appreciate it.
  10. Can I see Poulsen’s stats please @Maldini_303?
  11. Ooh. A cheeky plus 1. Thanks pal.
  12. Did anyone notice Adri Embarba from Vallecano’s stats? He posted Rayo, but showed players ML values. Never noticed his OVR.
  13. Done Ive got Roma following me now. You never know...
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