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  1. I can’t make tonight guys, sorry. Not gonna be home in time.
  2. The earlier kick off would probably suit me.
  3. Worlds smallest handcuff. Enjoy your day, pal
  4. No probs mate. I’m playing football tonight anyway and appreciate you’ll want consistency in the lineups
  5. DCSchafers? I remember that name. He was quite late into PEEL aid I remember?
  6. Hey @brenbrad7. I use to play on PEEL a long time ago too. Add me on PSN if you like kaiser-1
  7. I’m working oncall on Sunday so can’t say for 100% if I’ll be free or not sadly. Trouble with working in a 24/7 emergency department.
  8. CF/RWF/SMF ideally for me. Find I’m more useful and more effective here.
  9. Kaizer

    PES 2019

    I did say there would be one more.
  10. I think there might be one more DP update. New game not released till maybe August/September, a few months yet for a couple of new faces and boots etc
  11. Stick my name down. Suppose to be working, but I’ll chance it. In.
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